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Web 2.0 Dont Tell Me About It, Just Show Me!


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Presentation give on January 26th at the 19th Annual AIIM Minnesota 'Control' event by Tom Motzel and Billy Cripe. This is a single slide that will 'build' properly only when downloaded.

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • Most of us start our day using communication tools that are intentional – we initiate participation. These are tools like email, phone, VOIP, but also tools like our blogs and websites and wikis. Yet these have been largely Web 2.0 enabled with widgets, plugins, and features. So I start my day checking mail, my shared calendar and blog news. I’ll usually write a quick post. <CLICK> 2. Then I need to engage with my colleagues so I use our internal social network – Oracle Connect. Checking the groups I see questions but I need a perspective that is relevant to the wider user community so I… <CLICK> 3. Check the Social network for those interested in all things Oracle. Well the question needs an answer there too. So I create a message that is good for lots of people - even ones I don’t know. Instead of emailing it around… <CLICK> I post it to a social sharing site <CLICK> Well it gets picked up by the shared bookmarks, RSS readers and embedded widgets of others. Because it’s information related I want to make sure that this community gets made aware of it so I… <CLICK> 6. Log into the AIIM Information Zen community and start a discussion to engage with the interested community about the stuff I’ve done. Well by this time I’ve don’t a good amount of work so <CLICK> I tweet about what I’m doing and how to find it. After all, my boss follows me on twitter so it’s kind of like a modular status report. Only that… <CLICK> My tweet also updates my Facebook status. So no my friends and colleagues who have friended me there get a notice about what I’m doing. Some of them will start discussing it on my wall. This is usually interesting but not salient to my task at hand. Still I should engage them to keep them liking me… Well, inevitably, they ask me for a copy of the materials I used to create my presentation. So I could either email the information but in reality, our mail filters are annoying so we… <CLICK> Set up a quick “throw-away” information share to enable our social collaboration. These may last for a long or short while but typically only for the duration of our shared tasks. Well one of the tasks I get assigned is to fly out and deliver the presentation so I… <CLICK> Book a trip and socialize the information about my trip on TripIT which also updates my Blog and LinkedIn status. Which is interesting because … <CLICK> I can look up there to see who is going to be near where I’m headed. I can set up some additional business meetings with my LinkedIn connections and get a bit more bang for my travel buck. I’m sure to point to my LinkedIn contacts that they can preview my presentation with the LinkedIn widget and get more information about the subject on my blog. Still some of my connections arent in LinkedIn they are… <CLICK> Stuck in Plaxo which was an innovative connections site but has been largely surpassed by LinkedIn. Still it is a valuable place to look for others who might be interested in what I’m doing. So to get in I have to log in using my… <CLICK> 13. OpenID which is really cool technology that has not yet realized its potential yet but I hope to be on the “really cool forward thinker” side of things when folks finally get what Open ID is all about. So by this time I’ve engaged with a bunch of folks on a new business problem-solution area, I’ve created and shared my thoughts, I’m going on a road show to present the information and my business connections are interested, my colleagues are impressed and my facebook friends think I’m a big geek but they can’t help feeling impressed as well. I think all that is pretty interesting so I… <CLICK> Blog it so even more people can get the information and buy stuff from my company at which point I <CLICK> 15. Tweet to my boss that it’s time to talk about promotions and raises – yeah, even in this economy.
  • Web 2.0 Dont Tell Me About It, Just Show Me!

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