Little Fluffy Clouds


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The "cloud" can ONLY survive in an open environment. A wake up call for some Summer of Code students that the Internet/Web that they have grown up with is being challenged ...

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  • When it started it was theirs but designed to be everyones
    Doesn't mean it should be $0 to use but it's our right!
    In some countries such as Estonia, France, Finland, and Greece, Internet access has already been made a human right
    But it's more than that – it's not just ours to “access” it is ours to USE, to develop, to grow, to nurture. It is more like soil than electricity. It is ours to grow our lives, communities and countrys on.
    And there's where you come in – it's your choice how the soil is nurtutred.Use the proprietary, buy from me and me only nurtients or use what the community has given everyone to use as they see fit – Microsoft or Open Source. Your choice.
    It is OURS!
  • You pay your money and you get online with the same rights as anyone else
    At the moment
    Net neutrality affects everything the Internet is about.
    Chip that away and then suddenly it's not everywhere in equal amounts
    It's there for those that pay more, that inflience greater and can lean more heavily.
    To be honest, this is a side-issue for NZ because it's a lie – the cloud ISN'T everywhere
    Will it be … only when Rod Drury manages to meet Don Brash in a boxing ring, or so it seems.
  • Where will it be most – in your pocket.
    Story: Google dude, Africa, News, get on mobile, How else would I get it?
    Trend – mobile. It's fucking obvious
  • Facebook – when did you get onboard (me:
    Twitter - “ “ (me: 2007 – old man)
    Wave - “ “ (me: 8 weeks ago)
  • Little Fluffy Clouds

    1. 1. Little Fluffy Clouds (not just a kick-ass song) Mike Riversdale from Monday 7th December, 2009
    2. 2. Yours for 20 minutes
    3. 3. Web 1.0 – the “golden days”
    4. 4. And then Web 2-- blah blah blah
    5. 5. Consultant begone  “Cloud”  It's ours  It's everywhere  Especially on your mobile  It is changing as fast as hot snot  AND it is changing everything  Do you care?
    6. 6. It's ours •Yes, it f@#$%&g is!
    7. 7. It's everywhere •At the moment
    8. 8. Especially mobile •Ooh, exciting
    9. 9. It is changing as fast as hot snot •You agile enough?
    10. 10. AND it's changing everything •News publishing anyone?
    11. 11. Do you care? •I love being alive now because I was born then
    12. 12. It’s about the YOU, not technology