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Mep Portfolio Review 21 September 2010
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Mep Portfolio Review 21 September 2010


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Published in: Investor Relations
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  • 1. MELBOURNE MINING CLUB, CUTTING EDGE SERIES 21 September 2010 Andrew Woskett, Managing Director Minotaur Exploration Limited ACN: 108 483 601 ASX: MEP 1
  • 2. Minotaur is: MINOTAUR EXPLORATION an active Explorer in: where the focus is on: Nova Scotia, Canada IOCG style Copper-gold, Magnetite iron Queensland IOCG style Copper-gold New South Wales Base metals (Pb, Zn) South Australia IOCG style Copper-gold, Magnetite iron, kaolin Victoria Gold, VMS style base metals 2
  • 3. Project Pipeline MINOTAUR EXPLORATION PROJECT Location Type Sept Oct Nov Dec Cobequid Nova Scotia IOCG Geophysics Geophysics Drilling Lab Assays Target Bass River Nova Scotia Magnetite Geophysics Drilling Lab Assays generation Cloncurry Qld IOCG Geophysics Drilling Drilling Lab Assays Aphrodite SA IOCG Road access Drilling Lab Assays Interpretation Border SA Base metals Geophysics Geophysics Drilling Drilling Target Mutooroo SA Magnetite Geophysics Drilling Drilling generation Product Off Take Poochera SA Kaolin Marketing Marketing Specifications discussions Start CSIRO Regional Regional CSIRO ISL Tunkillia SA Gold ISL Study Biogeochem Biogeochem Study ends Louth NSW Base Metals Drilling Drilling Lab Assays Interpretation 3
  • 4. Business Model MINOTAUR EXPLORATION A mul t i -opt i one d a pproa c h t o bui l di ng v a l ue : Active and diverse exploration effort in iron-oxide-copper-gold (IOCG, or Prominent Hill style), gold, base metals, & iron mineralised systems Strategic ASX Investments broaden exposure to exploration success steadily moving advanced Kaolin (China Clay) project towards commercialisation actively seeking new brownfields acquisition opportunities in metals 4
  • 5. About Minotaur MINOTAUR EXPLORATION ASX: MEP Equity: 80.5M shares on issue Top 5 hold 27.4%: Oz Minerals (9.98%); Newmont (6.61%) 52 week range: 16.5c - 38c Last Price (20 Sept): $0.36 Market Capitalisation: $29M Cash (31 August): $3.7M Listed Investments: $ 6.9M Enterprise Value: $18.4M Exploration Assets/share: $0.23 (as @ 20 September 2010) 5
  • 6. Strategic Investments MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Le vera gi n g gro un d exp o su re a n d te c hnica l sk ills via equit y in: Mithril Resources (MTH) nickel and copper explorer (16.6%) Petratherm (PTR) geothermal energy developer (18.35%) PlatSearch NL (PTS) base metals explorer (4.5%) Thomson Resources (TMO) applying frontier geology to Thomson Fold Belt (NSW), expect ASX listing in October (Minotaur equity approx 13%) 6
  • 7. Exploration focus - Canada MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Significant ground position in Nova Scotia, offering multi-metal opportunities: Cobequid: IOCG; geophysics underway on multiple IOCG anomalies, drill in November Bass River: Magnetite; proven iron ore province, geophysics underway along 20km magnetic horizon, drill test in November 7
  • 8. Exploration - Nova Scotia Significant Regional IOCG and iron play MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Tenure along 200km of the fault zone 8
  • 9. Exploration - Nova Scotia Mineralisation types MINOTAUR EXPLORATION 9
  • 10. Exploration - Nova Scotia IOCG MINOTAUR EXPLORATION X
  • 11. Exploration - Nova Scotia IOCG anomalies, examples MINOTAUR EXPLORATION NS13West (Haematite) NS13East (Magnetite) 1VD  Gravity 1VD  Magne*cs NS13West is a gravity NS13East shows only anomaly coincident gravity and (Haematite target) magnetic anomalies (Magnetite target) 10
  • 12. Exploration - Nova Scotia Bass River Magnetite MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Magnetite deposit is: 15km from trans Canada railway & highway 50km from Port of Parrsboro 150km from major Port of Halifax in a recognised iron ore province 11
