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Opportunities and limitations of flex development for i phone
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Opportunities and limitations of flex development for i phone


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  • 1. Mobilize Your Apps with Flex © ALTOROS Systems
  • 2. Altoros Flex developers tested the preview releases of Flex SDK andFlash Builder that feature new components for cross-platform mobiledevelopment.Our Flex developers published a Web-based application for Android andiPhone. It was revealed, that all of the libraries functioned seamlessly, andmade sure the application supported accelerometer, multi-touch, andgestures.We wanted to see how Flex application supported the built-in camera,microphone, and GPS, also we wanted to check how it interacted with theWeb. © ALTOROS Systems
  • 3. Our investigation revealed that the Flex application on iPhone supportedthe following features: Switching between the application and the phone mode to make calls and send SMS Uploading and sending graphics and text data using HTTP requests Building menus, tables, interactive networks, and diagrams Utilizing Web services in full—we tested how the application worked with Twitter, and it ran perfectly. Launching and watching video files © ALTOROS Systems 3
  • 4. The application failed to access some built-in features of the iPhone: With the Packager, we faced some difficulties when trying to get access to the camera and the microphone. It seems like the tool still cannot exchange data with these APIs. We didn’t receive the coordinates through the built-in GPS. Though the test demonstrated that its API was available, it was not active. © ALTOROS Systems 4
  • 5. In addition, there were some issues when comparing Flex app against anative iPhone application: The Flex application runs slower than the native application. Its size is 2-3 times bigger than the size of a similar native application. © ALTOROS Systems 5
  • 6. Finally, it still lacks the functionality to convert complex Flex applications toiOS. Interaction with the APIs of a built-in camera, GPS, and microphone isalready incorporated, but not yet working. © ALTOROS Systems 6
  • 7. We believe Adobe will improve the support for iOS app developers soon. Itwould be great to have a full-featured interface for developing iOSapplications in Flex, like the one AIR provides for Android. It’s good newsthat most of the components have been optimized for working with mobiledevices, and we also hope that the final release will have the rest of thecomponents optimized, as well.Anyway, it is already possible to build cross-platform Flex applications foriPhone even with this functionality. © ALTOROS Systems 7
  • 8. Altoros Systems, Inc. is a global software delivery acceleration specialistthat provides focused outsourced software product engineering,independent Quality Assurance, and testing services to softwareorganizations and information-driven enterprises. Founded in 2001 andheadquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Altoros has representative officesin Western Massachusetts, Norway, Denmark, and UK. It manages asoftware development center in Eastern Europe out of its offices in Minsk,Belarus. For more information, please visit © ALTOROS Systems 8