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As revision tips

  1. 1. AS Revision Tips Section A: TV Drama Section B: Audiences & Institutions (Film Industry)
  2. 2. Writing the essays is revision! Revision Task How much % will you remember? Reading notes Writing notes Discussing/teaching Do it (write essay) ( & drafting)
  3. 3. Writing the essays is revision Revision Task How much % will you remember? Reading notes 10% Writing notes 20% Discussing/teaching (study group) 60-70% Do it (write essay) ( & drafting) 90%
  4. 4. Section A: TV DRAMA
  5. 5. Tips • What do you think they should be?
  6. 6. Tips • Know the key terms – read over x3 • Representation categories: – Age – Gender – Ethnicity – Sexuality – Class & Status – Regional Identity – Ability/disability • Ethnicity, sexuality, class & status = (haven’t done yet) • Know some stereotypes for EACH category (reinforce/challenge for each one) • Know how to write PEAL paragraph – P: point how representation (stereotype) – E: evidence from clip – A: analysis – explain it and try to link all 4 categories (CAM,E,S, MES) – L: Link back to question (representation) • PEAL’s = 1 big one for each scene in clip? • Practice writing single PEAL paragraphs (1 scene in a clip) • Then write full essays (keep to time!!!!!)
  7. 7. Essays • Bring as many as you want to easter – I’ll mark  • After Easter = complete for SEXUALITY (fingersmiths)
  8. 8. Section B: AUDIENCES & INSTITUTIONS (film industry)
  9. 9. Tips • What do you think they should be?
  10. 10. Tips • KNOW THE FACTS – read x3-5 times! – Skyfall – MBTD – Other films: Gravity & ‘In our Name’ (from conference) • Review class blog (powerpoints etc) • Review YOUR class blog (the facts – keep uploading them!) • Leave enough time for section B! • Know the film stages – P, M, D, E, E • Know the exam questions (6 categories) – DT, O, POH, TC, S & CMC, L & G A – Evidence for each one (the essay templates you filled in)
  11. 11. Institution & audiences • Remember both! • Institution: the body who makes a text (in section b =film production, distribution, exhibition companies) • Audience: the people receiving/consuming the text
  12. 12. The film stages Production Marketing Distribution Exhibition (consumption) Exchange (consumption)
  13. 13. Mainstream vs Independent Mainstream (blockbusters) Independent Both (produced by small indie companies but distributed by larger conglomerates) ‘Quasi-indie-subsidiaries’ Skyfall Gravity Thor 2 (any major superhero film!) My Brother the Devil In our Name In Fear Uwantme2killhim Big Fat Greek Wedding Juno American Pie Life of Pi • You must compare and contrast the: -similarities and differences -advantages and disadvantages -their audiences / objectives/aims between the mainstream and independent film institutions.
  14. 14. Things to know about each film: • Director: • Producer: • Production company/ies: (inc. details such as……. horizontal or vertical…..parent? Subsidiary?) • Distribution company/ies: (inc. details such as……. horizontal or vertical…..parent? Subsidiary?) • Exhibition details: (where shown/availible) • Overall budget: – Opt: Marketing budget: – Opt: Production budget: – Opt: Other budgets (actors/director etc): • Box office (profit from cinema): – Opt: DVD/download sales: • And all your learned facts! (on class & your blog, notes, sheets etc)
  15. 15. Debates • Remember it’s not about making a 1 sided argument! • Discuss and debate pros/cons – Example: digital technology – Don’t write whole essay about how amazing (it’s revolutionary, faster, efficient etc etc) and useful it is; also explore the disadvantages on industry and audiences (can be expensive, piracy, causes industry to be unpredictable if advancing so quickly etc etc) • For grade B and above
  16. 16. Style of question • Might be a ‘question’ or a ‘quote question’ • Question: How important is technological convergence for institutions and audiences? • Quote Question: “Successful media products depend as much on marketing and distribution to a specific audience………” To what extent would you agree with this statement?
  17. 17. Body paragraph structures 1 HARDER (comparative approach) 2 EASIER (by different institutions) Comparing P, M, D, E If you got ‘marketing’ and ‘consumption’: 1) Marketing (comparing indie/mainstream….and pointing out pros/cons) 2) Consumption (cinema) (comparing indie/mainstream….and pointing out pros/cons) 3) Consumption (home) (comparing indie/mainstream….and pointing out pros/cons) 1) Mainstream -P, M, D, E 2) Independent -P, M, D, E 3) similarities/differences between them?* *you could try to discuss pros/cons, in this you might be able to compare similarities and differences
  18. 18. Introduction • Keep it SHORT • 2-3 sentences MAX • Try to briefly answer the question (the answer is your overall argument that you are trying to argue)
  19. 19. Things to think about in essay Digital Technology Proliferation of hardware Synergy & Cross media convergence Local & global audiences Technological Convergence Ownership What are they? How have they evolved/changed to old technologies? How are they used? How do they connect? How have Difference in use to hollywood/indie? Pros? Cons? Same as DT Except….. How have they expanded and grown? Why so quickly? How? Who are they? Used for what? Pros? Cons? Connection to DT Connection to O Similarities between hol/ind? Differences between hol/ind? What types of films are made for who? Compare hollywood/indie films and their audiences? Connect to DT – how do audiences learn/consume films? Connect to O – money on marketing/budgets ? The role of the audience – trends? (success/failures) Same as DT but Except….. How does the film industry use TC? How are technologies converged? Pros? Cons? Compare between hol/ind This is new thing (since mobile technology – compare to old methods) Who are they? Role in the film stages? The role of money Connect to A – what films are made for certain audiences? Connect to DT – what can/can’t do? Pros? Cons? Compare between hol/ind Affect on films?
  20. 20. Read the media magazine articles! • On exam blog: • Test screenings – exhibition, participation & intervention (pg 25) (feb 2012) • Open cinema –film without boarders pg 53 (feb 2012) • Life in a day – creation through participation (pg 63) (feb 2012) • Independent Hollywood – pg 9 (feb 13) • Independent girl – juno – pg 26 (feb 13) • Secrets, hidden identities, & the village movie – pg 16 (feb 13) • Pop up cinema, independent distribution – pg 39 (feb 13) • Is Hollywood out of ideas? Pg 15 (april 13) • Beyond Hollywood: Beyond Arthouse cinema (pg 24) (sept 13) In red = priorities!
  21. 21. Essays • Complete for …….
  22. 22. Homework • Bring revision notes you made over holidays • Essay for section A (sexuality) • Essay for section B ________