Mirren Conference: Orchestrating a Turnaround, Alex Betancur


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Betancur built his career as a turnaround specialist and applies practical lessons from outside the agency world. He has led very successful turnaround initiatives at a number of international organizations, including Publisher’s Clearing House, Urban Brands and the direct division of PPR (a $12B French luxury goods retailer). At Jump Ramp Ventures, Betancur’s team creates new revenue streams for their clients by taking them online and by revitalizing old products with new sales potential.

In this session, Betancur covers the eight stages of orchestrating a business turnaround. This will include:

* Properly defining clear, attainable, measurable goals.
* Instilling leadership and responsibility in your subordinates.
* Building an infrastructure that allows your people to explore and experiment within defined parameters.
* Building a culture of build, test, refine and launch.

Take away a step-by-step approach that you can apply to building your own agency plan – particularly if you’re in rebuilding mode.

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Mirren Conference: Orchestrating a Turnaround, Alex Betancur

  1. 1. Orchestrating a Business Turnaround: Real-Life Lessons for Agencies Alex Betancur 1 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
  2. 2. Listening to You “[Give me an outside perspective]…Agencies can be too insular.” - Kelly “We don’t pull enough best practices from outside our immediate perspective.” - Jessica “Why is [Alex] helping us?” - Linda “Will you have examples of agencies that orchestrated a good turnaround? Can I get our CEO to sit in the front row? Can you look right at him?” 2 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
  3. 3. What is Jump Ramp Venture and who the heck is Alex Betancur? 3 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
  4. 4. Big Picture Do we need a turnaround? What is our goal? What are the objectives, obstacles? 4 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
  5. 5. 1. Leadership Definition Accountability Does not have to be the CEO 5 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
  6. 6. 2. Talent Who’s in your foxhole? Choose your leader and champion Inventory your current team and talent 6 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
  7. 7. 3. Defining Measurable Goals Marry Big Picture with current snapshot Make a REAL roadmap Identify tangible actions/metrics for success 7 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
  8. 8. 4. Testing Choose goals and objectives that help test the market Get buy in…but don’t be afraid of naysayers Succeed and fail quickly – learn from both 8 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
  9. 9. 5. Engage & Execute Review your team’s failures and successes Refine or adjust your team Refine and adjust goals Refine and adjust success metrics 9 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
  10. 10. Audience Questions “But I’m not the CEO…what can I do.” “My Agency is established. We do the things we do because, well, we’ve always done them that way. How do we start to turnaround/evolve?” “Who has done this successfully, in your opinion?” 10 © 2010 Mirren Business Development
  11. 11. Orchestrating a Business Turnaround: Real-Life Lessons for Agencies Alex Betancur 11 © 2010 Mirren Business Development