One of the Best investments You can Make for your Business -


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Logistics software, supply chain software, and warehouse management system (WMS) for freight forwarding, 3PLs, inventory control with online cargo tracking and import and export documentation.

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One of the Best investments You can Make for your Business -

  1. 1. Logistics software helps logistics providers who manage shipping and otherrelated services for their customers. Logistics software helps automate manymanual processes, reduces redundant data entry, and provides online tracking ofshipments and cargo 24 hours a day, around the world. With good logisticssoftware, all types of cargo can be handled, from small packages to fullcontainer loads and consolidations. Shipment documentation is included inMagaya logistics software..
  2. 2. Another feature that improves communication between logisticsproviders and ocean carriers is the Magaya-INTTRA Ocean CarriersInterface. It enables logistics providers to send booking requests to oceancarriers, receive confirmations and the Bill of Lading, trackcontainers, and send shipping instructions from the Magaya system usingall your shipment data and saving redundant and error-prone data entry.The connections between the Customs system and the Magaya system arepossible due to the innovative B2B communication infrastructureunderlying all products. It enables electronic exchange of tradedocuments an transactions such as shipments, invoices, and more. Allaccounting transactions are connected to the operationstransactions, saving time and improving efficiency.Unlimited use of the AES is included with the Cargo System and SupplyChain Solution at no additional cost. Other Magaya logistics softwareproducts available include a warehouse management system, theWMS, and a wholesalers platform, the Commerce System.
  3. 3. Logistics software company, Magaya Corporation is growing and hasmoved its Northeastern U.S. office and its Brazilian office to be closerto new and existing customers in each of these regions. TheNortheastern U.S. office was located in Hoboken, New Jersey. Sinceopening in 2010, the office has grown with the addition of newemployees. The new location is in Jamaica, New York, just a fewminutes from the John F. Kennedy International Airport, in a majorwarehousing and freight district.
  4. 4. “This means a huge increase in the investment in technologyapplied to logistics. Magaya is the first freight forwardingsoftware company to move to this region and we propose to takeour full array of products to all the sectors of the supply chain inthis region,” said Ignacio Bencomo, Latin American BusinessManager for Magaya Corporation. Many US freight forwardersand NVOCCs have partners or branch offices in Brazil. UsingMagaya logistics software on both sides of their operationsprovides real-time tracking across their supply chain, one-timedata entry, and reduced communication expenses and labor costs.Magaya logistics software is the leading choice of start-upcompanies in the logistics industry. In addition to the New Yorkand Brazil offices, we have offices to serve you, including thecorporate headquarters in Miami, Florida and regional offices inHouston, Texas, and Los Angeles, California.
  5. 5. To manage supply chainprocesses, software designedspecifically forwholesalers, distributors, andother logistics service providerscan provide numerous benefits formanaging thepurchasing, ordering, sales, andshipping of inventory. The bestsolution includes built-inwarehousingfeatures, international shippingdocumentation, and onlinetracking, covering all theprocesses from seller to buyer.
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