Target Eco Set presentation for EcoNetworking at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum


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John Lick of Target presented this power point on 9.26.13 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Target's commitment to sustainability throughout advertisement shoots is commendable.

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  • Before talking about Target ’s strategic partnership with Eco Set, I would like to take a step back and show how this partnership fits into our broader sustainability strategy at Target. As a company, our sustainability vision is ‘to be a retail leader in environmental sustainability and a credible resource to help people live a more sustainable lifestyle.’
  • To achieve this vision, in December of 2010, we publicly announced our four commitments to sustainability Sustainable Living Sustainable Products Smart Development Efficient Operations In essence, these commitments are our mission—they serve as the framework through which we talk about sustainability, determine our priorities and set our public-facing sustainability goals Our work with Eco Set supports our commitments and our vision of being a retail leader in sustainability So, let me share some more details about our amazing work with Eco Set…
  • • Reusable water bottles avoid wasted water on set and prevents plastic waste • Branded bottles goes on to other sets and into peoples lives, used daily after the shoot for years to come , part of the changing culture
  • • EcoSet oversees and quantifies the waste prevention and water use efficiency practices • Average shoot discards 300 bottles per day
  • • ... long term of a partnership with EcoSet the impact is huge • Diverted an average 86% ... set waste generated
  • • EcoSet strives for Zero Waste set, and can guarantee 85-95%, sometimes higher • Typical large shoot (100 people) ... up to 1K lbs waste a day • 1,000 lbs = amount an average American discards in 1 year • EcoSet ’ s direct supervision keeps most discarded items out of the landfill
  • • Most discarded materials can be reused or repurposed • Connect them to local organizations and individuals who need them
  • KRIS Target ’ s commitment to sustainable production is impacting local production communities Inspiring crews ... take on these practices for themselves, Antigua & Italy Can consult if it doesn ’ t make sense to send our crew to a location MEGAN Vancouver, San Francisco
  • • Rather than landfill, sand was donate to Wildlife Sanctuary 8 miles from stage & golf course 3 miles from stage, low transportation footprint • 1,200 lbs of burlap, astro turf, plastic sheeting, carpeting was donated rather than discarded
  • • Hope Street Family Center (non-profit) received large letters • Using letters as interactive teaching tools for a literacy program • Total for shoot: 4 builds, 2 stages, 8,800 lbs donated, $11K Fair Market Value
  • • Props, wardrobe, set dressing are donated to local community groups • Clothing & shoes donated to homeless re-entering the workforce. • Home goods donated to women ’ s shelters, transitional housing for women & children as they leave shelters • We will prioritize Verizon ’ s existing charitable partnerships such as supporting victims of domestic violence
  • • EcoSet recovers discarded lighting gels and expendables, keeping them out of landfills & helping artists and student filmmakers • Trash to Treasure: Students value these expendables that are very expensive when purchased new
  • • Custom and oversized props used for one ad live on with theaters, filmmakers, schools and art collectives • Opportunity to bridge commercials to the creative community, furthering client's charitable missions
  • • We donate what ’ s used on-screen • Foster relationships with local non-profits and community organizations • Growing database of more than 200 partners in various cities • Potential for tax write off, offset towards cost of eco initiatives • One partner has donated more than $400K since partnering with EcoSet
  • There are a lot of great resources out there where you can learn more about our partnership with Eco Set and Target ’s sustainability initiatives Here for Good is our corporate site where you can access our corporate responsibility report, containing progress against our public-facing sustainability goals
  • Another great resource is A Bullseye View, where you can find a variety of great stories about what we are doing for sustainability
  • Target Eco Set presentation for EcoNetworking at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

    1. 1. Sustainability Vision Target strives to be a retail leader in environmental sustainability and a credible resource to help people live a more sustainable lifestyle.
    2. 2. Public Commitments Sustainable Living Sustainable Products Smart Development Efficient Operations
    3. 3. H - e 9
    4. 4. H - e 9 New York Minneapolis Vancouver Portland Los Angeles Antigua Milan New Jersey Buenos Aires Toronto Montreal
    5. 5. H - e 9 © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC
    6. 6. 200 Shoot Days (2+ years)Reusable Water Bottles © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC
    7. 7. 4 YEARS 94,5002,363 © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC
    8. 8. H - e 9 93% 393 shoot days 4 years
    9. 9. 483,000 lbs Diverted from Landfill 18% RECYCLING 18% COMPOST 7% LANDFILL 57% REUSED © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC
    10. 10. 24 2TONS DIVERTED [ ]x 34 © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC
    11. 11. © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC Repurposing & Reusing
    12. 12. 147 tons donated vs. discarded © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC Redefining Waste as Resources
    13. 13. © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC Storing Creative Elements for Reuse
    14. 14. 60 Tons of Sand + 1,200 lbs of reusable materials © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC
    15. 15. Donating Scenic Builds © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC
    16. 16. Promoting Reuse, Improving Lives © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC
    17. 17. Recovering Discards, Supporting Filmmakers © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC
    18. 18. Avoiding Disposal, Supporting Local Artists © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC
    19. 19. Impacting Local Communities © 2013 EcoSet Consulting, LLC
    20. 20.