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Math & science pillar

  1. 1. Math &Science in 21stCenturyEducationBy:Daniella ParentMary PauleyMiranda Osburn
  2. 2. Definition›  21st Century Education is a new approach toclassroom instruction that focuses onoutcomes, research, technology, and andintegrated environment that brings together aseries of skills for students to utilize in theireducation and in life.›  Because of the emphasis on the integration ofreal life skills and the use of technology in theclassroom, math and science is a pillar of 21stCentury Education
  3. 3. Math & Science›  A math and science education benefits in thefollowing ways:›  Familiarity with the natural world›  Understanding key concepts and principles ofmath, science and technology,›  Capacity for scientific ways of thinking›  Awareness of the important ways in mathematics,technology, and science depend on one another›  Knowledge that science, math, and technologyare human enterprises, and what that impliesabout their strengths and limiitations›  Ability to use scientific knowledge wand ways ofthinking for social and personal purposes
  4. 4. How it Applies to 21st CenturyEducation›  The approach to a well-rounded and usefuleducation is dependent on technology andtherefore on math and science.›  Moving away from the standardized methodof assessment and approaching a morepersonal grading system and classroomenvironment will encourage students tobroaden their horizons – math and scienceare perfect venues for introducing theconcept of outcome-based learning, or the“if it’s not good, it’s not done” approach
  5. 5. Importance of Math &Science›  Children need to start out as young asfour years old to learn simple math likecounting and simple science like what themoon is. Eventually students should learnmath that will help with problem solving,money, calculating numbers in yourhead, time, and figuring simple equations.We rely on math and science for so manydifferent things.
  6. 6. ›  Science is very important to surviving becausewithout science we wouldn’t have medicine orcures for diseases. Science as so much importanceto the way we live today. Science createstechnology, discoveries, cures, communication,transportation, electricity, space exploration, andentertainment.›  Without math or science the world would be avery boring, unhealthy, and unknown place. Theyboth make the world go round and help make ourlives a whole lot easier with the advances thathave been made. Math and Science may be twoof the most important subjects taught in schoolstoday because these are the two subjects othercountries are competing with and makingadvances every day.
  7. 7. Example of Math & Science:Measurements›  Hands on experiences are crucial›  Measure everything; start with their pencils, thentheir desks, then the room, and then thehallway.›  Have the children estimate how long somethingwill be (critical thinking), then have themactually measure it.›  Make the assignment into a friendlycompetition: whose guess was the closest?
  8. 8. ›  Make the assignment personal: have thestudents measure their bedrooms, thencompare the measurements with theclassroom measurements›  Have students research interestingmeasurements, such as the Eiffel Tower orthe tallest roller coaster in America andallow the students to see or watch anexample
  9. 9. ›  Draw diagrams to show the differences in size:for example, lead students in making a chartthat reveals how big the sun is compared toearth, or our moon, or even a human being.(good for allowing students to understandcells and organs as well)›  Take students outside to comparemeasurements within nature.›  Rulers and numbers are important whilemeasuring, but for a child to really understandmeasurements, they must be able to see thatmeasurements are all around us.
  10. 10. Sources›  21st Century Schools›  Project 2061