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Review of Audi.com.sg
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Review of Audi.com.sg



Published in Automotive , Technology , Business
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  • 1. Adverted Internet Advertising Agency 32 Maxwell Road #03-23 / Singapore / 069115 Phone: +65 622 08 769 / Tax ID: 200511672-H AUDI.com.sg Home Page: 1) First major issue is the popup, most browsers will stop this and most users will never see this message. If this is important enough message to be on the homepage it should be coded into the site correctly so that all users see it. On review of every other AUDI website I found that AUDI.com.sg is the only one that uses popup messages. 2) For some reason the design of AUDI.com.sg fails to follow the corporate structure of AUDI’s websites and is causing a great deal of problems with the search engines and users due to the way it has been built and structured. 3) You have several PDF files on the index pages, on review of every other AUDI website not a single one of them follow this example. This is due to the fact most users hate having to download and open PDF files. It is also a very hard to get people to use your site as once the PDF file opens as its hard to navigate the website for more information. 4) The homepage Meta coding has been created in an incorrect manner and has caused the AUDI.com.sg website to be penalized by search engines. For a company of your standing I find it hard to understand why this would happen, but at least now you know the problem and can take the correct steps to prevent further penalties being applied to the AUDI.com.sg website. 5) There is also important coding missing from your Home Page and due to this missing coding your Internet viability has gone down and you are affecting the exposure for AUDI in this region. 6) On your homepage you actually have put the words “skoda” and “vw”, now I don’t know if AUDI directly approves promoting or using competitors names on its dealership sites but it does seems a little strange to me. 7) You might be interested to know that on the AUDI.com.sg Home Page someone has hidden the following words in the page, which all negatively effect your site: mobile phone logos holidays airport service job exchange staff cultural sponsorship vacancies screensaver sailing golf salzburg festival congresses philosophy career wallpaper Google Advertising Professionals & Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassadors
  • 2. Adverted Internet Advertising Agency 32 Maxwell Road #03-23 / Singapore / 069115 Phone: +65 622 08 769 / Tax ID: 200511672-H AUDI.com.sg Inertial Pages: 1) The first thing I notice is the lack of information at AUDI.com.sg as your website only holds 276 documents where as the US AUDI website has 9,660, the German website has 2,660 documents and when we look at the Malaysia AUDI website they even have more information at 637 documents. I mention this as if all these other websites have this much more information and you are both selling the same product I think it only logical to say that you’re not giving the consumers in this region enough information. 2) Something that I’m sure is a major issue is the fact that out of the 276 documents at AUDI.com.sg 188 of them have the incorrect spelling for your brand name AUDI. Now I have no idea how this happened or why but the AUDI brand is something that I’m sure you take very seriously and this branding error is something that should be correctly immediately. 3) Most if not all the internal pages are missing the necessary coding to be properly indexed by the search engines, as they don’t contain any Meta data. 4) I ran my testing program though the AUDI.com.sg website and came back with multiple major errors. It appears that the designer of the website has put in 31 incorrect links and these links point to 404 error pages. This is a big issue from both a user and search engine stand point, you don’t want to send a user to one of these error pages nor do you want a search engine to see these pages. To put the 31 errors in another way, your website has an error rate of 3.23%. 5) You have also placed 2 email addresses hard coded into the website and I mention this as I really feel sorry for the person who has to deal with the enormous amounts of spam this has generated. These email addresses should be changed to spam proof coding to protect further spam bots from getting hold of these. 6) Now I don’t know if it is intentional but you directly promote the AUDI Canada website from your website. Sometimes this is done due to requirements from AUDI or other requirements but I thought I would bring attention to it incase this was an overlooked error. Google Advertising Professionals & Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassadors
