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Around the world webquest Around the world webquest Document Transcript

  • Around the World in Eighty DaysA webquest for 1 ESOstudentsINTRODUCTIONWelcome to the travel agent business. I know you are excited about all the wonderful places youwill be able to direct your clients. Just follow this simple guide, and youll be ready to book airlineflights, hotel rooms and luxurious holidays in no time.QUESTEmployees also need to have information in various important cities around the world. As you haveread the book Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne where Phileas Fogg travels throughdifferent cities. Every travel agent needs to know about the major tourist cities, but they also needto know in depth about ONE specific place. Work in GROUPS of THREE students and chooseONE PLACE out of the list from those Fogg travelled. Here is the list:London, England Yokohama, JapanSuez, Egypt San Francisco, CA, USABombay, India New York, NY, USACalcutta, India Dublin,IrelandSingapore Shangai, ChinaHong KongAfter your group have chosen a place to study, you need to complete a series of TASKSconcerning that places.TASK 1Write a DESCRIPTION of Phileas Foggs adventures in that city. Also include adescription of the city in 1872 and a description of the city nowadays, the year 2012. Besure to include the following information:✔government system✔the official language(s)✔population numbers✔different races/ tribes/indigenous people who live in the area✔major religions of the place
  • ✔a hand drawn map and a flag of the city/state/country✔two or three graphs, charts or any other visuals to help explain your findingsTASK 2After you have written the description, create a BROCHURE for your place. Include funfacts, pictures as well as a map.THE PROCESS1.The first thing to do is to find three partners with whom you want to work with. Do notjust choose your friends but think about who you can depend on to do their share of thetask, as well as who you work well with.2.Secondly, choose a place to research out of the list above It is best to choose a placethat interests you because you will spend a while researching it. Keep in mind that all thegroup have to choose a different place!3.Next you need to start your research on the place you chose I have linked a few sitesabout each place to et you started. Make sure to take notes about what you read, as wellas write down the address of the sites you visited.Use your own works and if you need adictionary use one on our English blog. You will need them for the BIBLIOGRAPHY. Thelinks are on our English blog4.After you have researched about your place, re-read the part in the book where PhileasFogg and his friends are there. See if this new knowledge brings new meaning to theiractions5.Compile all your notes and WRITE YOUR DESCRIPTION. All the members of thegroup give ideas, look up in the dictionary,check spelling and give general help.6.Make sure you revise your written description before you hand it over to your teacherDont forget to include an introduction.7.Finally work with your partners to create the TRAVEL BROCHURE8.The final project is due June.......2012EVALUATIONYour final project will be graded on the following rubric1= POOR2= OK3= EXCELLENT POOR OK EXCELLENTGrammar & SpellingStructureBrochureGroup Work