  • 13. Exploration - Nova Scotia Bass River Magnetite MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Magnetite breccia mineralisation shows magnetic high intensity sporadically along 20km of strike High resolution ground magnetic survey underway to guide drill investigation at 5 high intensity targets Lodestone (1988) produced 1,000t of magnetite Con at grade of 83% Fe3O4 from 2,000t of ore 12
  • 14. Exploration - Nova Scotia Bass River Magnetite, Geology MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Geology of the Bass River area showing the location of magnetite breccia outcrops between Bass River and Economy River relative to the Cobequid- Chedabucto Fault Zone (CCFZ) and the alkaline Pleasant Hills Pluton of Carboniferous age. 13
  • 15. Exploration - Nova Scotia Magnetite sampling MINOTAUR EXPLORATION The Bass River Magnetite deposit was bulk sampled as a source of high quality magnetite in 1988. The presence of Co-rich pyrite was recognised. The deposit averages 500ppm Co while the pyrite concentrate averages 0.9% Cobalt (Co metal is ~US$42,000 per tonne). The magnetite mineralisation has an obvious structural control and is localised essentially along the trace of the Cobequid Fault, a major suture of the Cobequid-Chedabucto Fault Zone. Fragments of Carboniferous age Pleasant Hills Pluton are present in the brecciated magnetite mineralisation. In addition, veinlets of pinkish granite and/or K-feldspar are also present, suggesting the granite and magnetite formed contemporaneously. 14
  • 16. Exploration focus - Australia MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Project diversity, well funded, spending $7 million through 2010: Cloncurry (Qld): geophysics underway on multiple IOCG targets Aphrodite (SA): Major IOCG target 35km SE of Olympic Dam. Ready to drill to 900m depth in October. Shows very distinct similarities to the nearby ‘Carrapateena’ gravity anomaly Border (SA): base metals, AEM & EM complete, drill in November Mutooroo (SA): Braemar sedimentary hosted magnetite Fe deposit. Exploration target size to be assessed by end 2010 from Heli-EM and drilling Poochera (SA): Highest quality kaolin resource. +50 year life. Planning new operation from end 2012, ramping from 50,000 tpa @ start up to +100,000 tpa (assumes 2 x wet processing modules) 15
  • 17. Exploration - Cloncurry MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Australia’s most productive copper belt, but surface deposits are depleted vast areas under cover (obscured) and are under-explored geophysics “sees through” the cover to locate potentially mineralised targets (anomalies) looking for Ernest Henry style orebodies multiple IOCG targets over 546 km2 Ernest Henry 30km N of Ernst Henry IOCG mine JV with Japan Oil Gas & Metals Corp JOGMEC earning 51% Cloncurry JOGMEC funding $4M over 3 years 16
  • 18. Exploration - Cloncurry MINOTAUR EXPLORATION ground geophysics underway drill selected geophysical anomalies in October-November aka Eloise, Osborne, Ernest Henry Drill ready Targets modeled at: Woolshed Flat Gypsy Plains Cormorant Cotswold 17
  • 19. Exploration - Cloncurry MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Woolshed Flat: entirely new IOCG target coincident magnetics, gravity with positive ground TEM anomalies on prominent NW trending fault 18
  • 20. Exploration - Cloncurry MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Gypsy Plains: coincident magnetic high & gravity anomaly, adjacent a major EM conductive linear feature (dashed line) in-filling gravity sections hole NRRCD-08 intersected massive magnetite with pyrite-chalcopyrite from130m - 360m downhole hole NJVD12 on structure, intersected elevated Cu and high Fe; gravity being acquired 19
  • 21. Exploration - Cloncurry MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Cormorant: new geophysics shows that previous explorers appear to have drilled parallel to the conductive structure (red line) exceptionally strong EM conductor to be tested by new drill hole in November new drill trace, oriented to intersect conductive plate 20
