Friday, April 20 - Hunger Games Chapter 1

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  • 15 minutes
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  • 1. Welcome! Language ArtsMs. MarekFriday, April 20, 2012
  • 2. Independent Reading Retrieve your library book READ READ READ READ READ READ READ
  • 3. ScheduleMonday Drama Review – Stage directionsTuesday ASSESSMENTWednesday Half Day – The LotteryThursday The LotteryFriday The Hunger GamesWednesday 4/18– WE START THE HUNGER GAMES!!!
  • 4. Personal Meetings We will discuss – Your EOY goals – Your growth You need – Your written EOY goals – A pen or pencil – Your notebook
  • 5. OBJECTIVE SWBAT define juxtaposition and identify 3 instances of juxtaposition in Ch. 1 of The Hunger Games.
  • 6. Essential Questions What is juxtaposition What is the setting of The Hunger Games?
  • 7. Book Distribution1. We will read book responsibility form2. You will sign book responsibility form3. I will collect the forms!
  • 8. Juxtapostion Juxtaposition (noun) An act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast. Sample Sentence: When comparing the two prints for her new sofa, the woman places the swatches in juxtaposition with each other. To Juxtapose (verb) The act of placing (people, places, things) close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast Sample sentence: The sisters were tired of being juxtaposed by their teachers.WRITE YOUR OWN SENTENCE USING THE WORD CORRECTLY!
  • 9. Discussion Questions We will work as a class, in pairs, and individually When you see a question on the slide, write the question down in your notes! ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS write down your response Sometimes I will require complete sentences, other times lists will be ok. I will let you know!
  • 10. Discussion Questions Who has responsibility in these families? The parents or the children? Use quotations from the text to support your response What have we learned about the government? Make an inference: Why do you think the government exercises such control over the people?
  • 11. Juxtaposition in the HG How does Jackson use symbolism of the lottery and the townspeople to develop the theme of the story? beauty vs ugliness on pg 3 danger vs sustenance on pg 5 rich and poor on pg 14 the setting of the reaping vs the content of the reaping pg 16
  • 12. Closing Why does the author use juxtaposition in this chapter?
  • 13. HW Finish the chapter Answer the questions in the packet.
  • 14. REMINDERSREAD READ READ!Start thinking about a book youwant to read.READ READ READ!