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A-Level Exercise Physiology

A-Level Exercise Physiology

Published in Education , Health & Medicine
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  • 1. Strength
    Thursday 5th May
    9am – 11am
  • 2. Today’s lesson
    To know and understand strength
    To list and describe the different types of strength
    To discuss and complete ways to test and train for strength
    To explain the factors that affect strength and training
  • 3. What are the different types of strength?
    M---m-l St-e---h
    Maximal strength: maximum force produced in a single muscular contraction
    E --lo---e Strength
    Explosive strength: or power, a combination of speed and strength
    Strength E--------
    Strength Endurance: the ability to sustain a number of muscular contractions over a period of time
  • 4. Two more dimensions
    There are a further two dimensions to categorise strength
    Static strength
    Dynamic strength
    What might these two types of strength describe?
    Static … force exerted against a resistance but no movement
    Dynamic …force exerted causing change in body position
    Can you think of an example of each??
  • 5. Examples of strength
    Static … handstand
    … backflip
  • 6. Get scribbling on your whiteboard
    Question: What factors might affect strength?
  • 7. Factors affecting strength
    Your genetic muscle fibre type dictates your strength
    potential and the percentage you have within your muscles.
    Why? Discuss
    Also the cross-sectional area of the muscle determines its
    strength output.
    What is it called when the x-sectional area increases in size?
  • 8. What else makes us strong?
    Age optimum age for strength is in our …
    … twenties
    Gender there is no difference in pure muscle tissue between females and males
    So why are males stronger?
    higher testosterone levels
  • 9. Energy systems
    The predominant energy system being used will depend on the type of strength being utilised
    TASK (5 minutes)
    Can you think of examples from sport?
    Discuss this point together
  • 10. Energy systems
  • 11. Match the Adaptations
  • 12. Resistance training increases total number of motor units recruited and improved synchronisation.
    Neural Adaptations
  • 13. Get your whiteboards ready
    Question: What have you remembered from today!
  • 14. The body’s ability to apply a force
    Whatis the above sentence describing?
    … the maximum force thatcan be developed in a muscle or group of muscles during a single maximal contraction
  • 15. Maximum strength
    Which example would you choose for maximum strength?
    A B C
    A B C
  • 16. Right answer is …
    The judo throw requires overcome of a very large force
  • 17. Elastic strength
    Which example would you choose for elastic strength?
    A B C
    A B C
  • 18. Right answer is …
    The gymnast needs explosive strength in a sequence
  • 19. Strength endurance
    Which example would you choose for strength endurance?
    A B C
    A B C
  • 20. Right answer is …
    Rowing requires repeated contractions without fatigue
  • 21. Task
    You are now going to research one type of strength
    How to test for it
    How to train for it
    Gary – maximal strength
    Charlotte – explosive strength
    Chris – strength endurance
    Testing and Training for different types of strength
  • 22. Testing and Training for different types of strength
  • 23. Plenary – musical mastermind
    The winner is the contestant with the most points
    You will get 2 minutes on strength questions
    Everyone else will take it in turns to ask you questions
    If you answer incorrectly the answer is read out losing you valuable time
    You may pass three times
  • 24. musical mastermind