TextExpander - The Basics


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TextExpander is one of the best time-saving tools ever.
I love it and could not work without it.
This slide show explores the basics.

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TextExpander - The Basics

  1. 1. TEXTEXPANDER A fabulous text expansion app Miranda Castro: mirandacastro@cox.net
  2. 2. What is TextExpander?  Expandable abbreviations galore!  Use short abbreviations to insert “snippets” of any length into any field of any application  Brilliantly helpful app  Saves a ton of time  Makes mundane/routine typing tasks fun & fast  Add personal touches with the greatest of ease  I love it – couldn’t work without it
  3. 3. What are Snippets?  Words or phrases  Simple or formatted text  Fully formatted documents of any length  Graphics including animated gifs  Coded snippets (dates and times)  Auto-corrections (common misspellings)  Snippets within snippets, and way way more
  4. 4. Web link TEXTEXPANDER BY SMILE SOFTWARE http://smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/index.html I have been using it since March of 2010!
  5. 5. Persuasive Statistics! My stats for the past 4 years – see how much time I have saved!
  6. 6. Here’s How It Looks
  7. 7. Here’s a Snippet
  8. 8. Getting Set Up  It can take a bit of time to get it set up and working like you want it to.  You will want to revisit the preferences from time to time to tweak it.  You need to go into Systems Preferences at the outset to give TextExpander access to your whole computer so it can do its work in any program you are working in!
  9. 9. Mavericks > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Unlock to change > Click Privacy tab > Click Accessibility (left) > Scroll to TextExpander (right) and check > Restart TextExpander
  10. 10. Snow Leopard > System Preferences > Universal Access > Enable access for assistive devices > Restart TextExpander
  11. 11. TextExpander Preferences  Expansion  Options  Appearance  Sync  Hotkeys  Update  Backup Go through each section customizing it to suit you and the way you work. Here are mine FYI …
  12. 12. HotKeys I resisted Hotkeys until I watched Don McAllister’s (free) ScreenCast. I learned to save yet more time by configuring these to pop up on command
  13. 13. Let’s do it!  Create a New Snippet  Click the New Snippet icon (above)  Cmd + N  Click the + (bottom left)  Select Plain Text or Formatted Text, Pictures
  14. 14. That’s all there is to it!  The basics really are that simple  You need to give some thought to the Label – it should be consistent with other similar labels in the same group  You need to give a lot of thought to the abbreviation
  15. 15. Abbreviations  Logical (at least to your way of thinking)  Easy to remember  Easy to type and quick to type  Easy to expand on (to create other similar snippets in a group)  Not something you type ordinarily – you’ll soon find out if you made a mistake and used an abbreviation you use in a different situation
  16. 16. Abbreviations  Make the letters easy to find on the keyboard and easier still to remember  Use double letters at the outset  Use one or two spaces at the end  Create a naming convention: sg for signatures, dd for date, ddtt for date and time, tt for time, em for emails, ref and initials for a referral  Forget about numbers and caps unless you are a killer typist
  17. 17. Remembering Snippets  It is easy to forget the snippets you have created if you don’t use them often  Make sure Suggest Abbreviations is checked for each group  Set and use the Hotkey for Suggest Matching Abbreviations  This is where your naming convention comes in handy
  18. 18. Formatted Snippets
  19. 19. Advanced Snippets: Macros  For Days/Dates/Times and all kinds of other neat things as well  You don’t have to be a programming genius  About Date, Time and Math Macros  About Macros and More  David Sparks Date & Time Snippets
  20. 20. Delimiters  Delimiters are Space, Tab, Return, Esc as well as over 30 other characters such as period, comma, slash, backslash, brackets, and tilde.  Go to Preferences > Expansion and click "Set Delimiters" to see all available delimiters.  Use them to determine when a snippet gets expanded.
  21. 21. Automatic Backups  Set up in Preferences > Backup icon  Select automatic backup frequency  Select another folder by clicking on the Library icon
  22. 22. Manual Backup  Know which folder your Backups go to  File > Click Backup TextExpander Data  NOTE: upgrades use the backup file to restore data
  23. 23. Menu Bar Icon Use the TextExpander icon to search for snippets, to create a new one or to open or disable the program
  24. 24. Competition LifeHacker Article comparing text expansion apps aText ($5) LifeHacker’s fave (price/value/function) TypeIt4Me ($5) Doesn't offer as many options as aText Typinator (24.99€) Similar features but doesn't work as well as TextExpander TextExpander ($35) Offers more features than aText and a mobile app as well
  25. 25. Details  OS: Snow Leopard or 10.6  Single License: $34.95  Family Pack: $44.95 (5 computers/1 house)  90-day money back guarantee “TextExpander is completely and utterly indispensable - I probably use it a couple of times every working hour” Don McAllister
  26. 26. Extras  TextExpander on Twitter  Don McAllisters free ScreenCast Online from March 2010 of TextExpander 3 is brilliant. There aren’t a lot of changes between versions 3 and 4.  Take Control of TextExpander eBook