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Minko stage3d 20130222






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    Minko stage3d 20130222 Minko stage3d 20130222 Presentation Transcript

    • Jean-Marc Le Roux@promethe42http://blogs.aerys.in/jeanmarc-leroux
    • Resources Sources https://github.com/aerys/minko Forum http://answers.aerys.in Samples http://github.com/aerys/minko-examples Documentation http://hub.aerys.in/index.php/Minko:Tutorials http://hub.aerys.in/minko/reference/index.html
    • Minko SDKsCommunity SDK Free and opensource framework Free tools
    • Minko SDKsProfessional SDK Advanced FeaturesCommunity SDK Free and opensource framework Free tools
    • PART 1: SCRIPTINGCommunity SDK
    • The bigger the app.,the cleaner you want to be.should?
    • I – or someone else – already did this,I want to re-use the existing code.
    • ISceneNodeMesh Camera GroupLightAbstractControllerISceneNode.addController()AnimationController AbstractScriptControllerDataProviderISceneNode.bindings.addDataProvider()CameraDataProvider LightDataProviderModelControllerViewMaterial
    • ISceneNodeMesh Camera GroupLightAbstractControllerISceneNode.addController()AnimationController AbstractScriptControllerDataProviderISceneNode.bindings.addDataProvider()CameraDataProvider LightDataProviderModelControllerViewMaterialMyScriptTo create a script: Extend AbstractScriptController Override the update() method
    • You can keep working the way you want.You don’t have to use scripts or controllers.
    • But with scripts & controllers…
    • Re-usable loosely coupled code Target multiple scene nodes with a single script Easily build and share your own library of useful scripts Easily fetch and use the communities code snippets// only 1 scriptvar kbScript : KeyboardMoveScript = new KeyboardMoveScript();// but it controls 2 targetscube.addController(kbScript);sphere.addController(kbScript);
    • Easy access to Mouse/keyboard properties and signals time, deltaTime Scene A lot of other properties useful to script stuff…// if the right arrow key is down…if (keyboard.keyIsDown(Keyboard.RIGHT))target.transform.appendTranslation(.1);
    • Similar to Event.ENTER_FRAME but Lighter Customisable per-script « frame rate »// execute this script only once per secondthis.framerate = 1;
    • Example: move objects with thekeyboardpublic class KeyboardMoveController extends AbstractScriptController{override protected function update(target : ISceneNode) : void{if (keyboard.keyIsDown(Keyboard.RIGHT))target.transform.appendTranslation(.1);if (keyboard.keyIsDown(Keyboard.LEFT))target.transform.appendTranslation(-.1);if (keyboard.keyIsDown(Keyboard.UP))target.transform.appendTranslation(0., .1);if (keyboard.keyIsDown(Keyboard.DOWN))target.transform.appendTranslation(0., -.1);if (keyboard.keyIsDown(Keyboard.PAGE_UP))target.transform.appendTranslation(0., 0., .1);if (keyboard.keyIsDown(Keyboard.PAGE_DOWN))target.transform.appendTranslation(0., 0., -.1);}}
    • Usage// instanciate the scriptvar kbScript : KeyboardMoveScript = new KeyboardMoveScript();// add the script to a targetcube.addController(kbScript);// remove the script from a targetcube.removeController(kbScript);
    • More about scripts and controllers… Write your first controller A Script To Move Objects With The Keyboard Handle Mouse Focus With A Script Switching Material With a Controller Create Procedural 3D Animations
    • HDR RenderingDynamic lightsStatic lightsDynamic shadowsStatic shadowsDiffuse textureNoiseDiffuse texture
    • Kids, this is the story of how I met your shader…
    • 1992 2001 2004 2011Mortal Kombat GTA III Doom 3 Crysis 21996Evolution of shader languages
    • What about AGAL?1992 2001 2004 2011Mortal Kombat GTA III Doom 3 Crysis 21996Language Features
    • In 1992, Flash was called FutureSplash Animator and written by a single man: Jonathan Gay
    •  learning AGAL != learning GPU programming AGAL is awesome for 3D engines developers Low-level binary assembly code Cross-platform AGAL is a nightmare for 3D applicationsdevelopers
    • With Minko you can program the GPUusing ActionScript 3.0 !
