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Check out this presentation for tips about studying and preparing for the MSA! Remember: test taking is all about STRATEGY!

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  • Thinking through a test 1

    1. 1. * Text:To Their Own Beat
    2. 2. * Read questions first* Skim/Preview Text Features * Titles, subheadings, pictures and captions, graphs, maps, etc.* Determine if the title is the main idea *
    3. 3. * Read with the questions in mind * Sets a purpose for reading and saves time* Unpack questions by underlining key words * Look for matching keywords/concepts in TEXT* If the question tells you a specific paragraph, quickly write that question number next to that paragraph. *
    4. 4. *Highlight key words and phrasesin questions*Highlight key words and phrasesin text *
    5. 5. * Analyze * You vs Reader* Explain * Conclude* Summarize * Best* Support * Most or most likely* Response * Might* Text * Probably* Selection * NOT* determine * EXCEPT *
    6. 6. Common Words or Common MeaningPhrasesMain Idea, Important This question is asking you about the main ideaidea, Mainly, Mostly in INFORMATIONAL TEXTaboutTheme This question is asking you about the main idea in NARRATIVE TEXT – but it is about the lesson learned or the author’s messageAuthor’s Viewpoint This question is asking you about the main ideaAuthor’s Opinion in INFORMATIONAL TEXTAuthor’s Position *
    7. 7. * Mood questions refer to the author’s intended mood not the mood you are in* Audience refers to the author’s intended audience not you as a reader* Point of View refers to how a narrative text was written (1st, 3rd person point of view)* While VIEWPOINT refers to the authors opinion, argument, perspective or position)* Biased – if only one side of the argument is presented* Clearly/Fairly presented argument – both sides are presented *
    8. 8. *Right There Questions*Think and Search Questions*Author and Me Questions*On my own questions *
    9. 9. When Los Lobos perform in concert today, audiencesin the thousands cheer them on. It’s hard to believethat the group started out as just another garageband playing popular rock-and-roll tunes from theradio. In 1974 four high school friends from East LosAngeles formed Los Lobos (Spanish for "TheWolves"). David Hidalgo and CeasarRosas playedguitar, Conrad Lozano played bass guitar, and LouiePerez played drums. Like many garage bands, these buddies mighthave simply gone their separate ways after highschool. But the members of Los Lobos wanted tokeep making music together. They decided tochange their musical style and began focusing ontraditional Mexican music that reflected theirheritage.
    10. 10. “We pulled out all those records we used to beg our parentsnot to play around our friends and found an incrediblewealth of music," says Perez. "These guys [on the records]were doing amazing things with their instruments, and westarted trying to pick up on it.‖ The group put aside its electric guitars for theacoustic ones used in traditional Mexican music. For severalyears Los Lobos played at weddings, Quinceaneras, privateparties--any function that needed live music. They alsolanded a regular engagement at a Mexican restaurant. By 1978 Los Lobos had made enough money to recordtheir first album, and they sold copies of it wherever theyperformed. They also returned to their electric guitars to getcloser to a Tex-Mex sound, which is a mixture of traditionalMexican music, rock and roll, country music, and the blues.This new, louder sound produced one unintended result: thegroup was fired from the restaurant.
    11. 11. But it didn’t matter that Los Lobos had lost theirone steady job, because they had found a nichethat no other group occupied. They had combinedelectric and acoustic instruments and blendedmusical styles in their own way. Steve Berlin joinedthe band in 1983 as the saxophone and keyboardplayer, adding to the band’s unique sound. ―We didn’t so much want to recycle the musicwe’d grown up with as much as find the commonlinks between it and all the other styles and soundsthat were all around us," Perez explains. "It becamemission, almost a crusade . . . bringing musictogether to bring people together.‖
    12. 12. In the 1980s Los Lobos gained the attentionof several record companies. They were hired toperform on the soundtrack to the film La Bamba,which earned them a Golden Eagle Award. Theyhave since earned many awards, including twoGrammys and an MTV Video Music Award. Theirmany records have been very successful, and theyhave toured the world. Even after 30 years of making musictogether,Los Lobos continue to experiment with theirsound. They never stray far from their Mexicanroots, however. They still include traditional musicin their live performances, sharingtheir legacy andtheir culture--with their fans.
    13. 13. The reader can conclude that the members ofLos Lobos attribute their success mostly to —A. their blending of different types of musicB. the way they recorded their first albumC. their decision to allow their songs to be used in moviesD. the fact that they perform at a variety of events *
    14. 14. Paragraph 8 is mainly about the —A. record companies that hoped to work with the bandB. band’s success and various awardsC. number of albums the band has producedD. places the band has visited on its world tours *
    15. 15. The author chose ―To Their Own Beat‖ as thetitle in order to —A. show the bands commitment to creating their musical identityB. provide interest in the popular music of todayC. share memories of performing together as teenagersD. share experiences touring the world *
    16. 16. Information from this article would be mosthelpful to an individual who is studying theconnection between -A. learning to play an instrument and ageB. old and new styles of musicC. types of music and when they are playedD. friends and family and contributions to music *
    17. 17. Read this sentence from paragraph 6 of the article.But it didn’t matter that Los Lobos had lost their ownsteady job, because they had found a niche that noother group occupied.In this sentence, the word niche refers to —A. lifeB. adventureC. positionD. accolade *
    18. 18. * BCR – Brief Constructed ResponseExplain whether or not ―To Their Own Beat‖ is an effective titlefor this article. Use information from the article in yourexplanation. *