Minko - Why we created our own Flash platform and why you should care

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  • 1. Flash Online Conference #8 Why we created our own Flash platform, and why you should care. Jean-Marc Le Roux CEO and co-founder of Aerys Creator of Minko (http://minko.io) @promethe42 jeanmarc@aerys.in
  • 2. What’s up?  Minko selected by NVIDIA for the Early Stage Challenge  150 competitors, 12 finalists  GTC Conference in San Jose, March 24-27
  • 3. What is the Flash platform? « Flash…. Woohoooooo…. Savior of the universe ! »
  • 4. Tools  IDEs  Flash Builder  Flash Develop  IntelliJ …  Flash CC
  • 5. Programming Languages  ActionScript 3.0  MXML  AGAL
  • 6. VM + Runtimes Application  Flash Player Flash Runtime ActionScript VM  AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) Core Library ANE OS
  • 7. Why I (we?) love the Flash Platform  Great tools!  A lot of free things.  Develop once, deploy everywhere  Real programming for the web  OOP  Proper IDE  The community
  • 8. Then what are the problems?  Adobe is less commited than we are…      No evangelists. Only two major features/evolutions announced. No work on Flash Builder or the AS3 language. Growing number of unsupported platforms. No actual plan to solve performance issues.  We already invested a lot of money in Flash.  Should we continue and why? Should you?  We’ve been asking for some features for the past 2 years…  Bad PR make it a bad tech, despite all the love.  Our customers don’t want Flash. Period.
  • 9. How can we solve it?
  • 10. by
  • 11. 3D, Everywhere. Deliver engaging, interactive and rich 3D content and applications on desktops, mobiles and the web.
  • 12. Minko Enterprise Cloud. Light. Mobile.  It’s like Dropbox for 3D files  Visualize, share, annotate, collaborate…  On mobiles, tablets, the web and desktops  Exclusive 3D streaming algorithms  Load and display 3D files up to 200 times faster “We chose Minko because its exclusive compression algorithms help us distributing cutting edge 3D content on mobiles and the web.” Gaël Seydoux, Chief of the NBO lab at
  • 13. Minko Studio Design. Integrate. Live.  Compatible with all major 3D CAO/design tools  77+ supported file formats  What You See Is What You Get      Physics Animations Lights Materials .... …
  • 14. Minko Engine Mobile. Web. Native.  Develop once, deploy everywhere  The power of native, the reach of the web “We chose Minko to be the 3D engine in one of our new Flash-based games because we think it’s a highly professional […] solution in terms of development ecosystem and high performance.” André Weissflog, Head of Development at  Open source, with enterprise-class support Skyrama 2 by BigPoint
  • 15. International Gaming References
  • 16. Minko VS Flash Application Application Flash Runtime Minko 3 ActionScript VM Lua VM Core Library ANE OS Core Framework & Plugins OS
  • 17. Flexible Application Application Flash Runtime Minko ActionScript VM Lua VM Core Library ANE OS Core Framework & Plugins OS
  • 18. Open Source Application Application Flash Runtime Minko ActionScript VM Lua VM Core Library ANE OS Core Framework & Plugins OS
  • 19. Customizable Application Application Flash Runtime Minko ActionScript VM Lua VM Core Library ANE OS Core Framework & Plugins OS
  • 20. Supported Platforms Platforms Flash Minko Windows YES YES WinRT / Windows 8 UI / Windows Store NO YES OS X YES YES Linux Desktop (Ubuntu, SteamOS, TVs…) NO YES Linux Server NO YES Partly (only graphics) YES iOS YES YES Android YES YES Flash player YES WIP Windows Phone NO WIP HTML5
  • 21. Minko coming to Windows Phone!  Windows Phone 8.1 only  But all existing Windows Phones should be supported!  Games have a big success on the Windows Store. Windows Store, Downloads per category – Worldwide, Jan. 2014
  • 22. Parallelization  Workers  Threads (except for HTML5)  Coroutines (Lua)
  • 23. Feature comparison Feature Flash Minko IDEs Flash Builder, Flash Develop, FDT, IntelliJ Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse Compiler ASC 2.0, mxmlc GCC, LLVM Shader programming AGAL GLSL User Interface DisplayList, Flex HTML5, CSS, SVG 3D editor Minko Studio 2D editor Flash CC Flash CC, Edge, Google Web Designer Programming languages ActionScript 3.0, MXML C, C++, Lua, Javascript, HTML5 Media Video, Sound, Webcam Video, Sound Integrated Physics Bullet 3D engine Minko Engine Supported file formats 5+ 70+ Collaboration Creative Cloud Minko Enterprise Parallelism Workers Workers, Threads, Coroutines
  • 24. Standard/open source features Feature Flash Minko IDEs Flash Develop Eclipse Compiler ASC 2.0 GCC, LLVM Shader programming GLSL User Interface HTML5, CSS, SVG 3D editor 2D editor Programming languages C, C++, Lua, Javascript, HTML5 Media Video, Sound Integrated Physics Bullet 3D engine Minko Engine Supported file formats 70+ Collaboration Parallelism Workers, Threads, Coroutines
  • 25. Is it really ready? SoccerPun.ch comming to HTML5 and native iOS/Android!
  • 26. About SoccerPun.ch  Lots of important game-related features – – – – – – 3D graphics Physics Animations AI Gamepad …  Developped in 2 days using Minko 2 and AS3 – Entirely re-developped in C++/Lua  Should be one of the most advanced WebGL game so far – Then we can juge whether HTLM5 is ready or not for games
  • 27. What hope for AS3 lovers?
  • 28. AS3 VM integration Application Application Flash Runtime Minko ActionScript VM Core Library Lua VM ANE OS AS3 VM Javascript VM Core Framework & Plugins OS
  • 29. AS3 bindings for Minko  avmplus – https://github.com/adobe-flash/avmplus – Source code for the Actionscript virtual machine – Delivered by Adobe!  Redtamarin – https://code.google.com/p/redtamarin/ – Based on Tamarin  Lua VM in the browser using Javascript – http://showcase.minko.io/lua-scripts/index.html – It could be the same with AS3!
  • 30. Forking Crossbridge (C++ => AS3 compiler)  Not supported by Adobe anymore despite it has « real potential »  Yet it’s the best tool to bring « premium gaming » to the Flash platform – Decades of AAA games and tools in C++ – AAA game industry leaders use C++  Solution – Fork Crossbridge and make it a community driven project – Fork Emscripten (C++ => Javascript compiler) to support AS3/AVM2
  • 31. Conclusion  Minko 3 has most of the feature the Flash platform has – Plus a lot of exclusive ones you’ll love  We need YOU! – 2D engine – C++  AS3 bindings – Crossbridge fork to target the Flash Player with C++  Public beta coming next month – – – – New website 50+ tutorials 10+ example projects 800 000 lines of code
  • 32. THANK YOU!
  • 33. Aerys US Institut Mines-Télécom Silicon Valley NASA Research Park Moffett Field CA 94035 Mountain View USA Aerys Europe Jean-Marc Le Roux CEO Warren Seine CTO Ymane Amrane Sales Manager jeanmarc@aerys.in +336 20 56 45 78 warren@aerys.in +336 79 51 64 66 ymane@aerys.in +339 72 28 55 83 15 rue Jean-Baptiste Berlier Hall B 75013 Paris France Customer service +33 805 690 489 Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00 UTC hello@aerys.in http://aerys.in
  • 34. http://minko.io