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Ian thorpe by Luke

  1. 1. Ian Thorpe was born on 13th of October 1982 and has not died yet.
  2. 2. Ian's name is Ian James Thorpe and his nickname is Thorpey or thorpedo. Ian’s hobby is swimming. He specialises in freestyle, backstroke and also individual medley.
  3. 3. His parents names are Ken and Margret Thorpe. Ken used to be a very good batsman but he retired at the age of 26. Margret was a good netball player and was in the A-grade team. His sister Christina took up swimming to help her broken wrist.
  4. 4. Ian Thorpe was brung up in a sporty family. Ian followed his sister into the water at five. Ian had a allergy of chlorine so he had to swim with his head above the water, he swam his first race like this and he won the race because of his size advantage. Eventually his allergy to chlorine went away.
  5. 5. hobbies  Ian Thorpe's interests are fashion and culture he has sponsorship from clothing company's, another thing that interests him is television. In 2002 he played the lead role in the reality television show called Undercover Angels and a show called Friends.
  6. 6. Ian Thorpe is famous for being a good swimmer. Ian does a allot of freestyle. He trains everyday in a swimming pool for a very long time.
  7. 7. Image
  8. 8. Ian has brown hair his hairstyle is spikey at the front and flat at the back, he has light brown skin and he sometimes grows a beard. He has brown eyes. He is well known for his height and is 1.95m or 6ft 5in tall and has very big feet which are size 17!! Ian dresses well at all times. Ian speaks English. Ian likes to swim allot especially freestyle .He has allot of brands and sponsors. Ian had a coach that he liked called Tracy Menzies. He has been all over the world and to allot of Olympic games.
  9. 9. Achievements
  10. 10. Ian Thorpe has won 36 gold medals, 6 silver and 2 bronze. He has got 13 individual long course records. He has been in a lot of championships. He has been the world swimmer of the year 4 times! His businesses involve a supplement brand a drink brand and the sports brand called Adidas. More recently he has been helping raise money for research for childhood illness and to improve living for Australian aboriginals.
  11. 11. Evaluation
  12. 12. Why?I choose Ian Thorpe because I like swimming and he does swimming like me. He is famous because at such a young age he broke lots of swimming records and making it into the Olympics lots of times. He will stay famous because he is so well known in Australia from 1998 to 2012, and he will continue to be famous because of all his businesses which have been known world wide. People love Ian in Sydney. People identify him by thinking he is the swimming lord or a swimming champion. People love Ian so much that they try to find him for a autograph