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  • 1. Emily Dickinson Biography BiographyBy: Edward, Lucas, Rachael, Audrey, and David
  • 2. Where did Emily Dickinson live and grow up? Emily grew up in Amherst Massachusetts, in the United States.
  • 3. What influenced Emily Dickinson’s writing?Emily’s imagination was strong which let her towrite poetry.Emily loved nature, and the outdoor activities ,which influenced her writing.
  • 4. What poetic tools or styles is the poet known for? Most of her poems have two stanzas or more. Each stanza follows a pattern set in the first stanza. Emily’s poems are wrote in a rhythm or meter called iambic. She usually wrote in “flowery” languages. She writes extra ordinary poems that lived in possibility, because she wrote with her imagination. Her poems are light and witty.
  • 5. When did Emily Dickinson live?She lived in 1830 to 1886.The signing of the Chinese Exclusion Treatyby China and the United States restriction. Itdid not prohibit the imagination of Chineselabor Tuskegee Institute found by Booker T-washington.
  • 6. Why did Emily Dickinson write? Emily wrote because she was homesick. She wrote because of the death of Benjamin Newton, a law student studying with her father. She had an ordinary life spending her day only in her house until she started writing.
  • 7. Who was Emily Dickinson and what was her family like? Emily was an odd ball, and didn’t want fame or money through her poems. She stuffed her poems in her desk Emily’s father was a lawyer named Edward. He was the treasurer of a collage. Emily’s father was a strictly religious man. Emily’s mother was known for her fine cooking. Emily’s brother three years older than Emily. He was known for being bright. Emily’s sister, Lavinia, was known to be out spoken and witty. She was also much prettier than Emily.
  • 8. Thanks forwatching!!!!!!!!!