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  • 2. • Big Brother follows the actual lives of a group of strangers/celebritiesstuck in a house where all their actions, dramas, conflicts, struggles andconversations are all caught and monitored by microphones and cameras,24 hours a day, 7 days a week.• In the last ten years 165 housemates have entered those famous doors.• It was dropped from channel 4 due to low ratings and was late on boughtby channel 5• This makes big brother a fly on the wall documentary/reality show.BIG BROTHER FACTS
  • 3. • It can also be considered as a game show as they have to complete certaingames in order to win a rewardCONVENTIONS OF A GAME SHOW
  • 4. JEREMY BENTHAMS PRISONPANOPTICON PRISON• Big brother replicates the idea of Jeremy Benthamsprison• The prison was designed by English philosopher JeremyBentham• The concept of the design is to allow a watchman toobserve which in big brother the cameras follow thepeople to allow the audience to observe them• In the prison not all cameras are placed in an area wherethey are seen this is the same concept as big brother asthe cameras are placed in different areas for the housemates to act as “natural” as possible• In the panoptic prison, „the inmate must never knowwhether he is being looked at any moment; but he mustbe sure that he may always be so‟ in big brother thecontestants never know which camera is being shown tothe public but they must be always aware they are beingwatched
  • 5. • As the inmate of the panoptic prison, the public in urban space is oftenunaware of who is responsible for surveillance in big brother thehousemates do not know who big brother is. Therefore they also do notknow who Is responsible for the surveillance.BIG BROTHER
  • 6. • Takes an edited footage over a 24 hour period and condenses it into anhour episode.• Editors can manipulate the confusion over space and time• E.G If one housemate talks about another housemate and statessomething which they are doing, the editors will purposely capture thefootage of this housemate. As an audience we view the program in achronological order and see things as if they are happening straight aftereach other however time can be confused as footage is edited throughouteach day.CONFUSION OVER SPACE ANDTIME
  • 7. • Through the editing the directors allow the audience to see what they wantthem to see, whereas the audience believe they are watching “reality” inprogress.• For example:• Jade Goody was not the only one making racist comments however shewas the one who made the LEAST comments. But through the use ofediting the producers cut all the other racist comments made by otherhousemates and made Jade Goody seem like she was the “leader” of themall.USE OF EDITING
  • 8. • We are subjects of domination by the image and the politics that areencoded within it.• The politics encoded in Big Brother is that of the popularity contest andthe survival of the contestant who endures the show‟s tricky politicalintrigues to win the cash prize.HYPPEREALITY
  • 9. • Jade goody entered the Big Brother house in 2002.• Before the programme Jade was a working class nurse who was in a greatamount of debt.• Whilst in the house she didn‟t prove to be popular with the public. 82%ofthe public voted to evict her rather than Shilpa Shetty.• After her time in Big Brother Jade made a living out of newspaper andmagazine deals and became a successful celebrity without actually beingtalented in anything.• This proved that in todays society it is possible for anyone to becomefamous.STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE
  • 10. • In Orwell‟s dystopia “Big Brother” was a figure to be feared, a vision ofwhat society could become.• The concept of the show was taken from George Orwell‟s famous novel“Nineteen Eighty-Four”.INTERTEXTUALITY
  • 11. • Big brother does no allow housemates to have any contact with the outsideworld• They are not allowed ANY technologic devices. This could link back intohistory because they did not have any devices in which they were able tocommunicate with each other.• They had hot water which was rationed and they also had rationed food• It goes back to the era of handicraft-based community.• The housemates have to find ways of entertaining themselves rather thanrelying on the products of the entertainment industryHISTORY
  • 12. • The house is a unnatural set, so it is artificial which links to Baudrillard‟shyper-reality theory.• The difference between a normal house and the “Big Brother” house areconfused, people believe it to be a real house, when in actual fact it is morelike a set.• The rest of Big Brother, which documents wild flirting, exhibitionism andsexual suggestions, even characters stripping their clothes off in front ofthe camera, demonstrates Baudrillard‟s theory that vulgarity andpornography is our fascination.BAUDRILLARD
  • 13. • Hydermic theory: The audience is allowed a vote, which almost gives thema role as director. This idea of interactive television which contrasts withthe hypodermic needle theory.• Public opinion sways. They represent the characters in a way they thinkthat the public view them. So therefore we “think” that we have thefreedom to vote whoever we want however they have manipulated us.• They do this by editing skills and the way they manipulate the audienceinto hating a contestant.AUDIENCE
  • 14. • Big Brother has a totally different audience involvement compared to OtherTV Dramas i.e. Friends.• Us as an audience determine the actual characters who enter the house as it ismembers of the general public who also decide who stays and who leaves theprogramme by voting for the characters• Other programmes such as Big Brothers Big Mouth and Big Brothers Littlebrother are centred around the programme. Both rely on audience involvementwho make up the studio audience to give the programme meaning. The public‟sopinion is essential.• Public opinion sways the way the tabloids represent characters. They representcharacters in a way they think that the public view them in order to sell copies.• Big Brother is a programme that thrives off making money from its audience.AUDIENCE INVOLVEMENT
