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Powerpoint new zealand positives and negatives

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A presentation that looks at why people live in New Zealand. …

A presentation that looks at why people live in New Zealand.

By Deanna and Jasmine

More in: Education
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  • 1. New Zealand
  • 2. Positives No radio active faculties. “ When New Zealand and Australia aligned themselves with the United States via the ANZUS agreement in 1951, they effectively accepted the protection of what some described as the nuclear umbrella.” – NZ History.net.nz Nuclear Free
  • 3. Positives Air New Zealand’s air is much cleaner than most countries, due to small population.
  • 4. Landscapes Great landscape, it’s not clouded over by civilisation. Positives
  • 5. Maori Culture Positives New Zealand has kept their original Maori traditions alive by practicing them today. “By the first half of the 20th century Maori were participating in the major rituals of New Zealand life. They voted, had their own members of Parliament, played rugby, fought in wars, and intermarried with other New Zealanders.” – Teara.govt.nz
  • 6. Landmarks that can only be found in New Zealand, like the huge L&P bottle, and the giant gumboot. Landmarks Positives
  • 7. We have Christmas in the Summer Holidays, that means warmer weather and more outside time at Christmas. Summer Positives
  • 8. Lots of New Zealand is covered in bush, nature, forest and lakes. Such as Lake Taupo, and Upper Hutt. Nature Positives
  • 9. Roughly 85% of New Zealand children attend school all over New Zealand. Because education is free until you leave the high school age. Education Positives
  • 10. We have lots food and water to survive. New Zealand isn’t a poor country. Poverty Positives
  • 11. Choice of big city, or quiet countryside. Positives Options
  • 12. Negatives
  • 13. Gangs are dangerous and should not be in New Zealand because violence should not be suitable for anyone. Drugs are bad in New Zealand, people even bet up their own children because of drugs. Child abuse is so bad in New Zealand, it’s the worst in the world because some people get angry over little things. Gangs, Drugs, Child Abuse Negatives
  • 14. Drink driving, some New Zealanders ignore the drink driving rules, and end up getting involved in crashes and fights. The ‘Wellywood’ sign going up in Wellington. It’s just a rip off from Hollywood. Not very original Drinking & Wellywood Negatives