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  • 1. Media folder check KCO
  • 2. folders• Consistent, uniform• Assessment sticker in corner• Book & revision book (not assessed)• Plastic folder (to take sheets home)• Assessment record – tracking progress• Dividers to organise work correctly
  • 3. Folder evidence
  • 4. Revision/exam support• Examiners Kept in folder in relative section report• Mark schemes• Grade monitoring• Key terms sheet• Past papers• Exemplar answers• Consistent design and structure for all sides of course• All in 1 package!
  • 5. blogs• Students record all c/w on blog• Posts• Embedded powerpoints (tasks)• Videos• Assessment (self/teacher/peer) – using a template (track progress)
  • 6. Blogs record work chronologically Student blogEmbed their videos Self, peer, teacher assessment Embeds work on blog Records targets Organised!!!
  • 7. Class blog• Teacher to student messages• All work/task instructions posted• All powerpoints in class are embedded• Model answers• Tips• Helpul videos/links etc• checklists• 2500 views = they use it and they like it
  • 8. Peer assessment & self assessment stamp On all e-assessment forms too
  • 9. Green pen
  • 10. 1. Evidence of detail written feedbackMARKING SHOWS:• Using attached templates• WWW & EBI• Level/grade (tick boxes)• Literacy in mind (common – sp, p, g, exp)• Comments on work
  • 11. 1 evidence
  • 12. 1 evidence • Answers posted on blog (to self assess & revise) • Powerpoints on blog with instructions how to improve Powerpoint with details of how to Student exampleAnswers are posted on blog improve, photos of student examples Next slides, (annotated) annotations (Discuss in class)
  • 13. 1 evidence – model examplesModel answer they match up(putting in correct order) Full model, discuss in class, they annotate
  • 14. 1 evidence - models• Powerpoint discussed in class of how to improve in drafting process• Errors (usually to identify where most students went wrong)• Posted on blog
  • 15. 1 evidence - models• Student examples, annotated
  • 16. 2. Students to respond• Opportunities for drafting (respond to feedback)• Allow improvement• Usually 3 drafts – for some 4• Some tasks are quite specific targets, others are open ended for questioning
  • 17. 2 Evidence
  • 18. 2 Evidence
  • 19. 2 evidence • Test resit • (test are slightly different)
  • 20. 3 literacy skills• Taught and explained school policy• Annotate work in line with s policy (sp, p, g)• Word breakdown (understand terms – JO)• Taught how to write paragraphs (PEAL) – Templates (with sentence starters) – Models
  • 21. 3 evidence Differentiation: -PEAL Structure provided -sentence startersTaught PEAL structure for writingparagraphsConnectives etc
  • 22. Literacy marking
  • 23. 3 evidence• Before starting exam topic – supporting literacy but understanding new/complex terminology by analysis of words/meaning s/synonms etc
  • 24. 4 activities to stretch all abilities• Common colour system – RED – all must (C/D) – YELLOW – most should (C/B) – GREEN – some could (B/A) – They choose their level but know the grade limits• Tasks by ability groups (genre partner)• Tasks with mixed ability (ideology)
  • 25. 4 evidence
  • 26. 5. Groups making progress• Assessment records• Drafting• Plan of action/support systems – Re-sit/redraft or reports
  • 27. 5 evidence – overall gradesAll abilities makingexcellent progress
  • 28. 5 evidence – improvement in grades