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Business technology literacy is not optional (mitchell mackey) 19 11-2012 [compatibility mode]
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Business technology literacy is not optional (mitchell mackey) 19 11-2012 [compatibility mode]


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Business Technology fluency is not optional Mitchell Mackey Marketing Director Ansell Limited @mitchellmackey 0402790723
  • 2. My personal views What follows is my personal view, not Ansell’s Depending on your perspective, several comments may be a little provocativeMitchell Mackey 2
  • 3. Agenda Ansell The connection imperative Our challenge Changing the gameMitchell Mackey 3
  • 4. A century old Australian company 11,000 people $1.3bn in revenue Global scopeMitchell Mackey
  • 5. More than condomsMitchell Mackey
  • 6. Big in Medical & Industrial safetyMitchell Mackey
  • 7. Big in Mining, Oil & GasMitchell Mackey
  • 8. Agenda Ansell The connection imperative Our challenge Changing the gameMitchell Mackey 8
  • 9. We live in a connected worldConnected ConnectedCustomers Products Connected Connected Partners EmployeesMitchell Mackey
  • 10. Connected selling Access everything on mobile Your devices Customer Collaborate on deals Create social customer profilesMitchell Mackey
  • 11. Connected service Connect on Twitter and Facebook Respond immediately Synchronize service experiences across channelsMitchell Mackey
  • 12. Connected marketing Listen and engage customers on social media Publish and advertise with social campaigns Measure and accelerate campaign ROIMitchell Mackey
  • 13. : Connected collaboration Collaborate with customers, partners, & employees Create branded communities Share posts, files & feeds Less email & fewer meetingsMitchell Mackey
  • 14. Work is not exempt Align with social objectives Motivate with social rewards Improve employee performanceMitchell Mackey
  • 15. But there is a connection divide Your customers, What about employees, your and partners are company? connectedMitchell Mackey
  • 16. Burberry’s CEO gets it YouTube: Mackey
  • 17. “You have no choice” Angela AhrendtsMitchell Mackey
  • 18. Agenda Ansell The connection imperative Our challenge Changing the gameMitchell Mackey 18
  • 19. Siloed organisations don’t workMitchell Mackey 19
  • 20. Islands are everybody’s dreamMitchell Mackey 20
  • 21. The silos don’t function in a digital, omni- channel worldMitchell Mackey
  • 22. Silos breed pointless point solutionsMitchell Mackey
  • 23. Lost in Excel hellMitchell Mackey 23
  • 24. Neither efficient nor effectiveMitchell Mackey
  • 25. Internal I.T. breeds complexityMitchell Mackey 25
  • 26. Forget customer centricityMitchell Mackey 26 26
  • 27. Dear customer: “good luck”Mitchell Mackey 27
  • 28. Brand promises are not deliveredMitchell Mackey 28
  • 29. Brand values are exposed Making promises Making promises Keeping promises TV Print Shows Direct Email Digital Call Retail Supply Sales Product & & mail centre chain radio eventsMitchell Mackey 29
  • 30. The sales funnel is a hair ballMitchell Mackey 30
  • 31. Today’s funnel is not linearMitchell Mackey 31
  • 32. Companies, their marketers &agencies are behind the game Only 3% of firms are customer centric 33% are customer oblivious _ Temkin Group Insight ReportMitchell Mackey 32
  • 33. Sleeping in separate beds Marketing is a cost centre I.T. & Business struggle to align CRM projects crash and burn 90% of websites are failing to deliver Corporates are too slow to adopt new technologies No one is happyMitchell Mackey
  • 34. Real costs to the business Lost revenue Frustrated customers Friction between Marketing & Sales & I.T. Disengaged stakeholders Irrelevant technology spendingMitchell Mackey
  • 35. What must B2B marketing deliver?Mitchell Mackey
  • 36. Mitchell Mackey
  • 37. Agenda Ansell The connection imperative Our challenge Changing the gameMitchell Mackey 37
  • 38. Digital acceleration 2010s 1960s 1970s 1980s SocialMainframe Mini Client 2000s RevolutionComputing Computing Server Mobile Computing Computing 1990s Cloud Computing xMitchell Mackey 10x 100x 1,000x 10,000x 100,000x
  • 39. Internet-native Business Technology(B.T.) is rapidly changing the game “8 out of 10 dollars spent in IT is dead money … … not contributing to change & growth,”Mitchell Mackey 39
  • 40. The forecast is cloudy Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided on demand, like the electricity grid: Wikipedia Software as a Service Platform as a Service Infrastructure as a Service Public, Private & Hybrid Clouds Server virtualization Cloud 2 = Cloud + Social + MobileMitchell Mackey 40
  • 41. The 3 essential elements Process Biz Tech PeopleMitchell Mackey
  • 42. I.T. versus Business Technology Ad hoc legacy systems An integrated environment Multiple data entry Enter data once Cockroach legacy systems Accountable marketing No real-time reports & analysis Real-time intelligenceMitchell Mackey
