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Rewrite Final Pitch 2010 New Business Conference

Rewrite Final Pitch 2010 New Business Conference






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    Rewrite Final Pitch 2010 New Business Conference Rewrite Final Pitch 2010 New Business Conference Presentation Transcript

    • Mirren Business Development The 2010 Mirren New Business Conference Evaluate/Rewrite Your Final Pitch Presentation (abridged for handout) April 12 – 14, 2010 www.Mirren.org © 2010 Mirren Business Development Brent Hodgins brent.hodgins@mirren.com 1 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • www.mirren.org MIRREN’S NEW MEMBERSHIP-BASED NEW BUSINESS NETWORK 24/7, real time access to a resource center and to the industry’s thought leaders. FEATURED RESOURCES: •  Resource Library •  Discussion Forums •  New Business News •  Workshops •  Search Consultant Center Drive Your Prospecting Pipeline Convert Every Pitch Opportunity Accelerate Your Organic Growth © 2010 Mirren Business Development 2 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • And we continue to provide: New Business Training: New Business Recruiting On-Site Growth Programs www.mirren.org/talent www.mirren.org/training Three New On-Site Training Programs to Accelerate Short-Term Growth 1) Organic Growth 2) Accelerated Prospecting 3) Winning Your Next Pitch Conference Follow Up Working Session To ensure you can apply the training to your unique situation, we will provide your team with a 60 minute telephone working session. To book this in, call or email Cara Kombol: 212.388.9541 or cara.kombol@mirren.com © 2010 Mirren Business Development 2009 3 3
    • Persuading Decision-Makers Mainly “Dominant” EXPRESSIVE AMIABLE Competitive Friendly Big picture Team-oriented Subjective Cautious Quick to judge Thoroughness Ego-driven Slow to decide DRIVER ANALYTICAL Results Methodology Outcomes Process Short attention span Thoroughness Measurement Data driven Accountability Needs time to decide Challenge 4 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Decision-Makers Want The Bottom Line Why Does Storytelling Do Such a Good Job of Capturing and Holding their Attention? Storytelling is the best way to capture the attention… and to hold the attention of a senior decision-maker 5 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Storytelling 6 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Stories Endure 7 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Plots are at the Core The Challenge Plot The Connection Plot The Creativity Plot The Education Plot 8 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • The Storyline 9 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Every “Pitcher” Tells a Story A goal An obstacle A hero A plan A solution A resolution 10 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Pitch to the RFP? 1) Assignment 2) Objectives 3) Process 4) The Analytics 5) The Strategy (or Insight) 6) The Solution 7) All the Other Stuff 11 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • 1. Assignment What the Every agency has said the exact same thing Prospect 2. Objectives Hears Every agency has said the exact same thing 3. Process Sounds like every agency has said the exact same thing 4. The Analytics Impressive amount of data – is anything relevant? 5. The Strategy (or Insight) Not an ah-ha…more like a duh 6. The Solution A triumph of quantity over quality 7. All the Other Stuff You threw in because you had to 12 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Net Impact on the Prospect You responded to the RFP – thank you very much You sound just like every other agency You talk so well… about yourself You heard us, but you weren’t really listening You seem like nice, smart people without a real point of view You were the ones who presented… uh…that thing which….uh… 13 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • The Pitch Presentation Storyline 14 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • The Final Pitch Presentation Storyline 1. Situation 2. Problem 3. Vision 4. Insight/ 5. Solution 6. Support 7. Benefit Proposition 8. Action 9. Wrap Up Plan 15 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Your unique take on way things are right 1) Situation now for the brand Consider their brief, your POV, add color, only 2 – 3 minutes But don’t parrot back the brief 16 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • 2) Problem Your unique take on the obstacle facing the brand/client Might include issues related to: Category conventions Competitors Brand perceptions Target audience Previous strategy And more… Refer to your Diagnostic Tool 17 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • 3) Vision Paint a picture of a pragmatic business goal for the client Stretch their goals… just a bit 18 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • The Relevant & Unexpected insight(s) 4) Insight that reveal a business opportunity Starts the prospect on their journey to realizing the vision 19 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • 5) Solution Based on the insight, what is the big idea? What is the action the client needs to take? •  The creative •  The tactics •  The program •  The media plan •  The communications plan 20 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • 6) Support “Why should I believe this is gonna work?” One Slide: recap the strategy/ reason why One Slide: we’ve done this before 21 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • 7) Benefit The pragmatic business impact you will achieve Reference their objectives Reference your Vision Summarize key points from your presentation Sell to the purchase cycle 22 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • 8) Action Plan Where we go from here Top 5 or 6 critical next steps Without overwhelming the prospect, sends a signal that you’re ready to move - now 23 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • 9) Wrap-Up Bring the emotion back Come back to the vision, problem, insight Summarize your key points Recap, with conviction, how the Solution will achieve the Vision 24 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • A Few Final Principles 25 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Write Your Presentation on a Wall Structure/Key Points First Then Populate the Storyline 26 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Slide Design 1) Take Your Slide Contents, Move Them Into the “Notes” Section 2) From All Those Notes: What is the 1 or 2 points that must punch through? 3) Only Put Those Headlines On The Page © 2010 Mirren Business Development 27
    • It Is Important For My Self Esteem That I Create Very Heavy Slides So That I Can Show How Hard I Worked On This Presentation: •  To play it safe, I will write my script as a PowerPoint slide •  That way I won’t forget anything •  I will drone on and on and completely bore the hell out of the client •  Of course, if I actually rehearsed, I wouldn’t have to write my script up here •  But I write so well, that everyone will want to read it all •  I am so proud of all this data, and all the work we went through to get it, I love showing it off •  Do you know that you can still read a 12 point typeface from 31 feet away? •  If we weren’t supposed to use so many bullet points, Microsoft wouldn’t have given us so many •  Well, I should probably sign off for the night now… 28 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Your target audience is not engaged A visual makes it stronger 29 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Research Theater When you consider your research, also consider research that comes to life and presents well Line the walls –  Photographs –  Collages –  Art work –  Video As unexpected as possible (or why bother) 30 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Leaving Here Today: What Are Three Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Final Pitch Presentation? Set Some Goals – Take Action 31 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
    • Cutting-Edge On-Site Training to Convert More Business. Mirren On-Site Training Series TM Convert Your Short-Term Accelerated Next Pitch Lead Generation Organic Growth The Objective: Accelerate Your Hit Hard & Fast: Face-to-Face Mine for Every Short-Term Close Every Opportunity with Prospects, Fast Possible Opportunity Revenue Growth   Command the Room   Custom Lead   Growth Tools + Systems Generation Program   Persuasive + Visual   Scale Across All Clients Contact Our Deck Writing   Targeting Business Development   Strategically Anchor Specialists for our Special   Storytelling Arcs   Research Insights Client Relationships Conference Attendee   Presentation Skills   Outbound Email/Call/   Train + Motivate Training Rates Meeting Conversion Your Account Teams   Room Theater + 212.388.9541 Visual Aids   Role Playing   Become Trusted Advisor www.mirren.org   Bond with Prospects   Shorten Sales Cycle   Increase Client Retention + Profitability   Double/Triple Win Rate © 2010 Mirren Business Development 32