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Innovation team brochure 2012

  2. 2. Innovation TeamsUNCONTESTED SPACE The real goal: To understand patients’ unique needs and align people and behaviors to deliver the right solutions. If your organization can find ways to provide an experience unlike competitors, you command the space in your market. Experience-Based Design (EBD) in healthcare focuses strongly on capturing and understanding patients’ and care providers’ experiences; not simply their view of the process—for instance, the speed and efficiency at which they travelWe work with patients, care providers through the system. Instead, it deliberately draws out the subjective outcomes: and frontline staff to redesign personal feelings a patient and caregiver experience at crucial points in the experiences rather than just care pathway. systems and processes. Our experience-based design experts work collaboratively with design partners and you, the owner, to create unique and ideal experiences for patients, staff, and the community. Our team typically begins the building process by understanding your goals and vision for the project to create stakeholder experiences unlike any other. We do this using Innovation Teams. Experience-Based Design can bring it all to life.
  3. 3. Innovation TeamsINNOVATION TEAMS: WHAT ARE THEY? Experience Ecology Current staff and physicians are co-creators of service and emotional value. Who better to walk through and feel the experience than the people who live it everyday? Through INFORMATIONAL a collaborative process, selected employees from various PRODUCT OR SERVICE Ideal Experience areas are brought together in Innovation Teams to answer the following questions: 1. Why do you (your organization) exist? PHYSICAL 2. What makes you unique? SPACE BEHAVIORAL 3. If you went away tomorrow, would you be missed? HUMAN INTERACTION THE INNOVATION TEAM PROCESS helps your stakeholders identify and create experiences that are unique, original and relevant. We explore and challenge what employees Experience-Based Design focuses on and customers really want and need to create experiences thatcapturing and then designing the ideal exceed expectations.patient experience along critical points in the care pathway. The Innovation Team process helps your employees identify and create experiences that are unique, original and relevant.
  4. 4. Innovation TeamsINNOVATION TEAM PROCESS Innovation Team Process VISION EDUCATE CREATE REFINE Set Build Collect Review Develop Implement Measure Continuous Vision / Consensus Data / Data Ideal New Outcomes Refinement Project Bench Experience Operational Process Drivers Marks Blueprint & and Behavioral Tours Processes Miron’s Experience-Based Designmethodology is more than a “program.” It’s a cultural transformation in how you interact with and deliver care to your customers. The purpose of this process is to define the ideal patient experience. The behavioral, informational, and physical components through which any experience is delivered must be modified to support and deliver the new experience. Miron offers a methodology to help your organization’s staff modify their behavior based on the new experience they co-created. It’s a four- step process we like to call “Vision, Educate, Create, Refine.” We utilize Innovation Teams to bring the newly created experience to life, and to ensure it continues to endure long after we’re gone. What’s left behind is a complete cultural transformation organized to deliver the ideal patient experience. Change does not happen overnight. It is a gradual transformation that occurs one interaction at a time.
  5. 5. Innovation Teams SAMPLE INNOVATION TEAMS 1. Surgery / Endo 14. General Clinic 2. Inpatient Rooms 15. Sleep Lab/ Neuro Service 3. Education/Conference 16. Materials Handling 4. Med Staff Lounge 17. Injection/Infusion 5. Office space 18. Sustainability 6. Food Srv./Retail/Menu 19. Overall Move 7. Registration 20. Brand/Wayfinding/Aesths. 8. Medical Records 21. Dischrg Process/Instruct. 9. ED/Urgent Care 22. Pharmacy 10. Chapel 23. Safety & Security 11. St. Joseph’s Bldg. 24. Housekeeping 12. Cancer Treatment 25. Lab 13. Rehab/Wellness/Retail INNOVATION TEAM (I-TEAM) ROLES & OUTCOMES EXECUTIVE SPONSOR INNOVATION TEAM Provides the conduit to the LEADER Hospital senior leadership group. Department Level Manager or Communicates action items, approves someone who is passionate about operational changes and work flow. the issue: Connects the I-Team to The Sponsor ensures that the I-Team operational policies and clinical care remains connected to the Hospital outcomes. The Team Leader works cultural mission, vision and I-Team to connect the Innovation Team to the purpose. Guarantees decision- overall vision for the facility encourages making with senior leadership. activities within the group that will provide new and ideal outcomes. Outcomes: Connects overall I-Team Ensures the topics are relevant to the action items to executive team. direction of the Hospital vision and Sponsor leads discussion for decision overall project purpose. Serves as makers. a member of the team and assists in facilitation activities. Outcomes: Connects I-Team to Executive Sponsor. Ensures operational policies, and cultural integration is occurring. The statement “that’s the way it’s always been done” — is simply no longer acceptable.