  • 43. Business Information Technology Technology VsMitchell Mackey 43
  • 44. The platform decision is criticalMitchell Mackey
  • 45. Velocity & agility are imperatives VS.Duration: 3-12 months+ Duration: hours to daysTeam size: 25 FTE+ Team size: 6 FTESkills: developers, project mgrs Skills: admins & super usersMitchell Mackey 45
  • 46. Business must lead: with B.T. youare no longer pouring I.T. concreteMitchell Mackey 46
  • 47. It is impossible to stay on top ofeverything with 20th century toolsMitchell Mackey 47
  • 48. Should I.T. infrastructure be one ofyour firm’s core competencies?Mitchell Mackey 48
  • 49. How secure are corporate networks? “There havent been any significant security breaches with an on-demand services vendor,” Nucleus ResearchMitchell Mackey 49
  • 50. We all have our sacred cowsMitchell Mackey 50
  • 51. Most sacred cows are cockroaches Ad hoc business processes Excel hell & “home- = made” I.T. point solutions Organizational AlzheimersMitchell Mackey 51
  • 52. CMO-CIO alignment is critical Technology is at the core of customer engagement Marketing today requires co-operation with I.T. Integration is occurring only slowly _ The CMO CouncilMitchell Mackey 52
  • 53. YouTube: Mackey 53
  • 54. From infrastructure to innovationChief Infrastructure Chief Information Chief InnovationOfficer Officer Officer “Keeping the “Backlog, difficult to “Business hero” lights on” integrate, problem descriptions, costs, etc”Mitchell Mackey 54
  • 55. “Absolute garbage”: Comm Bank Comm Bank’s Michael Harte dismisses security, privacy and data sovereignty issues as genuine barriers to cloud adoption “"Weve halved storage, app testing and development costs. “Weve got a wide range of technology functions as a service,“ Comm Bank CIO Michael Harte last weekMitchell Mackey 55
  • 56. “Delivering value in days” “The happiness that you can get from your business partners because youre delivering services up on demand within minutes or within days rather than within days, months, weeks, that it normally took,“ Comm Bank’s Michael HarteMitchell Mackey 56
  • 57. Usability is decisive “When I started I used to think why isn’t all enterprise software like, now I think why isn’t it like Facebook?” _ founder and CEO Mark BenioffMitchell Mackey 57
  • 58. Consumer tech innovation haslead the way: consumerising I.T.Mitchell Mackey
  • 59. Sophisticated capabilities, withoutintensive support & trainingMitchell Mackey 59
  • 60. Brands require a technology backbone A technology infrastructure that supports an integrated approach to customer strategy, development, delivery, and measurement — across the customer experience _ Forrester ResearchMitchell Mackey 60
  • 61. Marketing spending must switchfrom media bets to infrastructureMitchell Mackey 61
  • 62. “Marketing will outspend I.T.” “Marketing is now a fundamental driver of technology spending “CMOs and CIOs alike must recognize that technology and marketing are now inextricably tied “Future success depends on the creation of a totally new kind of cross-functional organization,” _ Gartner analyst Laura McLellanMitchell Mackey 62
  • 63. Now is the time to embrace B.T. Business Technology literacy is not optional You must embrace this stuff You don’t have to configure code or set up a HTML form, but you do need to need to understand what works and what doesn’tMitchell Mackey 63
  • 64. You need all the jigsaw piecesMitchell Mackey
  • 65. Integration, integration … A brand with a fully integrated cross- channel capability is an achievement today; soon it will be the norm _ Forrester ResearchMitchell Mackey 65
  • 66. Get your front-end platform right Screens SocialMitchell Mackey
  • 67. The power of one integratedplatform Your CustomerMitchell Mackey
  • 68. The sum is greater than the parts Single Sign On A standard, modern User Interface Synchronized sales, customer, product, website and social data in one place Data is entered once Few, if any, standalone point solutions Business driven, insight-focused, predictive analytics Integration with the back-end transactional ERP Enabling external and internal collaborationMitchell Mackey 68
  • 69. Fight the F.U.D. (fear, uncertainty& doubt) Clarity RelevanceUrgency Distraction AnxietyMitchell Mackey 69
  • 70. Who are our customers and whatare their goals? 1) Our 2) Their customers 3) Are we helping goals them accomplish those goals?Mitchell Mackey 70
  • 71. The customer mandate Merge Marketing with I.T. Kill off ASAP the 20th century legacy I.T. systems Genuinely own, with Sales, the revenue target Implement a social enterprise collaboration layer Master the structured & unstructured data flows And cultivate a dynamic, game-changing cultureMitchell Mackey 71
  • 72. Zero Moments of Truth Obsess about consistently winning the Zero Moments of Truth with your customers and stakeholders Every “moment “ counts for or against your companyMitchell Mackey 72
  • 73. Questions? Visit my marketing blog at: And support the Movember campaignMitchell Mackey 73