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  • 1. Military Prisons during the Civil War
    • Jade Nagy and Brittany Oliver
  • 2. Alton Prison
    • established Feb 9, 1862
    • can hold up to 1,750 prisoners
    • located in the Illinois Pennitentiary
    • 12,000 soldiers imprisoned
    • 6-10 men died each day.
    • 3 men per cell
    • overcrowded and not sanitary
    • many prisoners died from Rubella, Smallpox, and Pneumonia.
  • 3. Fulton County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia
    • First prison to hold union soldiers
    • Holds 150 prisoners
    • Prisoners were sent to this person because of overcrowding.
    • Many prisoners had to be transferred to other prisoners further south.
  • 4. Camp Oglethorpe
    • Macon, North Carolina
    • prisoners included officers and enlisted men.
    • they slept in sheds and stalls.
    • Camp Oglethorpe was a storage depot and militia camp on old faire grounds. Then the confederate government wanted to use it as a prison camp.
    • City officials did not like the idea of holding prisoners.
    • The mayor at the time, Mayor Thompson, wanted to use the market and the flower house to hold the prisoners.
  • 5. Johnson's Island Prison
    • Johnson’s Island Prison is located in Sandusky Bay, Ohio.
    • It ran from 1862-1865
    • The prison existed for 40 months.
    • 10,000 men were on the island
    • Most were confederate officers. There were 26 generals, privates, bushwhackers, guerrilas, and citizens for belonging to the union.
    • The maximum numb er of prisoners at a time were 3,224 in January of 1864.
  • 6. Alcatraz Island Military Prison
    • History: 1850-1933
    • In 1859 the first inmates started arriving
    • Population of prisoners increasee during the Civil War.
    • Prisoners included prisoners from other posts and civilians accused of treason.
    • In 1902 there were 461 inmates
    • In 1904 there were 761 inmates
    • Many buildings had to be built around Alcatraz to hold all of the inmates.