  • 3. Adverted Internet Advertising Agency 32 Maxwell Road #03-23 / Singapore / 069115 Phone: +65 622 08 769 / Tax ID: 200511672-H AUDI.com.sg other Factors: 1) You have a major problem that can greatly affect your website and possibly the entire AUDI image. Whoever setup your website has done so in a way that you are actually indirectly promoting over 614 websites that have nothing to do with AUDI. Here is just a sample of the websites AUDI.com.sg indirectly promotes: What you absolutely must know about your woman to grow and keep her love for you! www.500secretsAboutGirls.com Asia Pacific Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery www.Apsoprs.org Stop getting the man or woman you want the hard way! www.AttractAtrueLoveSecrets.com Funky B. - Christian Apparel with Attitude www.funkyB.com 2) Someone has failed to properly manage your Google and Yahoo directory listings. For Google your listing is entered as “Distributor of AUDI cars in Singapore and Brunei.” And for Yahoo it’s simply reads “Singapore office.” Now since you have full control over these listings I feel that these currently reflect poorly on AUDI and they don’t give the proper accreditation to the AUDI.com.sg website. 3) Since there are over 250,000 people every month that use Google, Yahoo and MSN to search for AUDI and AUDI vehicles it’s important that you are found when people are looking for you but due to improper website structure and improper coding your website is not accomplishing this goal. Here is a look at your current standings in the Singapore market: Search Term Google Singapore Yahoo Singapore AUDI 1 1 AUDI A3 8* 4 A3 Sportback 6 2 AUDI A4 10* 1 AUDI Avant 5* 3 AUDI A6 7 1 AUDI RS 6 15** 2 AUDI A8 9* 4*** AUDI TT 9 1 * these listings are actually pdf files, and mean user still can’t access your website ** how ironic, the Singapore Volvo website is ranked 9th, while AUDI is 15th *** another amazing result is Malaysia AUDI out ranks Singapore AUDI in Singapore Google Advertising Professionals & Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassadors
  • 4. Adverted Internet Advertising Agency 32 Maxwell Road #03-23 / Singapore / 069115 Phone: +65 622 08 769 / Tax ID: 200511672-H For a benchmark propose I have reviewed 4 automotive websites, 2 AUDI websites and 2 other Singapore automotive dealerships websites. The following information analyzes all the major aspects of each website and gives a total value based on how much it would cost to duplicate that websites exposure on the Internet. Overview of Automotive Websites: AUDI.com.sg AUDIUSA.com Google's Value for AUDI.com.sg 3 out of 10 Google's Value for AUDIUSA.com 7 out of 10 Google's Profile of AUDI.com.sg Autos Google's Profile of AUDIUSA.com Autos Yahoo's Value for AUDI.com.sg Not Valued Yahoo's Value for AUDIUSA.com 7 out of 10 Worldwide Website Ranking 898,354 Worldwide Website Ranking 5,927 AUDI.com.sg's Exposure 276 AUDIUSA.com's Exposure 9,660 Search Ranking Boosters 584 Search Ranking Boosters 65,700 Total Marketing Value $3,467 USD Total Marketing Value $2,708,761 USD VolvoCars.com.sg pml.com.sg (Singapore BMW) Google's Value for VolvoCars.com.sg 5 out of 10 Google's Value for pml.com.sg 5 out of 10 Google's Profile of VolvoCars.com.sg Autos Google's Profile of pml.com.sg Autos Motorcycles Yahoo's Value for VolvoCars.com.sg 4 out of 10 Yahoo's Value for pml.com.sg 4 out of 10 Worldwide Website Ranking 1,272,405 Worldwide Website Ranking 460,225 VolvoCars.com.sg's Exposure 282 pml.com.sg's Exposure 771 Search Ranking Boosters 1,020 Search Ranking Boosters 1,413 Total Marketing Value $21,999 USD Total Marketing Value $26,596 USD You will notice that AUDI.com.sg is far behind the other automotive websites and two areas of great concern would be the fact your value from Google is below the industry norm of 4 and even more troublesome is the fact Yahoo has determined your website unworthy of any value. I think you can understand my concern in these areas. Google Advertising Professionals & Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassadors