Aisling Preliminary Evaluation
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  • 1. Preliminary analysis Aisling Taylor
  • 2. What could be improved on: • The continuity of the shots - As we filmed some shots on different occasions, some of the shots dont 'flow' very well into the next shot; especially if they are part of the same scene. The two screenshots show how the first shot doesnt 'flow' well into the next shot, as the character is in different positions, looks different and the camera is positioned differently too.
  • 3. What could be improved on: • The appearance of the characters -we should have thought more carefully about the appearance of the characters, e.g what they are wearing, their hairstyle, etc. as in some shots the characters look different, which causes confusion within the audience . The photo on the left shows one of the characters wearing different clothes before she walks into the toilet, however the photo on the right shows the character walking into the toilet wearing different clothing. This links in with the continuity of the shots, as it doesn't make sense or 'flow' into the next shot.
  • 4. What could be improved on: Other aspects of the preliminary we could have improved on would be: • Planning - We had planned a lot of scenes to film, and as there were so many scenes, the plot of the film was complicated and so we didn't have time to film them all and had to cut certain parts of the film from the final film. • We could have filmed some shots twice, as some shots did not go according to plan straight away.
  • 5. What i have learnt: • During the process of filming the preliminary, i have learnt:To make sure all the characters look the same as in the other shots, to ensure continuity. • Whilst editing the film, i learnt how to change the volume and pitch of the sounds added to the film, e.g. so background noise is faded when characters are having a conversation. • To not over complicate the film; just include the main plot and key camera shots. • Whilst editing, i learnt to