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EcoNetworking Presentation from Todd Gleason, Senior Vice President of Growth at Pentair
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EcoNetworking Presentation from Todd Gleason, Senior Vice President of Growth at Pentair


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Todd Gleason's Power Point of the water filtration system Pentair implemented at Target Field to create a sustainable ball field.

Todd Gleason's Power Point of the water filtration system Pentair implemented at Target Field to create a sustainable ball field.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Sustainability & Water ReuseA Real Home RunTodd GleasonSenior Vice President – GrowthApril 24, 2013
  • 2. PENTAIR 2• Very Balanced• ComplementaryExtension of ProductOfferings & SolutionsGlobal and Diverse• Broader Global Reach• Fast Growth RegionSales ~25%• Global Service andSales Coverage• Diverse Customer Base• Increased Scale in HighGrowth Applications• Enhanced ProductOfferings and SolutionsU.S. andCanada,~40%Fast GrowthRegions,~25%WesternEurope,~20%TODAY: A BALANCED PORTFOLIOTechnicalSolutions,~25%Valves & Controls,~32%Water &FluidSolutions,~43%Industrial,35%Industrial,~26%Infrastructure,~13%Food & Beverage,~9%Resi/Comm,~24%Energy,~28%DevelopedNon-U.S.,~15%100% = $7.5BBY REPORTINGSEGMENTBY GEOGRAPHY BY VERTICAL
  • 3. PENTAIR 3PENTAIR AT A GLANCEDriven By Strong Secular Growth TrendsIncreased Scale inAttractive Growth SectorsDIVERSE VERTICALSIndustrial,~35%Energy,~25%Infrastructure,~10%Comm’l,~10%Industrial Performance & Quality Efficiency HazardousEnergy Efficiency Unconventional TechnologyGlobal Water Scarcity Regulation SustainabilityInfrastructure Aging Capacity Needs UrbanizationSECULAR TRENDS DRIVING DEMANDResidential,~20%
  • 4. PENTAIR 4OUR GLOBAL REACHGlobally Diverse … Significant Capabilities~40%US & CANADA~35%DEVELOPEDREST OF WORLDWORLDWIDE> 100 Manufacturing Facilities> 90 Service Centers> 30,000 Employees Significant US ResidentialInstalled Base US Industrial Sector Strength Continued Global Increasein Demand for Oil and Gas,Power & Mining Broader Offering,Recognized Brands, PlusService Centers in Large,Fragmented Market Rising GDP andUrbanization DrivingInfrastructure, Energy &Water Demands Robust Industrial Sector Greater Scale in FastGrowth Regions AcrossAll Businesses~25%FAST GROWTHREGIONSGeographic Sales Mix
  • 5. PENTAIRTHE WATER - ENERGY - FOOD NEXUSInvestments Are Needed To Drive New Innovation5It is impossible toseparate water, foodand energy asresources- SABMillerSustainable development andgrowth can be achieved by bettermanagement of the world’secosystems- WEF.orgWe will fail to feed the world until we fix the water crisis- Nestle CEOEnergy is critical in providingaccess to clean drinking water- United NationsElectricity generation is expectedto increase fivefold whereaswater needs will triple- World BankEvery apple and hamburgerrequire more than 15 and 600gallons of water respective to beproduced- UNESCO
  • 6. PENTAIR Solar & Wind In Significant Sites Energy Kaizens Saved 60% since ‘08 Adding Sites Each Quarter Average Kaizen Saves 10% / SiteCommitted To Sustainability & Continuous ImprovementWALKING THE TALK IN OUR OPERATIONSEnergy -- Renewable Waste – Landfill Free Water – Reuse & Recovery Largest Facilities Are Done Adding New Sites Each Year Goal of 50% ManufacturingCapacity by End 2015 Task Force in Place to trackProgress and Create Playbook All Sites Bottle Water Free 2009 Netherlands Concentrated WasteWater Stream Water Recovery in Multiple Sites Water Reuse and Recovery --Mexico, China, EMEA, USA6
  • 7. PENTAIRGenerating > 100% of Italian Factory’s Energy Needs!AWARD WINNING GREEN ENERGY FACTORY2012 Mfg Leadership 100Award for SustainabilityPanel Installation 3 Power InvertersCompleted Solar Roof – Pisa Italy Pentair Plant7
  • 9. PENTAIRA Leading Facility & Partnership To Create AwarenessReuse System HighlightsPentair Throughout The StadiumWATER REUSE: TARGET FIELD• 40,000+ Seat Stadium• Twins Sought LEED Certification … NoWater Solution• Pentair Reuse System Provided CriticalPoints Toward LEED Silver Certification• Most Talked About Sustainability Aspectof the Stadium!• Significant Water Usage Reduction• Numerous Environmental Awards• Tremendous Publicity• Fire Pumps• Booster Pumps• Drinking Water Systems• Food Service Systems• Irrigation and Waste Water Pumps9
  • 10. PENTAIRSophisticated System For Water ManagementRAIN WATER REUSE SYSTEM• 200,000 Gallon Cistern Supplies “Dirty Water”• System Output = 280 Gallons Per Minute• Filtered Water stored in 5,000 gallon holding tank(Unless Running)• Water Savings: ~ 2 Million Gallons / Year• Energy Consumption ~ 100 75W Light BulbsFrom Concept … Design … Build … ToInstallation …10
  • 11. PENTAIRCapturing Unusable Water & Protecting EnvironmentSTEP ONE: CAPTURE THE WATERCisternWater11
  • 12. PENTAIREfficiently Improve Quality of Water … Manage The WasteSTEP TWO: PRE-FILTRATION12
  • 13. PENTAIRUltra-filtration “Skids” Ensure The Water Is Clean and SafeSTEP THREE: ULTRA-FILTRATION13
  • 14. PENTAIRPlenty of Clean Safe Water … In a Matter of SecondsSTEP FOUR: STORAGE & READINESSTreatedWater14
  • 15. PENTAIRKeeping The Field Green and the Seats CleanSTEP FIVE: IRRIGATION & WASH DOWN15
  • 16. PENTAIRPARTNERSHIP CREATED AWARENESSTwins Rainwater Reuse System Create a Huge “Buzz”- Hundreds of news articles and numerous TV spots about system & sponsorship- Over 300 million media impressions- Great “Buzz” For The Twins and PentairVision &Leadership CanDrive GreatBusiness, Awareness andSustainabilityA True Homerun For the Twins & Pentair … And Mother Nature16
  • 17. PENTAIR