    • Minko embedded JITCompilerShader ByteCodeActionScript ShaderCodepublic class MyShader{public function getVertexPosition() : SFloat{return localToScreen(vertexXYZ);}public function getPixelColor() : SFloat{return sampleTexture(meshBindings.getTextureParameter(‘texture’),interpolate(vertexUV));}}m44 vt0, va0, vc0m44 vt0, vt0, vc5mov oc, vt0mov v0, va1tex ft0, v0 <linear,2d>mov oc, ft0at runtime compilation
    • ActionScriptShader•Use all ActionScript 3.0 features•getOutputPosition => Vertex Shader•getOutputColor => Fragment Shader•OOP style•CPU/GPU balancingASG•Abstract Shader Graph•Optimizations•Constants and temporary registersallocation•Operations re-ordering for fasterexecution and optimal use of temporaryregistersAGAL•Direct bytecode generation at runtime•Custom compiler•Optional debug data•AGAL assembly output•Shader graph output•Memory allocation mapExecution Full AS3 workflow Conditionnals and loops Classes and methods Dynamic OOP coding style Exhaustive AGAL implementation Extra high-level operations set Re-usable « shader parts » Shaders compiled at-runtime Just like any other AS3 code Dynamic according to The scene properties The mesh properties/material Any constant, variable, etc… Redistributable as SWF/SWC files
    • ACTIONSCRIPT IS NOWTHE MOST POWERFULSHADER LANGUAGE(as a language, but not GPU feature wise because of Stage3D limitations )
    • More about shaders… JIT shaders for better performance Create your first shader Understanding vertex to fragmentinterpolation Get ActionScript shaders compilations logs Create a shader rendering per-pixel normals Create a « black and white » post-processingeffect
    • PART 3: SCENE EDITORCommunity SDK
    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Fine tuning
    • Flash Pro-like symbols
    • *.dae, *.3ds, *.obj, …Common File FormatsPublish MK Scenes…editor
    • MK File Format Fully optimized for Minko More suitable for web/mobile apps in general Binary Light Zip, deflate or LZMA Readable with AS3, PHP, C++ and JavaScript
    • More about the editor… Normal mapping and specular maps Importing Collada files
    • Minko SDKsProfessional SDKCommunity SDK
    • After this slide, nothing is neither free nor open source.(for now… )
    • PART 1: PHYSICSProfessional SDK
    •  Fast, robust and extensible Create new kind of forces, force fields… Add specialized shapes and collision detectionalgorithms Comprehensive set of shapes Box, sphere, cone, cylinder… Triangle mesh Convex hull Heightmap Triggers for scripting
    • // listen to the Collider.collisionStarted signalredGoalCollider.collisionStarted.add(function (collision : CollisionStarted) : void{_numPointB++;resetBall();});// do the same for Collider.collisionStopped…Working with triggers
    • Best practice: implement triggers using scripts.You will soon be able to bind them directly in the editor!
    • MK Optimizations A new file format for 3D content Readable with AS3, PHP, C++ and JavaScript Optimized for the web Lossy and lossless 3D compression 3D streaming (WIP) Optimized for mobile devices Automated shape-conservative 3D simplification Fast implementation Automated ATF compression for textures
    • *.dae, *.3ds, *.obj, …Common File FormatsPublish Optimized MK Scenes…editorAutomated optimizations
    • 05000100001500020000250003000035000 daedae (rar)objobj (rar)3dsmkmk (simplification)mk (compression)mk (compression +simplification)3D formats size comparison(lower is better)
    • 3D formats comparison020406080100120140File Size (MB) Downloading Time(seconds)Parsing Time(seconds)OriginalMK(lower is better)Collada
    • 3DScene Automated optimizations ATF compression Texture resizing 3D simplification 3D compressionPublishx10 faster rendering!
    • 3DScene Automated optimizations ATF compression 3D compression 3D streaming (WIP)Publishx20 faster download!
    • 3DSceneBuild your scene once,publish it for each device automatically.myScene.mksmyMobileScene.mkmyWebScene.mk
    • Simplification is also very cool to create multiplelevel of details for the same scene!
    • Next? Public beta next week Everything for free (for now…) Give us feedback! ShaderLab integration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuR1e1PjU8Y Editor plugins Artificial intelligence framework/editor Particles framework/editor Animations editor Terrain editor
    • MERCI !