Mathematics Society worries about poor performance of students<br />Koforidua, Feb.12, GNA - The Ghana Mathematics Society...
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Mathematics society worries about poor performance of students


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the news item as reported by ghana News Agency about the National Mathematics Day

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Mathematics society worries about poor performance of students

  1. 1. Mathematics Society worries about poor performance of students<br />Koforidua, Feb.12, GNA - The Ghana Mathematics Society (GMS), on Friday said the scenario where many students were failing mathematics both internationally and locally was not acceptable. Professor Sitsofe E. Anku, President of the GMS, expressed the concern in an address read on his behalf by Mr Miracule D. Gavor, Institutional Representative of the Society, at a National Mathematics Day workshop in Koforidua.Senior high school students drawn from the New Juaben Municipality and their teachers attended the workshop to mark this year's National Mathematics Day.Professor Anku observed that the scenario where three storey buildings were collapsing and killing people in Ghana whereas 166-storey buildings were standing tall and intact elsewhere was not acceptable. He questioned why the mathematics of ratio- " sand to cement to water" were not applied to obtain the appropriate strength of concretes? Professor Anku did not understand why after all the calculus and the study of slopes and gradients, water stagnates in bathrooms after one had taken a bath.He wondered why people did not apply the mathematics of slopes to their bathrooms, adding that, understanding and applying Pythagoras' Theorem properly should lead to the construction of circular manhole covers, but not rectangular ones." Mathematics ensures the efficiency of all things that we do, especially science, engineering and technology that we need to develop our dear Ghana" .To him, developed countries recognized the power and beauty of the principles and methods of mathematics, to efficiently solve developmental issues and questioned why as a nation we are running away from this reality. Professor Anku urged that attention be paid to the teaching of mathematics for understanding and application, to the professional development of mathematics teachers; to the revision of mathematics curriculum to make it coherent and relevant to developmental needs. He announced that this year, the GMS would be organizing several activities nationwide to sensitize the population to embrace the importance of mathematics, adding that the society was determined to remove the fear and trauma of studying mathematics and its application to ensure the efficient development of Ghana.Mr Opoku Bawuah, a tutor of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Training College at Asokore, who chaired the function, appealed to all teachers to assist students to enjoy the study of mathematics. 12 Feb. 10<br />