  6. 6. Innovation Teams INNOVATION TEAM (I-TEAM) ROLES & OUTCOMES CHANGE MANAGER INNOVATION TEAM Responsible for the Overall Process: (I-TEAM) MEMBERS Schedules all meeting, attends all I-Team members have a day-to-day I-Team Meetings, collects minutes connection to the design of ideal and is the conduit between the Core patient solutions. They have a vested Design Team and I-Teams. Helps to interest in the outcomes of decisions. facilitate the overall discussion of I-Team members must possess an the Innovation Team. Ensures the understanding of the discipline being team remains focused on the subject discussed, are engaged within the matter and purpose. The Change culture of the hospital and have the Manager connects discussion and ability to think in ideal state design action items with the I-Team Leader, elements (progressive, relevant and updates the Hospital Innovation unique). Ideally, 5 members support web site, established by Miron, with each I-Team and the overall purpose. discussion items, charting, mind maps and outcomes. The Change Manager Outcomes: Day-to-day activities of the is passionate, energized and drives team. Formulates ideas and creates success in all aspects of operations. action plans and takes responsibility Change Manager thinks differently for the Outcomes. about roles, patient expectations, I-Team Leader responsibilities, and staff integration. MARKETING RESOURCE Marketing Resource (MR) is available Outcomes: Update information; to assist I-Team members in resource facilitates discussions; connects distribution. MR provides necessary to I-Team Leader and Executive factual information, market research Sponsor and Hospital Hospital Senior and data aimed at assisting the Management; serves as a discussion I-Team in collecting information and source for I-Team members. decision-making. Resource members are available to team members as needed, continuous participation at meetings is welcome, however, not required. The MR is the conduit Project Website to the rest of the organization on Authors of Change what is happening and updates the Innovation Teams organization on the progress. Outcomes: Provides resource items as needed to I-Team decision making and updates organization on overall 50-200 People progress.201 - 500 People 501 + People Innovation team tools have one focus: Identifying opportunities for patient/client attachment.
  7. 7. Innovation Teams(I-TEAM) SAMPLE START-UP SCHEDULE abc Hospital Innovation Teams Proposed Start Up Schedule October 2009Team Number/Name Purpose Team Leader Exec. Sponsor Start Up Define flow function Block Scheduling / Hours1 Surgery/Endo Issues Relationship with imaging and nurse coverage November 2009 What is our concept for the patient room? Who decides who gets LDRP or post partum? What happens in collaboration zone with care team? Who gets the flex rooms OB or M/S?2 Inpatient Rooms Configuration of LDRP room set up November 20093 Education / Con. Ctr. Location and function February 20104 Med Staff Lounge / Sleep Location, size and function February 20105 Office Space Who needs private office, etc. December 2009 Define Food Service goals6 Food Srv./Retail/Menu Consider spoken menu December 2009 Define registration funct. with lab/imaging Can kiosk notify lab and imagin of pt. arrival? Financial counselors relationship with registration7 Registration Business office November 20098 Medical Records Location and function (EPIC) January 2010 One department? One entrance?9 ED/Urgent Care Flow and function of two vs. one depts. November 200910 Chapel Form function and location of chapel January 201011 St. Josephs Bldg. Logistics/relationships, adjacencies ?12 Oncology Patient transportation issues February 201013 Rehab/Wellness/Retail Define form and functions November 2009 Joint venture opportunites14 Ortho/CVA/Spec. Care Design and location December 200915 Sleep Lab/RT Srv. Location and function January 201016 Materials Handling Delivery to IP, ED and OR January 201017 Injection/Infusion Location, scheduling, time of day November 200918 Sustainability Design and operation of a "green" building November 2009 Move logistics/policy and procedure redo19 Overall Move Activation planning and relocation management November 201020 Brand/Wayfndng/Aesths. Overall look and feel of interior January 2010 Dischrg Process/Instruct. More21 process issue Strategy for discharge instructions February 201022 Pharmacy Logistics/adjacencies March 201023 Safety & Security Review and update current procedures March 201024 Housekeeping Standardize procedures April 201025 Lab Determine # of stations April 2010 Summary: 7 Teams Start in November 4 in December 5 in January 5 in February Change Manager Executive Sponsors Marketing Resources