  • 22. Exploration - Louth base metals project MINOTAUR EXPLORATION JV with JOGMEC (earning 51%) Cobar Supergroup rocks host Pb, Zn, Ag, Au, Cu mineralisation (Endeavour, CSA & Peak mines) discrete conductive anomalies derived from VTEM and ground EM surveys in 2009 Targets under 100m of sedimentary cover now drilling 3 targets into basement, 550m hole depth JV budget is $400k in 2010 21
  • 23. Exploration - Aphrodite IOCG target MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Aphrodite; a major new IOCG gravity anomaly 35km SE of Olympic Dam MEP 100% Offset Gravity/Magnetic anomalism bounded by regional lineaments 2009 discovery hole drilled to 800m below surface distinctive Olympic Dam style peripheral mineralisation in core; indicates close proximity to Aphrodite significant hydrothermal system 22
  • 24. Exploration - Aphrodite IOCG target MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Carrapateena pipes Hole 2: 355m @ 1.25% Cu, 0.5 g/t Au Hole 50: 905m @ 2.0% Cu, 1.0 g/t Au a Carrapateena look-alike Carrapateena-style hematite rich breccia system intersected 670m below surface core showed pervasive sericite alteration with hematite & chalcopyrite, suggesting proximity to major hydrothermal mineralisation event new geophysics refined the centre of anomaly > new drill site located 600m S In October, will start new diamond hole down the anomaly to 900m depth 23
  • 25. Exploration - Aphrodite IOCG target MINOTAUR EXPLORATION 0 1 2 3 km Carrapateena gravity anomaly, superimposed at same scale 24
  • 26. Exploration - Border Base metals MINOTAUR EXPLORATION multiple Pb/Zn targets 40km W of Broken Hill JV with Sumitomo (MEP 40.9%) ground geophysics underway drill selected targets Nov-Dec $700k budget in 2010 25
  • 27. Exploration - Mutooroo Fe MINOTAUR EXPLORATION 90km SW of Broken Hill 35km from E-W rail line Heavy duty rail link 300km to Port Pirie JV with Sumitomo (MEP 40.9%) initial drill intersections show 200m thick magnetite mineralised beds 3,500 line km of heli borne EM done to define magnetic sedimentary horizons drill targets through October - November $500k budget in 2010 26
  • 28. Exploration - Mutooroo Fe MINOTAUR EXPLORATION 2 RC holes drilled to 200m. Program for H2 2010: ★ low level Heli-Mag data acquisition - completed in August ★ 10 x RC & Diamond holes planned along 40km strike extent of magnetised beds ★ Beneficiation testing ★ estimate size of Exploration Target ★ Scoping Study 27
  • 29. Exploration - Mutooroo Fe MINOTAUR EXPLORATION 08RCMUT-­‐02 08RCMUT-­‐01 28
  • 30. Exploration - Mutooroo Fe 3D ground Magnetic Intensity shells MINOTAUR EXPLORATION 08RCMUT-­‐02 08RCMUT-­‐01 MUT02: 114m 20% DTR Fe with DTRC grade of 69.7% Fe 29
  • 31. Exploration - Tunkillia gold project MINOTAUR EXPLORATION MEP 54.75% (Helix Resources 45.25%) 803,000 oz JORC resource established multiple targets within 5km radius tested 4 targets in June (RC; 1650m) validated biogeochem method (gold in plants) as a viable exploration tool refer ASX release dated 30 June ’10 80km extents of Yarlbrinda shear zone remain untested 30
  • 32. Commercialisation - Poochera Kaolin MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Granite decomposes to granitic kaolin through tropical weathering ! Finished product size is 92% passing 2 microns. World consumption of highest quality ‘China Clay’ exceeds 10 million tonnes per year. Used in plastics, paints, paper coatings, tyres 31
  • 33. Commercialisation - Poochera Kaolin MINOTAUR EXPLORATION MEP 100% 20Mt Inferred Kaolin resource 5m - 50m below surface 92% < 2u hydrous kaolin product world class ‘Ultra white’ & ‘Ultra bright’ hydrous kaolin qualities; ISO Reflectance: R457 = 90.7 pilot plant producing world class calcining feedstock; R457 = 92.4 potential for +100kt pa operation for >50 years 100km from Port Thevenard, SA marketing exposure from October, leading to preliminary Offtake discussions leads into 2011 Pre-feasibility study 32
  • 34. and to conclude...... MINOTAUR EXPLORATION Mi not aur, a di v ers e port fol i o wi t h pl ent y of zi ng 33