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Outline speech

  1. 1. Miriam MoraMrs. LesterESOL 42 March 2012 Speech Outline I. Introduction A. My name is Miriam Mayte Mora, and I am 18 years old. 1. I’m from Tamaulipas, Mexico and I was raised in Mexico City. 2. In my family it’s my dad Luis, my Mom Nora, a brother younger than me Luis Jr. he is 14 years old. 3. My dad works in a landscape company and sometimes works in a pawn shop. 4. My mom is now working in a company that prints t-shirts, and on weekends she cleans 2 houses. 5. I’ve been in the United States for 9 years now. 6. My dad first came to Brownsville, Texas then my mom came after him. 7. Then there is where my brother and I move to Mexico City with my grandma. 8. We were there for 2 years. 9. Then my dad and my mom move to Holly Springs, Georgia from Texas. 10. My dad found a better job here in Georgia. 11. Then they sent for my brother and me. 12. My brother and I were in Texas for half of the year with my aunt and uncle. 13. Then we came here to Georgia canton.
  2. 2. 14. Where my dad and my mom have already moved to canton, Georgia. 15. My English is not perfect but I can understand mostly everything I read and hear in English, and I can speak English well. 16. I’ve developed my language and writing skills during the 9 years in ESOL. 17. I have been interested in fashion since I was a little girl at age 6. 18. Because my mom made my clothes when I was 5. 19. My mom is my inspiration to go into fashion design.B. My topic for my senior project is Graphic design t-shirts. 1. The topic of graphic design is linked to the career because of the history of the graphic design how it has been getting popular and how it can be made more popular. 2. I choose this topic or this career is that my mom works in a company where they do this the company name is Squeeze Productions and sometimes I work there to. a. They do printi t-shirts, sweaters, pants and caps and also transfers. b. I usually work in the printing area but my project is about the transfers. c. I chose transfers because it is easier and allows me to work with my hands and use my creativity. d. I like doing all kinds of art so this product was a good choice for me because I drew the pictures that went into the transfers for a t-shirt. e. So I feel better than I did it with my hands instead of just using something in the programs that are used for the transfers.
  3. 3. f. My product is a business plan of how I would have my owned business of t-shirt graphic design. 3. The research paper relates to my product because I researched the history of the t-shirt and how graphic designhas made t-shirt so popular. 4. In fact, the t-shirt is a fashion icon that girl never go out of style. NOW: Now I’m going to tell you about my facilitator.II. The body of the speech A. My facilitator is Mrs. Gravitt. 1. She was an entrepreneurship and web design teacher in Creekview High School. 2. She went to university of Georgia, her career was business education. 3. She chose that career because she always wanted to work with kids and she enjoyed business too. 4. She has been teaching those two topics for 13 years now. 5. I was looking for a facilitator that knew a lot about entrepreneurship so thatI could do a business plan which Mrs. Gravitt knew a lot of this topic and since she was a teacher in Creekview High school it was easy for me to meet her and work with her. 6. My facilitator had the qualifications which were about entrepreneurship she just knew everything I need to learn and know to do my business plan. NOW: now I will tell you my process of making my product. B. The steps to the process of making my product are the following.
  4. 4. 1. First I Started doing a business plan which is divided into 3 sections. 2. Description and analysis of the proposed business situation, Organization and marketing plan, and projected financial plan. 3. Second I started drawing to get some transfers started. 4. After I finish with my drawings I turned them in the company and there they scan it into the computer and make the lines straight after that they turn them into transfers. 5. Then I put them in t-shirts, with an iron. NOW: I’m going to tell you about some solutions to my obstacles. C. Some obstacles I had were that Mrs. Gravitt was moved to another school so I now couldn’t see her or meet her here at school. 1. Since I did not have transportation to her new school, 2. The solution was emailing. 3. I emailed her any questions I had about the business plan and also sent her what I had for her to react to. Emailing has worked just fine. NOW: now im going to talk about what I learned.III. CONCLUSION A. What I learned is how to do a business plan all the parts that is required.Some of the skills for transfersthat I learned are how to do a certain drawing so it will fit and so that when its stretched it won’t be blurry or distorted it’s important that people are able to see what the graphic is.
  5. 5. 1. Experiences I had were that I knew how to heat the transfer into the t-shirt. 2. What I just didn’t had a clue about was the business plan I did know some of it from economics.1. Some of the work habits I had werepositive and some negative like in the negative ones were like when I had to turn in my drawings I just didn’t had them or I had forgotten them. a. I was never on time with my drawings.2. In my communication skills I learned how to send professional emails, how to talk with big words of business.3. The career I’m interested in is anything that has to do with crafts. a. I like to build, create things that I can do with my hands and not with a computer or someone having to do it for me. b. Careers I’m not interested in are the ones whereI have to work outside or any career that I have to be partnered in with someone. c. I like to work with my own hands and not have some machine to do it for me.4. This career pursue me with my career I want to be in because of the business plan how it can be easy to have your own business and how bad it could also go. Thank you for taking your time to look at my senior project and listening.