  8. 8. Innovation Teams INNOVATION TEAM (I-TEAM) PROCESS FLOW H Innovation Teams will identify and ow do you build a new experience? What happens if… What happensanalyze all essential moments at which when… The innovation team process is employed to develop the individuals connect with the brand preferred experience with the new behaviors and processes required to make experience. Outcomes are illustrated the change. Through structured exercises, Miron and your innovation team and outlined to extract opportunities identify the experience areas, attach points, outcomes and actionable items for strengthening connectivity. that realign and transform how patients and employees experience your organization. Miron sets this transformation into motion by helping you work backward, forward. It starts with articulating the desired outcome for different patient experiences. Next, we visually depict the people and processes necessary to create the desired experience outcomes. Innovation Team Process Purpose Defined Innovation Team(s) Created TEAM LEADER Update information; facilitates discusion; source for team CHANGE MANAGER Operational policies; cultural integration SPONSOR Connects to Senior Leaders INTERNAL TEAM RESOURCES VISION EDUCATE CREATE REFINE Set Build Collect Review Develop Implement Measure Continuous Vision / Consensus Data / Data Ideal New Outcomes Refinement Project Bench Experience Operational Process Drivers Marks Blueprint & and Behavioral Tours Processes DATA FROM EXTERNAL STAKEHOLDERS DATA FROM EMPLOYEES Future State Current State Identified Senior Leader Approval
  9. 9. Innovation Teams 1 Care Coordination Meeting 2 6 Individual Meetings (add ) information to folder) 3 Nurse asks for signature discharge sheet 4 Help pack personal 1 2 3 4 items Patient Room 5 Patient is wheeled Family out of Surgery/Endo Waiting 5 for pick up. Center Consultation Central Station Consult Registration & Charge Nurse 1. Better Coordination (6 individual mtgs.) 2. Improve Education 3. Review Medication Valet Parking Day 1 Care team meets around C d patient bed (all 6 Conciergeview departments) Day 1 3 Physician/Nurse Daily y / y Rounding Concierge Desk Private Inpatient room Day 1 3 Discuss ‘Plan of Care’ 1:1 Family caregiver with patient Waiting Center Discharge Day 1 3 Document Education Consultation Team Consult Central Station Day 1 3 Ongoing Education Registration & Charge Nurse Day 3 Review Discharge Medication Reconciliation Opportunity for Questions FAQ’s Published Discharge Checklist Discharge Instructions = Nurse Navigator Day 4 ‘At Home’ Follow up for questions Identifying the destination or the outcome is where it all begins.
  10. 10. Innovation Teams CASE STUDY: CHALLENGE & RESULTING OUTCOMES Background Rural Critical Access Hospital Over 26 Innovation Teams Encompassing 200 hospital team members Working since October 2009 Collaborating on a new state-of-the art experience and facility. Challenge Create the Hospital of 2020 Sample Outcomes 1. Instill excellence into our new hospital by staging what our 6. New materials handling patients and visitors see, feel, processes using LEAN smell & hear creating the principals allowing for more ultimate patient, family and efficient use of resources staff experience. 7. Paperless record system 2. One registration system from throughout the new facility current 8 (including bedside allowing for the efficient use registration) of medical records and the 3. Two scheduling systems quick sharing of information (Clinic & Hospital) from between physicians and current 10 patients 4. New foodservice delivery 8. New chapel area models – instead of patients remembering and preserving checking the box on limited the history that brought us to offerings, patient orders will this point be taken bedside on what is 9. Nursing Pods for quick preferred connection to patient and 5. Families will be connected to family needs new spaces including a cafe, 10. One hospital telephone wellness area and respite number for ease of use areas 11. New sports fitness and wellness areas to serve
  11. 11. Innovation Teams the growing needs of our community 12. New cardio-pulmonary area 18. Patient preference system, providing a central area for which understands patient diagnostic testing preferences for comfort 13. Private pre-operative room items. for a personalized surgical 19. Improved nurse efficiencies experience for greater patient care time 14. Surgical pre-operative 20. Clinic connection to the education and registration new hospital. This will allow process helping to minimize for one entrance and less anxiety and stress confusion for the community. 15. Latest in evidenced-based design research to help create a unique healing environment 16. Specialty clinics incorporated into the overall hospital complex allowing for patient ease of use, enhanced services, and care coordination. 17. Our teams are mapping every process in the ideal state to ensure what we build will be right.
  12. 12. EXPERIENCE-BASED DESIGN IN HEALTHCARE CREATES THE IDEAL PATIENT EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION THAT WILL Increase your market share Elevate your ability to recruit and retain physicians and staff Enhance your reputation in the industry and community Continuously improve your operation to lower costs and provide a higher level of careCONTACTSteve TyinkVice President, Business