Skyfall technologies


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Skyfall technologies

  1. 1. Skyfall technologies Digital technology = DT Proliferation of hardware = POH Technological convergence = TC
  2. 2. DT, POH, TC -synergy/cross media conv., audiences • Audience can purchase on online – – – – Apple (iTunes)……Amazon instant video…………… Can rent or buy Can rent/buy on either SD or HD Watch on smart phones, tablets, computers (anywhere/anytime) (targeted for local & global but for audiences who use new technologies, who are on the go, watch films in different platforms….) • Making it available to buy online (to online users) prevents piracy because there is good ACCESS to the film
  3. 3. DT, POH, TC – synergy/cross media conv., audiences • Connection to ‘Visit Britain’ – Promote & Boost British tourism (bond theme adverts) – This was good timing with the Olympics! – Competition online = play game to unlock codes (you could win trip to UK with tickets to premiere)
  4. 4. DT, POH, TC – cross media convergence, ownership, audiences • There was a computer/video game released called 007 legends – Released before film (marketing) – On PS3, xbox & wii – different platforms • Distributed by MGM Interactive (subsidiary of MGM= vertically integrated)
  5. 5. DT, POH, TC – synergy/cross media convergence, ownership, audiences • Audiences can buy/watch DVD – DVD = Range from £12-£15.00 pounds – Will also give you a code for download version as well (more platforms) – Promotion (synergy) with Sainsbury’s = buy film for £7.00 when spending £30.00 or more – Can purchase on Amazon (to get DVD) • Steelback limited edition (exclusive to amazon) (around £32.00)
  6. 6. pt 1 pt 2 e pt 3 • DT, POH, Skyfall was shot using digital cameras called ‘Arri Alexa’ cameras. – The director can immediately watch back the footage (of full quality) straight after films – Offers excellent, crisp & clear projection onto the screen (a lot of digital cameras don’t offer this – The cinematographer’s job (Richard Deakin) is to film and determine what the footage looks like on screen – he chooses the cameras the film is shot on)……he traditionally shot on film (and was hesitant about shooting in digital as a lot of traditional cinematographers who use digital technology don’t think the quality is as good as film – But he said ‘This camera has brought us to a point, where digital is simply better.” (WOW!!! – The technology clearly proved it was worthy……shows the growth/proliferation of hardware tha digital is even outperforming old methods such as film. – This camera records a taller image, more immersive image (compared to other digital cameras) • The disadvantage from using cameras that pick up on such extreme detail can be that it can highlight filmmaking mistakes/bad skin/make up etc. and can also make the film look synthetic (almost doesn’t look real)
  7. 7. DT, POH, TC – synergy/cross media convergence • Premiere in London (Royal Albert Hall)…….created buzz! October 23rd • (streamed live on youtube) ?v=zYnt2prr_ow premiere
  8. 8. DT, POH, TC – all topics • Connection with Coke Zero – Bond theme TV advert – Viral video (the 007 in you) = real online video filmed in Belgium which captured real guys going to coke machine and presenting a challenge to get to platform in less than 60 seconds (set up obstacles on the way)….if you got there successfully you won tickets to premiere! – Aimed at male audience • In 3 days the video was watched 3.5 million times via social networking
  9. 9. DT, POH, TC – all topics • The release of the film on various platforms such as online purchase, DVD, Bluray, etc means it is widely available for different audiences – Different platforms appeal to different audiences = more likely to generate more money • If you make the film widely available the less likely pirating will occur
  10. 10. DT, POH, TC – synergy/cross media conv, audiences, • Audiences can buy/watch on Blu Ray (even better quality than DVD)
  11. 11. DT, POH, TC – all topics • Adele’s famous Song for the film was a huge success! – Adele herself was the British golden girl (already very famous to gain large audience interest) – It was leaked online before the film (unclear if this was a genuine leak or this was a marketing strategy – regardless, created loads of buzz for films – Went to #1 on itunes 10 hours from being released – Also distributed by Columbia (subsidiary of Sony Entertainment = SONY (same distributor/owner as the film!) • She won Oscar for best song……She performed the song at the Oscars and thanked Sony& MGM in her speech (the film’s owners and distributors)
  12. 12. DT, POH, TC – synergy/cross media convergence, audiences • Has a website • Has facebook page • Has twitter page
  13. 13. DT, POH, TC – audiences, synergy/cross media conv • In October there were over 1.5 million mentions in social networking of film (via twitter/facebook etc) – below the line advertising!
