Basics on Power Quality


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  • <a href="" title="Power Quality Analyzers">Power Quality Analyzers</a> and test tools including power quality clamp meters are used for frontline troubleshooting. <a href="" title="Power Quality Analysis">Power Quality Analysis</a> can be used for predictive maintenance, quality of service compliance testing and load studies.
  • Basics on Power Quality

    1. 1. Power Quality – Basic Guide
    2. 2. What is Power Quality?? • Power Quality indicates how effective is the quality of supply to support installation and reliable operation of the electrical equipments • Electrical Disturbances may originate from an user’s premises or the power company • Voltage, current or frequency can be affected by these electrical disturbance
    3. 3. Hidden Power Quality Problems • Voltage Dips and swells – Caused by large loads starting up or shutting down  Damage To: Computers, Electronic Controls and Lamps • Harmonic Distortion – Alteration in current frequency cycles caused by non linear loads Damage To : Motors, Transformers, Fuses • Voltage Unbalance – Differences in Phase Voltages or current of more than permissible limits Damage to : Motors and Transformers • Flicker – Cyclic Voltage Dips Damage to : Employee Productivity • Transients : sharp voltage increases caused by equipment switching on and off Damage to : Circuit Boards, Electrical Insulation
    4. 4. Why Monitor it? • Downtime • Data Loss • Products damages during production • Excess Energy Consumption • Additional expense in maintenance, equipment repairs and equipment replacement
    5. 5. Solving these issues • Can be solved by use of clamp meters for measuring power quality and power that allows troubleshooting first level directly into the equipment • Some tools that can be used are: Single phase power Quality Analysers Three phase power quality Analysers Long term power Quality Recorders
    6. 6. Some Power Quality Analyzers from Fluke
    7. 7. Why Fluke? • Provides comprehensive power quality Analysis • Wide range to suit different level of power quality monitoring • Suits applications like Energy Audit, Energy loss assessment, Harmonic studies • Meets the new IEC standards applicable to Class A power quality • Includes single as well as three phase instruments • Provided with SD Card memory, software for long term recording
    8. 8. • Company Name : Fluke Corporation - India• Website:• Address: Division of DHR Holding India Pvt. Ltd. 10th Floor, Sigma Hiranandani Business Park, Powai Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076• Contact Number: 1 800 209 9110
    9. 9. Thank You
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