M. marek dfms lp 70 main idea, paraphrasing, and summarizing


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  • M. marek dfms lp 70 main idea, paraphrasing, and summarizing

    1. 1. Welcome! Language ArtsMs. MarekThursday-Friday, January 26-27,2012
    2. 2. Independent Reading Retrieve your library book READ READ READ READ READ READ READ
    3. 3. ScheduleTuesday Data AnalysisWednesday SRIThursday Meet the Candidates / Main Idea, Summarizing, ParaphrasingFriday Main Idea, Summarizing, Paraphrasing • Welcome to Semester 2 • Make sure to learn your new schedule • Consider getting a new notebook
    4. 4. OBJECTIVE SWBAT determine main idea in a text or selection of text. SWBAT summarize and paraphrase text or selection of text.
    5. 5. Think*Write*Share* What do you know about the election? Some sample questions for you to consider as you are writing what you know … – Who is running? – Who is in the lead? – How do our elections work? – What are these primary elections all about?
    6. 6. Important Vocabulary You will have a quiz next FRIDAY – February 3 campaign: the competition for public office candidate: a person who seeks office caucus: an early statewide meeting where members of a political party select delegates to support their favorite candidates convention: a big meeting in which delegates from a political party pick the candidates for President and Vice President delegate: a person given power or authority to act for others; a representative
    7. 7. Important Vocabulary You will have a quiz next FRIDAY – February 3 front-runner: a candidate who is thought to be in the lead nominee: a person chosen by a political party to be a candidate political party: an organized group of voters with similar ideas and goals for a country and its government. The two main parties in the U.S. are the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. polls: surveys of specific groups; places where people vote primary: an early, statewide election in which voters choose their favorite candidates
    8. 8. Let’s Meet the Candidates
    9. 9.  Barack Obama 44th president of the United States 1st African-American President Democratic Party Senator of Illinois 2005-2008
    10. 10.  Newt Gingrich Republican Representative, Georgia 1979-1999 Speaker of the House of Representatives (top position in the house) 1995-1999 Won South Carolina Primary
    11. 11.  Mitt Romney Republican Governor of Massachusetts 2003-2007 Successful businessman Won New Hampshire Primary
    12. 12.  Rick Santorum Republican Representative, Pennsylvania 1990-1995 Senator, Pennsylvania 1995-2007
    13. 13.  Ron Paul Libertarian (type of Republican – personal liberty is most important value) Representative, Texas 1970s, 1980s, 1997-2012
    14. 14. Candidates (no longer running) Rick Perry Michele Bachmann Herman Cain
    15. 15. Summarizing vs Paraphrasing Indicator 2.A.4.d – 31% Basic Paraphrasing – taking a section of text and restating it in your own words Summarizing - telling the main idea or selection of events in your own words
    16. 16. Paraphrase Practice Paraphrase the old saying, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Dont just write: “Wait until the chickens have hatched before counting them.” Instead, examine the idea behind the phrase and restate it in more direct terms. “Never assume you’ll get something you want until you have it.
    17. 17. Summarizing Now that we’ve reviewed paraphrasing, let’s discuss how to effectively summarize. A is a short piece of writing about a longer piece. A summary includes only the most important details or main ideas.
    18. 18. Summarizing vs Paraphrasing Indicator 2.A.4.d – 31% Basic What is the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing?
    19. 19. Main IdeaSupporting Details Related Facts
    20. 20. Summarizing “Gingrich wins South Carolina” Work with a partner to complete a main idea, supporting details, related facts chart Work independently to write a summary of the article on a SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER!
    21. 21. Homework Read a newspaper article about the 2012 election. – Must come from a reputable source (New York Times, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, Time Magazine, Newsweek) Complete a main idea, supporting details, related facts chart. Complete a 1 paragraph summary of the article. Make sure to include the title of the article and where you found it. Darryl Smith Team Harvard Ms. Marek 1/27/12 “Gingrich Emerges as Frontrunner” New York Times
    22. 22. Weekend Homework Candidate Report (1-2 pages) Select a candidate running for president Find out his / her bibliographic information (where was she/he born, what jobs has she/her had in the past) Determine his / her political beliefs Include his / her campaign slogan
    23. 23. REMINDERSREAD READ READ!Start thinking about a book youwant to read.READ READ READ!