Section b key terms checklist

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  • 1. Section B key terms checklist Do you know them?
  • 2. General key terms Conglomerate Parent company Subsidiary company Horizontal Integration Vertical Integration Cross-institutional synergy proliferation Release patterns: Global release, national release, wide release, blanket release, local release, limited release budget UPS Inherited audience Audience participation Franchise film Sequel Convergence Difference between synergy & cross media convergence Diversification Web 2.3 Passive audience, active audience Affluent/educated audiences Mass & niche audience Cultural homogenization Crowd pleasers Prosumers Gatekeepers Budget Box office Above the line advertising, below the line advertising Arri Alexa Plus Panavision Anamorphic lens CGI Social media Video sharing D cinema Bluetooth Accessibility Test screening Advance screenings Re-release Premiere Festivals Arthouse Multiplex Opening weekend Trailer Teaser trailer Viral marketing Home entertainment 3D & Real 3D Motion capture technology (avengers assembly, tin tin, etc) Anti-piracy strategy Picture quality Touchscreen Apps Encryption / encrypted Hardware Software 35mm film & prints Green screen Prelude Merchandise Press coverage Capitol Exhibit Promotion Promotional tour Beneficial and detrimental Opening weekend Appeal Revenue Ancillary revenue
  • 3. Skyfall: Names – people/institutes MGM (distributor) MGM Interactive (game – 007 legends) DANJAQ (own 007 trademark – owned by Albert B) EON Productions (production) SONY Sony Pictures Entertainment (distributor) Columbia Pictures Sony Computer Entertainment Sony Mobile Entertainment Sony Music Entertainment Columbia XL records Melted Stone Ltd (released song) Sam Mendes Barbara Broccoli (producer) Albert Broccoli (owns EON productions) Richard Deakins Daniel Craig Judy Dench Adele Royal Albert Hall Pinewood Studios Royal Family iTunes (Apple) Heineken Coze Zero Omega (watches) OPI Aston Martin Honda Visit Britain Olympics - Sony Vaio Sony XPeria IMAX Youtube (owned by Google) Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google + Film Website Rotten Tomatoes Amazon Sky Movies (007 feature) Oscars *cross institutional synergy
  • 4. Thor 2: Names – people/institutes Walt Disney Company (Disney) Marvel Worldwide Inc. (Marvel Comics) ABC Network Marvel Entertainment Marvel Studios Marvel Television Kevin Feige Alan Taylor Chris Hemsworth Natalie Portman Anthony Hopkins Tom Hiddleston Odeon Leicester Square Gameloft iTunes (Apple) San Diego Comic Convention International Disney D23 Expo Agent of SHIELD Dr Pepper & skype Disneyland ‘Treasure of Asgard Theme Park Exhibit’ (*agreement with Universal) Guardian guide Metro Sky Movies Youtube (owned by Google) Vimeo Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google + Film Website Rotten Tomatoes Amazon Graham Norton Walt Disney Home Entertainment Sky Movies
  • 5. In our Name – Names – people/institutes Brian Welsh Michelle Eastwood A10 Films Escape Films Emerging Pictures (US) Artificial Eye (UK) BBC TV Provisional Leeds High Point Media Group Joanna Froggart Timeout Digital Spy ‘From Britain With Love’
  • 6. MBTD – Names – people/institutes Sally El Hosaini Rocks Nest Entertainment Wild Horses Film Company Escape Films Verve Pictures (UK) 108 Media (US) Hireworks (HD avid) Point1Post (sound) Ritzy Brixton Curzon Hackney Picturehouse Empire & Total Film Filmbeat (website – competition) Movie2K (pirate website) Cashtastic
  • 7. Other general people/institutions DVD Blu Ray Blu Ray 3D 3D RealD 3D Isense Blinkbox (tesco) Flixster Netflix Lovefilm (amazon) Amazon Prime Google Play Ultraviolet Redbox Virgin Media Vue AMC Odeon Empire Curzon (& Curzon onDemand) Cineworld Picturehouse (hackney) (owned by cineworld) Lego The Disney Store BBFC Curzon Curzon onDemand Brixton Ritzy Hackney Picture Royal Albert Hall UK Film Council NFTS (national film & TV school) DSN (digital screen network) Top 6 conglomerates: (90% of films by them) warner bros sony/columbia paramount disney universal 20th century fox
  • 8. • concepts-section-b-film-industry/