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  1. 1. 404 Ext. Outside of house - Day Postman walks up to house and is greeted by our main character Liam. POSTMAN Just a normal morning Mr.Job Int. Hallway of house Liam looks relieved and calm as he takes the letter LIAM That it is Geoff, have a good one The camera follows Liam as he drifts into the kitchen, casually dismissing the letter. He grabs a drink on the way to check him emails. Int- office space Liam sits down and starts browsing (indicated by clicking sounds. All of a sudden he just stop and stares, quizzically. LIAM Hmmm The email reads from JOHN SMITH, the subject reads the number one. Again, another puzzled look from LIAM. The message reads: You must forward this message in the next 10 minutes… This phone call will „ring‟ true ^_^ LIAM‟ face is skeptical thinking it‟s a joke. He grabs his drink to go and get another one. *Phone starts to ring LIAM‟s face darts back to the phone. use of face hugging camera potential. He hastily picks up the phone. There is tension in the silence for a few seconds. LIAM UH, hello?
  2. 2. There is a mixture of noises and static. Torture sounds recurring and two adults voices pierce through distinctly. LIAM Mum? Louder, more distorted “LIAM!”. Laugh. LIAM Jesus, just another bunch of idiots messing around “Help!‟ As LIAM puts phone down quickly, he is on edge. Quickly falls onto chair trying to find mouse, knocking over pencils. LIAM tries to delete e-mail frantically. Error 404: File not found, cannot delete. Keeps trying to delete it repeatedly. It won‟t delete. A prolonged look at the camera follows. LIAM The time… 6 minutes have passed since and LIAM realises he needs to forward it to someone to avoid any problems. He is unsure, paranoid and so has to feel secure.He scrolls down his contact list and send it to *mitchdanielz@hotmail.co.uk As he types: LIAM Hey...Mitch...I...Thought...You‟d…like...This The bar fills up and sends. A sigh of relief follows from LIAM and he gets up. All of a sudden, a popping sound is heard, the type on receiving a new e-mail as LIAM leaves. INT. - House corridor
  3. 3. LIAM goes off into another room but the camera continues down toward the front door. The colour saturation is reduced as is time has changed and a darker mood has set upon the house. Ext. - outside of house, driveway. *insert nice or abrupt transition The camera follows the perspective of a postman as he walks up to the front door. He is confused by the front door and so peers into the letterbox to see if anyone is home. Int. - Straight ahead from the letter box. Through the letterbox there is a pooling and dripping of blood in the distance. All of a sudden, the flap closes, saturation is reverted and LIAM opens the door. LIAM Hey Geoff, Can I help you? LIAM is sweaty and clearly nervous, eager to get the encounter over with. Postman Just a parcel for you sir...*coughs The postman adjusts his cap to keep his face hidden and hastily thrusts the parcel into LIAM‟s arms. LIAM I didn‟t order any parcel POSTMAN Look I don‟t decide what you get delivered. Sign here if you will. He fidgets and bluntly puts a clipboard in LIAM‟s face. LIAM signs and the POSTMAN walks away.
  4. 4. POSTMAN Thanks again. The POSTMAN walks away and on his clipboard is just seen “FATAL” in bold red print as he walks toward the low camera. LIAM puts the package down in the hallway. It‟s big and has multiple warnings all over it. LIAM goes back to get his drink and then onto his computer. A second e-mail awaits. LIAM Eurgh, what this time? He says muttering quietly. The email reads again from JOHN SMITH, the subject reads the number two. The message reads: Honour your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. Thou shalt blow thy brains out ^_^ LIAM‟s face is now worried and he looks at the box. There is an elongated look at the box, a slow zoom in, creepy tension. LIAM dashes over to the box, picks it up, examining it. He rips it open, in a primal manner, tearing at it. He drops the box suddenly, a stunned look surges over his face. Slow zoom and pan over the cusp of the box to reveal what‟s inside. Inside is his mum‟s wedding ring covered in blood. A policeman is at an open door with what looks to be two parents crying, slowed down with confused glares and dazzles. He picks up the wedding ring, slowly looking at the door then looking back at the box. There is a note: “I told you it would ring true ;)”. LIAM looks under the note, there is a gun with another note, “to end it all”. LIAM begins to panic, realising the situation he is in. he can‟t call the police because of what he has in his possession. Pace picks up. LIAM is forced to go and read what the email said and whether he can get in contact with this person. High pitched music reaches peak. He tries to reply to the email: ERROR 404: FILE NOT FOUND. LIAM‟s desk is a mess, his hair in chaos and entwined with his feelings. LIAM is about to pull the plug on his computer when he hears one more dreaded email arrival sound.
  5. 5. He slowly brings himself up to it, his expression that of stress and despair. The email again reads from JOHN SMITH, the subject reads the number three. This time, and intimidated look from LIAM. The message reads: To end this messaging service, please kill the page :D” *Insert animation of guns firing at a head. In desperation, LIAM looks over at the gun… END