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Kitty's science experiment
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Kitty's science experiment



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  • 1. On the weekend I completed a science experiment called ‘Gas Bags’ for school. I’m goingto tell you about what I experienced!!!AIMThe aim of the experiment was to find out what happens when combinations of water,sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid are all mixed together.MATERIALSThe materials used towards my experiment were:6 Teaspoons of sodium bicarbonate6 Teaspoons of tartaric acid3 Cups of non-acidic water1 Cup measure1 Teaspoon4 Pieces of paper towel4 Transparent bottles of the same size [350-400mL approximately]4 Balloons1 Labelling pen1 FunnelMasking Tape
  • 2. STEPSHere are some of the steps i used while doing myexperiment:1.Label the 4 bottles and balloons.Bottle 1: bicarb + acidBottle 2: bicarb + waterBottle 3: acid + waterBottle 4: bicarb + acid + waterLabel the balloons 1, 2, 3 and 42.Mix all of the ingredients as outlined in theinstructions provided3.Observe results
  • 3. OBSERVATIONSBottle 1: The balloon will inflate a little bit.Bottle 2: will inflate a little bit.Bottle 3: wont do anything.Bottle 4: the balloon will inflate heeps.In the end this is what ended up happening:Bottle 1: inflated the balloon a little bit.Bottle 2:didn’t do anything.Bottle 3: didn’t do anything.Bottle 4:inflated the balloon heaps.
  • 4. QUESTIONS(a) What are bubbles?A mixture of water, sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid.(b) Do the bubble come from the tartaric acid? Why do you think that?No, you need to mix the sodium bicarbonate, water and tartaric acid.(c) Do the bubbles come form the sodium bicarbonate? Why do you think that?No, you need to mix the sodium bicarbonate, water and tartaric acid.(d) When do the bubbles appear?The bubbles appear when you mix sodium bicarbonate, water and tartaric acid. I know this because I saw it in my experience of an experiment.(e) What do you think inflated the balloon?The chemical reaction caused gas to be formed which inflated the balloon.(f) Predict what you think would happen if you mix bottle 2 and bottle 3 together?It will blow up!!!