WordPress Security For Beginners


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Your online business is important. Learn the basic of securing your WordPress website and use the tips and tricks from this presentation.
Part of the WP Meetup Presentation 10/10/2012

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  • Online Business is very important.Most of us in the room use WordPress in some way for our online businessJust like a Bricks and mortar store – keep it locked up.Security is usually left out or skipped by beginners30,000ft view – not an exhaustive list of security measures
  • No Site is ever 100% secure - No magic silver bulletStay informed and updatedSet up a good routine – learn and practiceResult is that you gain trust, credibility and a reputation with customers
  • Three most common statementsI’m just starting outI don’t get much trafficThere’s nothing on my site worth pinching.
  • At this stage you are likely to have low traffic, low content and low listDon’t think security affects youThere is a lot to learn as a beginner - Anthony Hortin’s Book – linkIt’s easy to ignore security as irrelevant
  • Not a lot of beginner informationMost information are bad practices – creates a vicious circleBeginners aren’t shown what attacks look like or fix itConstant vulnerable source.
  • What kind of attacks are there?Opportunistic attack – common variables and vulnerabilitiesBlanket attack.Not based on a site’s popularity
  • Attacks are automated – there is no popularity criteriaEstablished and popular websites already have security deterrentsCopyblogger 250 log in fails a day – more secure than most sites.
  • Your Traffic and potential traffic is worth pinchingHacker’s are after traffic more than your informationThe do it to make money
  • Redirect from Google and search enginesPaid traffic clicks.Insert code into websiteIncrease rankings due to embedded links and redirects
  • Here’s “The Situation”– not Mike Sorrentino.I have a site on SEO Tactics for beginnersGood, valuable informationDirect you to my websiteHere’s what you see…..
  • What would you think of me – click away?I might have great info, but I’m about to infect you with MalwareWhat would your customer think of you?What do you think the losses are going to be?
  • How Can we minimize the risks?Local Environment - computerUpdate software and antivirus – Avira for Mac linkFTP – sftp and credentialswp-config.php
  • WordPress pre-population on installationObscure database name and table prefixDon’t use ‘admin’Combination password – numbers, letter, caps and symbols‘password’ and 12345 most used passwords
  • Get rid of ‘admin’ profileChange to a nicknameReduce brute-force attack
  • Update regularlyCore updates – WordPress versionBreaks my site?????Set up subdomainUpdate subdomain Maintenance routine
  • Choose themes wiselyDon’t modify core filesUse Child ThemeThesis and GenesisBest code practices, reputable developers, respected, passionate about their product, big network and community
  • Choose plugins wiselyChoose from repositoryLook for good descriptionsUpdatesChange LogSupport Tab
  • Delete unused plugins!Files still exist even though not active
  • Login lockdownMax login attemptsLockout timeLockout invalid username attempts
  • Always have a backup!Set schedulesSet separate foldersSend to email, Dropbox, Amazon S3 or Rackspace
  • SucuriScans for any malicious threat, redirects, spa, etcOnly highlights problemsSucuri website for services
  • Website DefenderSuggests corrective measuresChange database name and table prefixProvides links to info
  • Managed WordPress HostingPaid Service – a bit more expensive.Maintenance, security, updates, scans, performance
  • Can do more technical stuff such as htaccess filesProtect wordpress files, block and redirect IP addressedMore technical if you get further advanced.Research on your own
  • WordPress Security For Beginners

    1. 1. WordPress Security For BeginnersAmelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    2. 2. Your Online Business Is ImportantJust like any “Bricksand Mortar”store.......Keep your onlinebusiness locked upat night! Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    3. 3. There is no magic silver bullet Set up a good maintenance routine…… People will return if you provide a safe environmentAmelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    4. 4. Three Familiar Comments “I’m just starting out” “I don’t get much traffic yet” “My content isn’t worth stealing”Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    5. 5. “I’m Just Starting Out” Hackers don’t give you a grace period! Easy WP Guide http://thstuts.com/OlmjwyAmelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    6. 6. “I’m Just Starting Out”Are you learningBAD PRACTICES? Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    7. 7. “I Don’t Get Much Traffic” Opportunistic Attacks... when a hacker takes a bet on causing trouble without knowing the outcome.Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    8. 8. “I Don’t Get Much Traffic” It’s automatic, It’s systomatic, It’s hyyyyyyydromatic…Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    9. 9. “I Have Nothing Worth Stealing.” Don’t take it personally… …it’s all about the MONIES!Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    10. 10. “I Have Nothing Worth Pinching” What happens in Vegas…. ….actually gets redirected from your site!Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    11. 11. Put yourself into the visitors shoes. This is “The Situation” Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    12. 12. What would you think??Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    13. 13. Local Environment Keep your local environment updatedand connect securely… http://thstuts.com/Trnc93 Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    14. 14. WordPress Installation Change the prepopulated WordPress defaults when installing…Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    15. 15. WordPress ConfigurationAmelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    16. 16. Always Be Updating “78% of malware cases are attributed to outdated core application, plugins, modules or software”. (http://sucuri.net/)Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    17. 17. Recommended Themes (Thesis & Genesis)Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    18. 18. Choose Plugins Wisely Research your plugins and choose wisely..Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    19. 19. Unused Plugins Delete Unused PluginsAmelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    20. 20. Recommended Plugins Log In LockdownAmelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    21. 21. Recommended Plugins BackWPupAmelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    22. 22. Recommended Plugins Sucuri Sitecheck Malware ScannerAmelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    23. 23. Recommended PluginsWebsite Defender Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    24. 24. Managed WordPress HostingAmelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    25. 25. Bonus RoundSomething for the Geeks….Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb
    26. 26. Thank You……Amelia Smith - @MissAmeliaSmith #wpmelb