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Elements of a story
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Elements of a story

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  • 1.  The student will be able to describe characters, the setting, and major events in the stories that they read using key details from that story.
  • 2.  Story books  Smart board  Computers  Ipads
  • 3.  1) As the students enter the classroom, they will put their book bags up and have a seat on the rug at the front of the room.  2) The next thing I would do, is show the class the cover of the book, as well as pictures in the book and ask them what they thought was going to happen.  3) I will then tell my students to listen for the setting, characters, and key points in the book.  4) I will then read the book as my students listen quietly. I will call on random students during the story to be sure they are listening.
  • 4.  5) Once the story is over, we will discuss the story as a group.  6) Now, I will ask my students to go to their desks and draw a picture of what happened in the story and write a sentence to go along with it.
  • 5.  One way of assessing my students is to have them write down the setting, characters, and main events from the story and take a grade on it.  Another way is to set up the smart board so that the setting and characters are pulled up. The students can match the correct characters with the correct setting.
  • 6.  A computer can be used for students to read a story on and then tell the setting, characters, and main events.  An Ipad can be used for the same thing that a computer can be used for.  A smart board will be used for students to match the correct characters to the correct settings.
  • 7.  Setting – the story’s time and place.  Character – a person or thing in a story.