  • 15. • The fact that it is real life people being filmed shows the decline becausethere has not been a set storyline. Nobody knows beforehand what willhappen in the show, even the characters themselves are unaware.• This allows the audience to form their own view on the characters as theiropinions have not been manipulated by the „author‟ of a script.• Also, there is a wide range of cultures and beliefs within the house, thatmeans there is no single meta-narrative which joins the housemates.• The argument between Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty shows how thedifferent religions and cultures in the house can cause problems.DECLINE OF THE META-NARRATIVE
  • 16. • Big brother is a simulacrum of society. The example I have found is thatthe housemates are watching the screen in the house about anotherhousemate who is watching a screen which is a message from her family.• This is simulacrum as the diagram below shows.SIMULACRUMViewerat homeTV CrowdoutsideBigscreenHousematesScreenHousematesScreen
  • 17. • In my opinion I do not think that the text is a good thing because thewhole show is fake• For example: they cut down footage from 24 hours into an hour thereforethey had to remove a lot of scenes and they are able to pick and choosewhat scenes they are able to show. They can make a character look like abad person or a good person and manipulate the audiences minds.• In every single episode of big brother there has been either a racistcomment, accusations of homophobia, racist language and bullying ofother housemates. However this is good because it brings awareness topeople and shows that there are still people out there who are ignorant andthere is something that needs to be done.• This gives a really bad example for our society as people often look up tocelebrities as “role models”.IS THE TEXT A GOOD THING?
  • 18. • Big brother just has a load of cameras around the house• They film for 24 hours and then have a team of producers working andpicking out what they want to show in that one hour of the episode• This can be misleading as they are in control of what they want to showyou• They are able to put voice overs and change a whole scene.HOW IS IT MADE?
  • 19. Similar:• The Bachelorette• The Biggest Loser• Bachelor Pad• The Bachelor• Hell‟s KitchenDifferent:• Hollyoaks• The million pound drop• Deal or no dealCOMPARISON TO PRODUCTS
  • 20. • Dead set is a horror drama created by Charlie Brook• Dead set is primarily set in the same location as Big Brother• They are the same group of production and distribution companies thatproduces the actual Big Brother• It is aired over 5 nights• It is about a zombie outbreak that strands the housemates and productionteam inside the big brother house which then turns out to be a shelter forthe undead• Davina mccall who was actually the presenter in big brother was used asone of the actors in Dead SetDEAD SET
  • 21. • As it is a reality plus tv horror it counts as hybridisation• Dead Set is hyper reality as they use the real big brother set, they use realnews presenters and also they use real housemate contestants. Also theyuse some CCTV footage just like big brother and then it goes back to atypical drama series.• Charlie brook who is the producer of this criticises the post-modern era.He points out the fact that nothing is new anymore. He constantly alsocriticises the media.• Intertextuality: they use past big brother contestants they also use thechannel 4 news and newspaper articles• Dead Set is the same as like having a copy of a copy of a copy and it losesits original meaning.POSTMODERN
  • 22. • The purpose of dead set was to create awareness of media influences• It sends out the message that people in this generation have become toconsumed in media and just like zombies we have set out o look for onething and to follow a certain thing• For example people like watching big brother because it is entertaining andwe enjoy watching celebrities in a different light.• Charlie brooker wanted to make a social comment as well as entertainWHY WAS IT CREATED
  • 23. As it is a mixture of reality T.V and horror, Deadset is considered ashybridisation.• Generic hybridity: In deadset they have mixed together big brother with azombie horror.• This is showed by showing the backstage and technology of big brotheralong with having the zombies accompanying them with lighting andsound.HYBRIDITY
  • 24. • It shows the collapse of society• Deadset shows that the world has turned negative and that the world hasturned bad.• It doesnt give a positive view of the world.• Deadset shows a imaginary place where the condition of life is very bad(zombies)DYSTOPIAN
  • 25. • Filming for the series took place over the summer of 2008• Pippas eviction was filmed outside the real big brother house duringBelindas eviction in front of a real Friday night eviction audience• As she was restricted to only one days filming, a dummy of Davina wasused in some scenes for which she was unavailablePRODUCTION DETAILS
  • 26. • Dead set was intertextuality in terms of it mentioning big brother ratherthan it actually being big brother• One of the big brother characters in Deadset gets out a book which isknown to be used my celebs. This is another example of intertextuality asthey advertise other media texts through the use of another media text• Baudillard: Establish horror genre through TV screen. You couldn‟t tellthat it was horror. Then you realise that its horror when the camera zoomsout of the diary room.INTERTEXTUALITY
  • 27. • Charlie Brooker: How TV ruined your life• Black mirror• Charlie Brooker‟s weekly wipeSIMILAR PRODUCTS
  • 28. • For example: Davina mccall is a TV presenter and the presenter of bigbrother and ironically she features in deadset. Therefore she is a presenterand not a actress and so it confuses the audience.SELF REFLEXIBILITY