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  1. 1. Early Childhood•His Mother was EleanorLouise Cowell•Lived 3 years In Philadelphiawith his grandparents andtold people they were hisparents.•Try to avoid the shame oftheir daughter been young.•Later Bundy found out andfelt resentment toward hismother for lying.
  2. 2. •Born : November 24, 1946 • Died : January 24, 1989  Also known as: -Kenneth Misner -Chris Hagen -Richard Burton -Officer Roseland -Rolf Miller•Had public masks, he appearedto be good looking, liable, andaffable•People were fool by his goodappearance and his helplessness
  3. 3.  Attend University OF Puget Sound Transferred to University Of Washington Fell in love With Stephanie Brooks And Later broke up with her saying he wanted to prove himself able to marry someone. He then later graduated from UW Bundy then later joined Governor Daniel J. Evans’s reelection campaign. Later study to be a psychology professor.
  4. 4.  In Washington, Oregon Bundy was sure of the ending of the relationship with Brooks He when in Joni Lenz bedroom and hit her with a medal rod Sexual assaulted her with a speculum that made extensive injuries. A month later got into Lynda Ann Healy Undressed her and carried her away.
  5. 5.  Asked many girls from the University to helped him carry a load of books to his Volkswagen Beetle. Looking helpless many girls would get fooled by his appearance •Had 23 Victims In Which He Confessed Of Killing
  6. 6.  Bundy was arrest in August 1975 in Utah He failed to stop for a routine traffic Noting there was a passenger seat Had a ski mask A mask made from pantyhose A crowbar Handcuffs And other burglary tools
  7. 7.  Evidence of hair stand showed Bundy was the murder of a victim He was found hid in a bush with a escape map Spent week in solitary confinement On June 7, 1977 was transported to Garfield County Jail.
  8. 8.  He was elected as to his own attorney and was excused from wearing leg shackles and handcuffs He was in the courthouse law library where he was researching his case And behind a bookcase he opened a window Was able to jump off a second story building but sprained his right ankle.
  9. 9.  He walked through Aspen Mountains Broke in to a hunting cabin Stole food, clothing, and a rifle Got Lost in the forest Lost for 2 days He broke into a camping trailer Stole a car He was a fugitive for six days and got caught This made his case weaken
  10. 10.  Many tried helping him stay out of trouble But Bundy Accumated $500 in cash in about 6 months Got A Hacksaw Blade Sawed A hole About A foot At the Corner of his cells Ceiling Lost 35 pounds Had Practice Runs On Dec 30th many were on vacation and short-term prisoners released Piled Books to simulate his body sleeping and crawled out
  11. 11.  When in the chief jailer’s apt. Changed into street clothes And was managed to walk out of the front door He caught a bus to Denver And had a flight to Chicago Skeleton Crew Discovered His Escape The Next Day Around Noon More Then 17 hours Bundy Was Already In Chicago
  12. 12.  He moved to Florida Was asked for an I.D. and didn’t have one Bundy Enter Chi Omega Sorority House He used a piece if oak firewood to hit Margaret Bowman In her sleep Lisa Levy was beaten and strangled bitten on her left buttock and tore her nipple Kathy Kleiner was the next victim had a broken jaw Crushed finger and lose of teeth. And had other victims later on
  13. 13.  His bit marks indicated that Bundy had committed the crime He was sentenced to death in Prison, because of the Leach trail Serial killer Rapist kidnapper
  14. 14. Victims Ted Confessed Of KillingLynda Ann Healy Laura AimeDonna Gail Manson Nancy BairdSusan Elaine Rancourt Nancy wilcoxRoberta Kathleen Parks Debby KentBrenda Caroll ball Carol ValenzuelaGeorgeann Hawkins Lisa LevyJanice ott Kathy KleinerMargaret Bowman Melissa SmithCaryn Campbell Joni LenzJulie Cunnungham Shelly RobertsonMelanie Coolney Karen ChandlerDenise Oliverson
  15. 15.  Died on the electric chair Jan. 24, 1989 He blamed hard core pornography to his violate acts•He was a sociopath, hewas charming and hewas able to lure womento his web and tookadvantage of them.
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