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The Wise Old Woman
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The Wise Old Woman






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The Wise Old Woman The Wise Old Woman Presentation Transcript

  • Tuesday: Context Clues
    Context clues are words and phrases in a sentence which help you reason out the meaning of an unfamiliar word.  Oftentimes you can figure out the meanings of new or unfamiliar vocabulary by paying attention to the surrounding language.
    Context Clues:
    1. Antonym or Contrast Clue-
    Phrases or words that indicate opposite
    Signal words: but, in contrast, however, instead of, unlike, yet
    Example: Unlike his quiet and low keyfamily, Brad is garrulous.
    What do you think garrulous mean?
  • Garrulous
    chatty, gabby, loquacious, talkative, talky
    Use the word in a sentence.
    Context Clues:
    2. Definition or Example Clue
    Phrases or words that define or explain
    Signals: is defined as, means, the term, [a term in boldface or italics] set off with commas
    Example: Sedentary individuals, people who are not very active, often have diminished health.
    What do you think sedentary means?
  • sedentary
    accustomed to sit or rest a great deal or to take little exercise.
    Use the word in a sentence.
    Context Clues:
    3. General Knowledge
    The meaning is derived from the experience and background knowledge of the reader; "common sense" and logic.
    Signals: the information may be something basically familiar to you
    Example: Coleen is always displaying hateful behavior to her boss, even in front of others. That obnoxiousemployee  just doesn't care what others think of her behavior.
    What do you think obnoxious means?
  • obnoxious
    annoying or objectionable due to being a showoff or attracting undue attention to oneself
    Use this word in a sentence.
    Context Clues:
    4. Restatement or Synonym Clue
    Another word or phrase with the same or a similar meaning is used.
    Signals: in other word, that is, also known as, sometimes called, or
    The dromedary, commonly called a camel, stores fat in its hump.
    What does dromedary mean?
  • dromedary
    A camel
    Use the word in a sentence.
    Let’s Practice:
    1. It is refreshing to see students so excited, so zealous in doing their homework.
    2. We thought that the mother would be very distraught at hearing of her husband's accident; however, she took the news quite calmly.
    Tranquil angrydisgustedanxious
    3. Ivan is a wonderful piano player. But Jerri is more versatile; she sings, acts, paints and writes poetry, and also plays the piano.
    talentedshow off superior skillsmany abilities
  • Answers
    Zealous: dedicated
    Distraught: anxious
    Versatile: many abilities
    The Wise Old Woman Vocabulary
    Reluctantly pg. 22 Scroll pg. 29
    Conquered pg. 32 Summoned pg. 37
    Banner pg. 39 Prospered pg. 39
    Write the word on a note card.
    Look up the word and find it in the story.
    Write what you think it means by the text around the word.
    Look up word in dictionary and write the definition.
    Write a sentence using the word.
    On the back of the note card, draw a picture of the word. How it is used in the sentence from the book.
  • Example
    This is what the note card should look like.
    Study your words.
    Vocabulary will be on comprehension quiz on
    Friday, Aug. 19
    My Definition:
    On the back there should be a picture.
  • Wednesday: Problem and Solution
    Identify the problem in the story.
    Identify how the problem was solved or fixed.
    The soles on Ann’s feet burned with
    each step she took. Her arms felt as
    if they would break off any moment
    from carrying her heavy bundle.
    Beads of sweat appeared on her
    forehead. She began to wonder why
    she had looked forward to this day.
    Finally, she reached her favorite spot.
    She dropped her things on the sand.
    Then she collapsed into her chair. One
    glance at the ocean reminded her why she
    had longed for this day. The beauty of the
    ocean on a summer day was astonishing.
  • Problem and Solution
    Identify the problem in the story.
    Identify how the problem was solved or fixed.
    Tiko has a problem. His friends are
    going on a trip to Adventure Land Park.
    The trip costs $30, and Tiko has no
    Tiko tells his mother how sad he feels
    about not being able to go on the trip. His
    mother suggests Tiko earn money walking
    dogs and washing cars.
    Tiko earns $15, but the trip is only one
    day away. When he gets home from
    school, his mother smiles and hands him an
    early birthday card from his grandmother.
    Inside the card is $20. Now he can go on
    The trip.
  • Stories in Art
    Pg. 18-19
    Problem and Solutions of an artist
    Who is the most important person in this scene?
    What does this person do?
    Why might the people in this scene have gathered in the court?
    Read a friends paragraph and find the problem and solution.
    Imagine you are in the court. Explain
    why you are there in the court. Who are you?
    What is the problem you have and what is
    the solution the king gave to you? The
    problem needs to correlate with who you are.
    Did the solution work out for you?
    Write a paragraph: Remember Topic
    Sentence, in-between sentences
    support the topic sentence, concluding
    Grammar: Capitalization and punctuation
    Vocabulary: use 3 of your vocabulary words in your paragraph.
  • Thursday: Read The Wise Old Woman
    Japanese Folklore
    Wisdom comes with age
    Respect your elders
    Problem and Solution
  • Problem and Solution
    Read the story
    Complete the chart
    Get with a partner and
    discuss your answers
    Discuss as class
    Homework: Reread story tonight. Study vocabulary. Quiz is tomorrow. August 19
    Attempt to Solve the Problem: Result:
  • Friday: Quiz and Reading Comprehension
    Reading Comprehension
    Turn to p.40 in your book.
    What is the young farmer’s problem at the beginning of the story?
    How does the woman solve the three “impossible tasks”?
    What makes you think that the woman is wise?
    What values is the story trying to teach?