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  • China Shenyang Market

    1. 1. Shenyang MarketApril 2013
    2. 2. Executive SummaryCharacter and Behavior:Shenyang people are loud, blunt and friendly (sometimes getting too friendly too).They aredown-to-earth (some say “unsophisticated”) and straight talkers. They love to drink and areproud of their drinking prowess. They also love eating big portions of heavy, salty food.Believing themselves to be masculine and strong, Shenyang people don’t really appreciatethe sophisticated Shanghainese culture, cuisine or lifestyle.Shopping and Leisure Habits:Shenyang people love to buy luxury goods. It is the third largest luxury market in China. It isalso the largest secondhand luxury market in China. Most luxury consumers are female andtheir favorite brand is LV. Luxury handbags are the most popular item.According to Dianping (the biggest review site in China), Shenyang people spent RMB 65 perperson when they ate out in 2012. BBQ buffet is their favorite cuisine. Shenyang people loveChinese style spas and swim in their spare time. Wan Xiang Plaza and Joy City are the twomost popular shopping malls in Shenyang.
    3. 3. Character and Behavior
    4. 4. Shenyang people are loud, blunt and friendly (sometimes getting too friendly too fast)Shenyang people are classic Dongbeiren (“Northeasterners”).Scores of adjectives are routinely used to describe Dongbeiren:friendly, loud, drinkers, and straight-forward are just a few. Manyof these stereotypes are accurate and they are titles in whichShenyang people take pride; however, residents love to point outtheir reputation for friendliness. It takes only a few encounterswith strangers on the street to discover this stereotype holds truewith most of the people one meets in the city.Though Dongbeiren are also quite loud, locals prefer to describethemselves as being “reqing”, or “enthusiastic.” In mostrestaurants, Shenyang diners converse with intensity that takesvisitors by surprise. Old friends who are in the midst of affableconversation can appear to outsiders to be in angry argument.This tendency towards loud and spirited conversation raises thedecibel level in most public places, especially restaurants.
    5. 5. Shenyang people love to drink and are proud of their ability to imbibeBeer!Another phenomenon sure to be noticed inShenyang restaurants is serious drinking.Dongbeiren are well known throughout China fortheir ability and willingness to drink. Again, theyattribute this to their “reqing”. In restaurants shoutsof “Ganbei!”, literally meaning “Dry your cup!”, canbe heard from all directions. To Dongbeiren, awillingness of new acquaintances or potentialbusiness partners to get drunk can be an importantfirst step in deepening a friendship or a businessrelationship. When people are dining together it isconsidered rude to take a sip of any alcoholicbeverage without inviting at least one other personat the table to drink, which inevitably results in moreshouts of “Ganbei!”Check out this video: How do Shenyangersdrink beer for a casual dinner?!
    6. 6. Shenyang people are down-to-earth (unsophisticated?) and straight talkersThe people in Shenyang also consider themselves to bedown-to-earth and straight-talkers. Chinese culture isindirect – people often hint rather than directly state whatthey want. Residents of Shenyang claim that they are notthis way. To westerners they still seem quite indirect, butcompared to other regions of China, Shenyang residentsare perhaps more to-the-point in their interactions. This iswhy many in Shenyang will claim that when it comes tobusiness, the Northeastern Chinese aren’t as crafty, or assuccessful, as their counterparts to the south.
    7. 7. There is a “thing” between Shenyang and Shanghai peopleIn China, the stereotype of Northeasterners is that they are quick to resort tophysical violence. Shanghainese, especially men, are stereotyped aspeople who may argue verbally but will rarely resort to physical violence.Some say this shows that they are more refined and civilized. Others saythis shows they are soft and weak. People in Shenyang don’t really likeShanghai food because it is too sweet and portions are too small.The male Shanghai stereotypeIn Shanghai people’s mind,Dongbei is a placefilled with violentpeople.
    8. 8. Shenyang people love to eat heavy food (pork) and portions are huge
    9. 9. Er Ren Zhuan, also known as song-and-dance duet,is a folk art form popular in the northeast of China. It ischaracterized by the performances of a man and awoman who integrate speaking with dancing andsinging. As the saying goes in Shenyang, "Wed rathergive up our three meals than our song and danceduets." Local people enjoy going to these kinds ofopera performances. The song-and-dance duetbecame popular in the early 18th century.Shenyang people are proud of their own folk art: Er Ren Zhuan
    10. 10. Shopping and Leisure Habits
    11. 11. Shenyang people love to buy well-known luxury goods: style doesn’t matter, the logo doesShenyang people love to spend money on luxury goods, mostlybecause owning luxury goods give them face. No matterrich or poor, Shenyang people won’t hesitate to buy luxurybrands, normally with big logos.Shenyang surpassed Hangzhou last year to become the thirdlargest single luxury market in China with sales totaling 1.5billion yuan (US$229 million), behind only Beijing andShanghai. The most popular brands are Louis Vuitton, Gucci,Prada, Chanel, Coach, Hermes and Dior, with with the mostfrequent transactions involving handbags, watches,sunglasses, jewelry, and scarves. Far and away, the mostpopular items are women’s handbags. The consumer base ispredominantly female.
    12. 12. Shenyang people love to buy well-known luxury goods: secondhand items are popularOne factor that sets Shenyang apart from otherfast-growing second-tier cities is its increasinglysophisticated second-hand luxury market.While Beijing and Dalian are seeing the number ofluxury consignment shops increaserapidly, Shenyang is becoming a more popularshopping destination for consumers in Dalian orHarbin, who previously had to travel to Beijing orHong Kong to get their second-hand luxury fix.According to Liu, manager of the biggest secondhand shop, last year Shenyang’s 20 second-handluxury shops saw turnover of more than 10 millionyuan (US$1.5 million), making it, in Liu’sestimation, the undisputed second-hand luxury hubof northeastern China.1,470,000,000 search results for “secondhand luxury bagsin Shenyang” on Google
    13. 13. Shenyang people spend RMB 65 per person when they eat out, with BBQ buffets astheir favoriteCuisine Cost per personSeafood RMB 101Buffet RMB 95Western RMB 83Japanese and Korean RMB 77Local (Dongbei) RMB 59Local snacks RMB 23
    14. 14. Shenyang people love Chinese style spas and swimming in their spare timeBuffet 30%Chinese style spa 60%Food LeisureSportsSwimming 40%
    15. 15. Wan Xiang Plaza and Joy City are the two most popular shopping malls in ShenyangWan Xiang Plaza Joy City
    16. 16. Wan Xiang Plaza is liked because of the luxurious feel, convenient location and agreat variety of F&B choices108 out of 308 reviews about WanXiang Plaza areexcellent.“So many people eat in the restaurants and food courts inthe mall, but they are not noisy and messy, very clean.You can watch performances while eating, so many choices,very good! “