Signal & Data Processing Rack


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The Case Study highlights Mistral’s expertise in the architecture and design of a custom hybrid system that supports two industry standard bus architectures VME and VPX, to meet the requirements of input/output signals, communication links, processing capability and data transfer capability.

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Signal & Data Processing Rack

  1. 1. This case study showcases Mistral’s expertisein the architecture and design of a customhybrid system that supports two industry standardbus architectures VME and VPX.The CustomerThe RequirementSolution ProvidedA leading Defense Lab selected Mistral to design, build and integrate a systemcapableoffunctioningasaSignalandDataProcessing(SDP)Rack.The customer’s requirement was to design and integrate a solution that mettheir overall functional/performance criteria and adhered to longevity, productlifecyclemanagementandintegrationnorms.Mistral is a professional design services company with extensive experiencein embedded hardware and software development for Mil-Aero applications.This capability, in conjunction with partnerships with leading embeddedsolution providers like Curtiss Wright Controls Defense Solutions and WindRiver Systems, enabled Mistral to provide a complete solution to meet thecustomerexpectations.:!!!:::!!!!!!MechanicaldesignoftheSDPRackwithstructuralandthermalanalysisTherackhadtobehousedinashelteredspaceonawheeledvehicleThe rack had to be mounted on shock mounts in an air conditioned shelterand an AC vent had to be provisioned on top of the SDP rack to allowcirculationofconditionedairtotherackforcoolingpurposesThe rack had to be designed in compliance with JSS 55555 and MIL - STD461 E and would be subjected to environmental and EMI/EMC tests, atthecustomerpremisesDesignandFabricationofthehybridbackplane(VPXandVME)Generation of Wiring Charts, Inter Connection Document (ICD) andproviding cable harnesses as per the ICDThe rack had to be equipped with:Quad Power PC and Intel based processing systemQuad channel sFPDP module mounted on VPX board capable ofcommunication using sFPDP protocolVPX based Gigabit Ethernet SwitchProvision for Redundant Power SupplyPower Supplies for the entire rack. Circuit breakers and protectioncircuitry to be provided to prevent damage to the electronics housedin the rackThe rack had to be mounted with LEDs, to indicate the health of thepower supplies and the fans.IntroductionTheSignalandDataProcessing(SDP)Rack isoneofthesub-systemsintheradar network which provides resources for radar signal processing, datacapturinganddatarecordingwithotherradarcontrolfunctions.This Case Study highlights Mistral’s expertise in the architecture anddesign of a custom hybrid system that supports two industry standard busarchitectures VME and VPX, to meet the requirements of input /outputsignals, communication links, processing capability and data transfercapability.Case StudySignal and Data Processing Rack
  2. 2. Mistral Solutions Inc.,solutions4633 Old Ironsides Drive,Suite 410,Santa Clara, CA 95054 USAPhone: +1-408-705-2240Fax: +1-408-987-9665E-mail: usa@mistral .comBranch Offices:INDIA! Hyderabad! New DelhiUSA! Dallas, TexasMistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,No.60, Adarsh Regent,100 Ft. Ring Road,Domlur Extension, Bangalore - 560 071Tel: +91-80-3091 2600Fax: +91-80-2535 6440E-mail: info@mistralsolutions.comCopyright 2013, Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved. & ...Partners in Real Time are registered Trademarks and Logos of Mistral. All other©Trademarks and Trade names are the property of the respective owners.Mistral developed the SDP Rack, an air-cooled mechanical enclosure systemcomprisingofthefollowingcomponents:PowerPCbasedVPX processingcardsQuadChannelsFPDPModuleforsFPDPinterfaceVPXbasedDataRecordercardVPXbasedGigabitEthernetSwitchIntelCore2DuobasedVMEprocessingboardFlashPMCmoduleTwoportGigabitEthernetPMCModuleCustomHybridBackplaneSerialtoLANconverterNecessaryPowerSuppliesBackplaneChassisThe VPX based chassis consists of 6U VPX cards and VME cards. Toaccommodate this, the chassis was equipped with custom hybrid backplane,designed by Mistral and its solution partner adhering to VPX and VMEstandards.Thebackplanehas12VPXslotsand2VMEslots.DesignServicesandSystemIntegration:Mistral was involved in the design and development of the entire system fromthe initial phase of system architecting, to component selection, systemengineeringandvalidation.Thesolutionofferedincluded:SystemDesignSystem Study with report generation to ensure all the operationalenvironmental conditions and performance requirements weremet. This included the complete 3D computer modeling of the system,system power consumption calculations, system cooling calculations,system structural analysis, system thermal analysis and external/internalcableharnessHardwareDesignDesignanddevelopmentof:RuggedAircooledRackHybridBackplanehaving12VPXslotsand2VMEslotsRedundantPowersuppliesCompletecableharnessdesignIntegrationIntegration of all boards within the system; and establishing functionalcapabilities of base card, inter and intra-system communication, GigEnetwork establishment, Inter Processor Communication with inter- andintra-systemdependencies:::::::::::!:!####:!!!:!!::::::::::IntegrationandtestingofCOTSandcustomdesignedhardwareIntegrationofdrivers,BSPandDSPlibrariesVerificationandValidationDesign and validation of the rack for a high-power application, withthermalmanagement.Rugged systems adherence to ground based application - All boardssuppliedcatertotherequirementsofJSS55555and .Design and fabrication of 14-slot hybrid backplane comprising of VPX andVMEbusarchitectureVPX backplane had to incorporate half mesh fabric connection whilemaintaininghighlevelofsignalintegrityConformance to environmental conditions including thermal management,structural rigidity, EMI/EMC conformance.Complete integration of the COTS that used two industry standard busarchitectures VPX and VME. The system was realized with two differentoperating platforms (Linux and VxWorks)Power ON sequencing, temperature monitoring and control inside the SDPRackEstablishing optical links for sFPDP, Fiber Channel and Gigabit Ethernet forexternalandinternalnetworkThe integrated SDP rack was qualified i.e. EMI / EMC tests andenvironmental tests carried out as an integrated system instead ofqualifying the individual sub-systems. System designed adhered to therequirementsofJSS55555and Specifications.A multi-vendor selection of best-of-breed sub-systems was made availableas an integrated system through a single system integrator; who not onlyprovided the solution but would also provide support and maintenance forthecomingyearsShortened customer’s end-to-end product development cycle and ensuredon-timedeploymentscheduleA fully integrated deployable solution, compliant with functional andenvironmentalstandardswasmadeavailable.MIL-STD461EMIL-STD461EThe ChallengesKey AchievementsCustomer