Making the poster


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Making the poster

  1. 1. Making the Poster
  2. 2. I have started of by choosingone of the images that we tookof the character when we werefilming.As I wanted to take out thebackground, I opened the imagein Fireworks and then rubbedout the background. This took a while to rub out, as I wanted it to be precise and accurate to give it a professional look.
  3. 3. When I finished editing the background, I added the grey bucket tool to give it ascary and a dramatic look. I then blurred the edges of the character to give it astraight edge making it look professional.I then open up Publisher and added Word Art of the tittle and “coming soon”, havinga rough idea of where I would like to place the title.
  4. 4. I inserted the picture and then sorted out where the title should go with the right size, not overlappingwith his hands as the pentagrams are a key feature to the poster.I added star ratings to give the audience an insight to what the critiques have rated it so they have anidea of how good the film is, therefore making them go watch the movie as well. I edited the ‘THE’ font,by going on and downloaded the font. I changed the colour from black to red in Fireworksusing the bucket tool, then inserted it Publisher. Using this ‘Bloody’ font gives it a creepy tone to theposter as the genre is thriller and so this is portrayed through the font and colour being red.Similarly, the same process was used for the “S” except I kept the dripping blood and did not edit thatout as the “S” is the one of the main features to stand out in the poster. I also added fill effects for the“Coming Soon” using grey and white fill effect to blend in with the background and have a consistentcolour scheme.
  5. 5. I wrote the credits out before in normal font, as the credits were going to be done in WordArt. The credits were produced in WordArt and once I had finished it, I changed the size and font to make it fit in the space I had, and changed it to white so it was more clear to see.I then made changes to the ratings, and kept just two instead of three as it they were going across hisforehead. I then made changes to the title, and added in the fonts to make it fit in with the “S”. Again, thisgives a hint of the thriller genre to the poster.I added the colour black into the title, to give it a creepier look to the poster, blending in with the red andorange.
  6. 6. I wanted to add a 3D effect to the title, and so insertedthe title in red and overlapped it behind the black title togive it a 3D look plus make it stand out. Similarly, donethis with the S but instead overlapped the black and put itbehind the red.I have added text to reinforce his character and includinga direct address of his quote.Here was the first draft of the poster and the teacher gavefeedback on it:
  7. 7. One of the comments was that the head was chopped off, and that the whole of hishead would need to be included.As none of the pictures that were taken with the same shot included his full head, Ihad to edit the image with adding his head from another picture. This was done inFireworks and inserted an image with his full head, then erased everything else excepthis neck and head. Finally, with some changes, I managed to add his full head with thecurrent image without it looking that it was edited, giving it a professional look to theposter.
  8. 8. This is the final draft ofthe film poster.I have made slightchanges and took noteof the feedback givenback.I have kept the ‘S’ in thesame colour as it looksbrighter on screen andis noticeable.