Preliminary Evaluation Emily Almond


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Preliminary Evaluation Emily Almond

  1. 1. + Preliminary Analysis Emily Almond
  2. 2. + Shot Reverse Shot  rgdfgfd This is our shot reverse shot. This was originally a pan around 180 degrees, but during editing we cut the clip to create a shot reverse shot. The pan would have taken a long time and distracted from the atmosphere that we were trying to create.
  3. 3. + 180 degree rule The 180 degree rule is followed in this scene. We filmed this in turn so could not have each others’ shoulders in the shot as we would have liked as it was only Aisling and I present. This would have been a more obvious shot if we had both been in the shot at the same time, with our shoulders in the foreground. This scene is quite effective as it also boarders on being a shot reverse shot.
  4. 4. + Match on Action This is our match on action. This works well as you can see me open the door of the bathroom from outside and inside. However, my scarves change and so does my hair within the shots, so to improve we should ensure that I wear the same thing for all filming in our next film. Also, we could have an angle just showing my hand opening the door to make the shot more interesting and varied.
  5. 5. + Negatives  Throughout the film, I noticed that in different scenes I am wearing different scarves, and my hair also changes between scenes. This was bound to happen because we filmed over a few days, but it doesn’t flow very well with regards to continuity.  The angles we filmed at weren’t very interesting. They all seem to be at eye level, there aren’t any high or low angles.  We didn’t use a very big variety of shots and angles. This makes the overall viewing experience quite dull, which is the opposite of what we aimed for.  We spent a lot of time planning things that never went into the final edit, which obviously wasted our time which we could’ve spent filming better angles etc.  The story line of the hatred between Aisling and Maddie wasn’t obvious as we didn’t get enough time to include our character introduction scenes which outlined their bad relationship, so the storyline doesn’t entirely make sense in places.
  6. 6. + Positives  Considering we only had 1 hour where all three of us were present to film together, the final film isn’t too terrible.  We included all 3 of the continuity shots that we’ve been focusing on.  The sound effects in the background which we put in during editing work well with the shots that they play behind.  Overall the film isn’t too bad as the different shots flow together well.  I particularly like the establishing shot of the sign and the edited school bell in the background, this works well and establishes the scene perfectly.
  7. 7. + To improve for next time:  We should have costumes so that we don’t have different clothes in different scenes as in the preliminary.  We should use a variety of angles within the film to make it more interesting and to add to the atmosphere of the film.  We need to focus more on the script and what we are saying within the film, as in the preliminary we only decided our speech when we came to film the scene.  There needs to be a short introduction of characters at the beginning, to set the storyline and to help the audience understand the context of the event.  More props should be used to further make the film more interesting.