  14. 14. skyfall pre-production – wow!!!! DT, POH, TC • Skyfall a fair amount of CGI in it, (special effects) however it was not as much as other similar action films. – The director demanded most of the effects were done by camera (Alexa arri cameras) – Special effects mostly to do with changing backgrounds (green screen) …..(not CGI characters and such) – Daniel Craig did his own stunts – Some scenes were filmed with 1 camera (like a TV drama) • Some scenes (like the train scene) were filmed with 11 cameras e=active director talking about CGI/stunts etc
  15. 15. DT, POH, TC – synergy/cross media convergence, audiences • Audiences can watch film via PPV (pay per view) – Synergy with Sky (setting up Bond themes) • Purchase on demand from service provider such as Sky or Virgin
  16. 16. DT, POH, TC – audiences • There were 6 attempts to pirate the film in cinemas, they were caught by cinema employees (they were awarded with cash rewards)
  17. 17. DT, POH, TC – all topics • Skyfall was the first Bond film to released in IMAX cinemas. It was huge successful as it had best international non-summer/non-holiday opening in IMAX history. • But wasn’t filmed on IMAX cameras (but on the Alexa Arri digital cameras)
  18. 18. DT, POH, TC – all topics • IMAX details – With IMAX, you see 26% more image therefore making it more of a ‘panoramic’ view…….this means the audience is more fully immersed experience. – At first, the crew didn’t know the film would be released in IMAX (were using Alexa cameras prior) – The test footage showed in IMAX was not good but IMAX has their own ‘conversion’ software which enhances the image (makes image looks better) • Film version of iMax (prints) is more grainy looking than the digital projection
  19. 19. IMAX….. • With IMAX, you see 26% more image therefore making it more of a ‘panoramic’ view…….this means the audience is more fully immersed experience.
  20. 20. DT, POH, TC – all topics • Skyfall has a film website which you can do many things – In different languages – appealing for a lot of people globally – Watch videos (clips from film) • Integration with social media (mosaic and sharing photos etc)
  21. 21. DT, POH, TC – all topics • Connection with Sony Xperia – Used in the film – Special editition phone marketed to audiences • exclusive 007 ringtones preloaded • multiple james bond themes and screensavers • exclusive pre loaded images taken from production set (has info geo tagged so you know the location it was made) • makes buyer eligible for 007 legends video game free of charge (conditions apply)
  22. 22. DT, POH, TC – all topics • Using social media…Audience = social media users – First Bond movie in the social media era (is that linked to the fact that it is the most successful bond film yet??) (also has a main character who is a genius computer hacker who compares himself to mark zuckerberg (owner of facebook) – – – – Viral videos (Coke Zero) Facebook page Twitter page Social media capabilities and posts via Skyfall website (shows tweets and can share/link/ photos from website – Can download facebook cover pictures & twitter skins free on website – Can be part ‘of mosaic’ (a Bond picture made up of thousands of tiny pictures of fans) on website– you can upload your photo, search it and then share it via social networking sites • Audience becoming advertisers! (all free!) (below the line)
  23. 23. DT, POH, TC – all topics (except ownership? • A lot of the films posters used digital technology – Online banners, some animated (banners online ……some web pop ups) • Digital posters in shopping centres and in the Tube (the TV screens)…..these are animated and not just a still 2D poster • .