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Are you paying attention

  1. 1. Are you payingattention?By: Stephanie Vinson
  2. 2. Assignment My assignment this week was to go to ashopping center and make observations of what I found in each store.
  3. 3. JourneysJourneys is a shoe store. It sells popularbrands of shoes and it caters to a youngerclientele. They also sell a small amount ofapparel such as hats, belts and jewelry.Below are some examples of the type ofshoes they sell.womens shoes uniform eco-friendly exclusives special occasion online only athletic skate boots casual sandals new canvasheels flats wedgesmens shoes exclusives eco-friendly uniform online only athletic skate boots casual dress sandals new
  4. 4. Before I enteredWhat initially drew me in was a set ofsparkley shoes and the sale price of $49.99.There wasnt a door attached to the storeand it was very inviting. The sign in the frontof the store was contemporary and fun.
  5. 5. EnviornmentThe color scheme was grey, kind of a street,urban theme. There were flat screen TVs,Hip Hop music in the background, and it wasvery informal.
  6. 6. PersonnelIt took about five minutes for a salespersonto come up to me and ask whether I neededany assistance. He wasnt scripted at all,and said that if I needed anything just to ask.He was in his early to mid 20s, his lookseem to fit in with the style of shoes that thestore sold.
  7. 7. ProductsThe first thing that I noticed were thesparkley shoes as previously mentioned.They were on a display rack in the front ofthe store and they were on sale. The storeisnt crowded with merchandise, the shoesare easily seen from a short distance andtheyre sorted by gender, brand and type ofshoe. All the shoes are around the sameprice and I didnt notice a difference in theplacement of the merchandise according tothe price of the shoe.
  8. 8. CustomersI went on a Monday night, so there werentvery many customers to begin with. I did seeabout four customers, they were all men andthey were browsing. Their werent anypurchases made.
  9. 9.
  10. 10. GreatGlam.comWhat drew me to the store was that therewere bar stools, laptops and counters visiblefrom the front of the store. I was confusedbecause it seemed like it was a internet cafebut it was a clothing store. The premise ofthe store is to have you log onto theirwebsite while at the store and choose whichitems of clothing you want to try on. Therepresentatives then pull the clothes andyou go into a fitting room.
  11. 11. EnvironmentThe color scheme was pink, blue, and silver.It had high ceilings, chandeliers, hardwoodfloors and no visible doors. This store didnot have an open floor plan like Journeys.There was club music on and it was a littleloud. Overall I thought the store was verycontemporary, feminine and different!
  12. 12. Personnel, Products andCustomersThere were to young The products werentwomen, early 20s, in located on shelves,the back of the store. instead you needed toThey werent wearing go onto their website tothe clothing of the store, select the clothing, asbut seemed to be previously mentioned.wearing similar outfits,business casual. They There wasnt a singlenever approached me. customer.
  13. 13. Body Shop Store didnt do anything spectacular to draw me in. The sign is blue and there was a sale sign in the front of the store.
  14. 14. EnvironmentThe store is brightly lit and is crowded withmerchandise in every nook and cranny. Ithas high ceilings with a white background.Smells like new clothes! The register is inthe middle of the store and security is notvisible. This store also has club music and isgeared to females in their teens and early20s.
  15. 15. Personnel and CustomersThe sales people were busy restockingitems and took little notice of me. Therewere other customers there that alsoreceived the same treatment. There were 2sales people for every 10 customers. Thesales people did seem to wear the sameclothes that the store offered. Thecustomers were females in their mid 20s.
  16. 16. ProductsThe first product that Inoticed were the tanktops because they wereon sale. It was VERYcrowded withmerchandise and in noparticular order. Theproducts were at eyelevel and the prices ofthe products were easyto find.
  17. 17. MacysThere was a beautifuldress in the store frontthat drew me in. Therewerent any visibledoors and the store signwas large.
  18. 18. EnviornmentThe store was white,from the walls, to theceiling, down to thefloors. The only thingthat wasnt white wasthe red stars that hungfrom the ceiling. It waswell lit and you therewas elevator musicplaying in thebackground. I could stayin there for hours and
  19. 19. Personnel and CustomersThe sales people The customers werewerent scripted, they mostly women and theywore uniforms, and they were with their kids forgreeted me the most part. Theimmediately. The people that were wellpersonnel was a mix of dressed appeared to getmen and women, mostly more attention than thewomen in the 30-40s. individuals that were more casual.
  20. 20. ProductsThe products werearranged by gender,age, and size (clothing).The more expensiveitems were locatedtowards the middle ofthe store and wereencased under glass.
  21. 21. Kay JewelersMy first impression wasthat it was simple,inviting, recognizable,clean and bright.
  22. 22. Environment It was brightly lit, carpeted floors, pictures on the walls, a lot of banners with special deals, it had balloons and teddy bears as decor.
  23. 23. PersonnelThe sales lady was very nice, came up tome within seconds of entering, she askedme if there was anything in particular I waslooking for. There were two ladies working atthe time and they were in their 30s-40s.They were business casual clothing.
  24. 24. Products They had rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pendants, chains, diamonds, birthstones and things of that nature. They were organized by occasion and also by brand. The prices varied and werent organized by value.
  25. 25. CustomersThe customers were mostly men in theirearly 30s. There were 2 salespeople to 4customers. It seemed as though the mencame in with their male friends.