Minnesota Landscape Arboretum | 2013 Eco-Networking Calendar of Events


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The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum at the University of Minnesota is hosting a series of Eco-Networking events to host experiential networking to uncover practical solutions to everyday sustainability problems.

Join us at any or all of our events.

Beverly Anglum | anglu001@umn.edu | www.arboretum.umn.edu

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Minnesota Landscape Arboretum | 2013 Eco-Networking Calendar of Events

  1. 1. Eco-Networking for Sustainable Solutions 2013 Schedule of EventsEco-Networking for Sustainable Solutions is a business-to-business networking series hostedby the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. It is an invitation to the entire Twin Cities businesscommunity to network at the intersect of divergent industries, ideas, and business practices. Itis an intentional exercise in the cross-pollination of ideas and leading-edge sustainablepractices to foster growth and eco-innovation.Join the sustainability conversation, make important business connections and discover newideas and resources for implementing bold, practical, eco-friendly solutions.Business Networking for Sustainable Solutions Kick-Off EventThursday, November 1, 2012Topic: Sustainability – It’s what’s for LunchBusiness Networking for Sustainable SolutionsFriday, January 25th, 2013Topic: Sustainability – Innovative Community Involvement - The ‘How Tos’ of CorporateCommunity Giving GardensSustainable Farming Association of Minnesota ConferenceFeb. 15th-16th, 2013The goal of the Sustainable Farming Association is to help Minnesota farmers along the path tosuccess and self-sustainability. The focus of the 2012 annual conference is to bring togetherrural to urban farmers in a joint effort to find solutions to farming and agricultural challengesinvolving policy, regulations, economics, business practices, safety, networking, and to sharebest practices. The conference will feature a variety of breakout sessions, speakers, andexhibits on the different paths our farms and communities need to embrace to lead a moresustainable existence.School Garden ConferenceFeb 22nd, 2013Research shows that developing a childs appreciation of nature enhances their physical health,cognitive and social development, and creativity. Discover how and why to transform schoolsextensive paved surfaces into a sustained vibrant mosaic of outdoor learning and playopportunities. Explore innovative ways to weave curricula into school landscapes, diversifyeducational recreational offerings, enhance local ecology, and reflect each schools location andcultural context. This conference will share experiences, case studies, and best practices aboutcreating and sustaining cutting edge schoolyards and school gardens. Attendees will meet like-minded colleagues while sharing ideas, and get inspired to bring these ideas back to theircommunities.Beekeeping in Northern Climates WorkshopMarch 2nd and 3rd, 2013This two day course provides all the information necessary to keep bees in cold climates. Wetake you through two years of beekeeping; purchasing and assembling equipment, orderingbees and queens, hiving packages, ensuring colony survival through winter, dividing colonies inthe spring, and producing, harvesting, extracting, bottling, and selling honey. We also cover theimportant basics of disease and mite management and control, emphasizing a reduction inchemical use within bee hives. This unique workshop is taught by Marla Spivak (University ofMinnesota Entomology professor, MacArthur Fellow, and Distinguished McKnight Professor)and Gary Reuter (University of Minnesota Scientist and President of the American BeekeepingFederation).
  2. 2. Eco-Networking for Sustainable Solutions 2013 Schedule of Events, cont’d.Spring Garden ExpoMarch 8th-10th, 2013Learn more about growing, buying, and enjoying plants. Start your spring plant-growingjourney be joining in the conversation with nationally respected authors of gardening booksand have your books signed by the authors. Get down-to-earth gardening advice from leadingUniversity of Minnesota horticulture experts and Arboretum experts on tried-and-true as wellas new research and testing results in growing plants. Enjoy time spent with other gardeningenthusiasts and talk with plant society representatives. Revel in what the Arboretum has tooffer during the first spring awakenings.Business Networking for Sustainable SolutionsThursday, April 25, 2013Topic: Sustainability – What’s Wellness Got to Do with It?Business Networking for Sustainable SolutionsThursday, June 27, 2013Topic: Bio-Inspiration for BusinessClean Water SummitSept. 15th, 2013The annual Clean Water Summit brings together a wide variety of individuals, communities,businesses, and organizations involved in maintaining clean water in our communities.Featured presentations will address technical aspects as well as policy and planningissues that are tied with the economic, social, and environmental impact of protecting andachieving clean water. A focus is selected for the summit each year.Business Networking for Sustainable SolutionsThursday, September 26, 2013Topic: Building a Sustainable BrandHealthy Foods, Healthy Lifestyles SummitFirst week of Oct. 2013The safety, quality, and availability of the food that humans consume are constant concerns.The Healthy Foods Summit seeks to examine the impacts of current food system approacheson human health around the world. The symposium will identify critical points in the systemwhere intervention can improve human health, exploring both "conventional" and "sustainable"approaches and seeking common purpose.To this end, the summit will feature research and best-practice case studies that integratehuman-health research and food-system decision making. Speakers across disciplines andfrom around the world will share knowledge and expertise and provide a framework forcoordinated, collaborative research and policy. Together, participants will address suchquestions as how communities are engaging in creative strategies to improve their own foodenvironments, and what industry, academia, government, and non-profits are doing toimprove health outcomes across all populations.Holiday Networking for Sustainable SolutionsThursday, Dec. 12, 2013Topic: Strictly Social – Using Social Media to tell an Eco-Story