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Minjar is a global cloud services company providing Cloud Consulting and BigData Solutions to businesses, helping them leverage the business value and benefits offered by on-demand computing.

We are a passionate team of technology mavericks and we love what we do – be it powering your business with Cloud or help you transform your business with BigData Analytics insights.

Minjar is an advanced consulting partner with Amazon Web Services Inc. We are a 100% certified APN partner and has been helping several large enterprises, ISVs and start-ups to productively embrace the cloud.

Minjar Cloud Backup Solutions enable you to automate all your backups on cloud. We help you to migrate from a Tape based backup setup to a Cloud based one leveraging the benefits of extremely scalable cloud storage.

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Minjar Cloud Backup Solutions

  1. 1. Your Tape Backup is a Business Risk www.minjar.com
  2. 2. Company Profile www.minjar.com
  3. 3. About Us Minjar’s enviable journey so far 2006 Minjar is the cloud brand of of Kuliza Technologies, founded in 2006. 2008 2009 Ranked 3rd Deloitte Fast 50 India Program Ranked 10th Deloitte Fast 50 India Program Rank 23rd Deloitte Fast 500 Asia Pacific www.minjar.com 2010 Nasscom Top Emerging Company in India 2011 Red Herring Asia Finalist 2013 100% APN Certified
  4. 4. Our Focus “Enterprise grade cloud consulting and cloud management” Minjar is a cloud solutions provider helping enterprises embrace cloud productively. Minjar provides Cloud and BigData consulting services including readiness assessment, migration, implementation, cloud managed services and cloud review audits to help companies leverage the business value and benefits offered by on-demand computing. 5+ Fortune 500 Clients 10+ Countries 100+ Customers 600+ Implementations 100% APN Certified www.minjar.com
  5. 5. Retail and Analytics Customers (Confidential) Enterprise Apps Media and Platforms E-commerce
  6. 6. OS, DB and Tools Technology Minjar expertise in sample technology stacks Application Stacks IT Tools Platforms and Server Tools BigData Stacks
  7. 7. Services Overview DR, Backup & Storage Cloud Managed Services
  8. 8. Cloud Solutions for Enterprises Sharepoint E-Business Suite SAP Production and Dev/QA Oracle Databases SAP DR Dynamics CRM Navision ERP Exchange Cloud & Hybrid Deployment SQL Server and many more technologies including open-source stacks…
  9. 9. You run your business. We'll run your cloud. Value Proposition to Enterprises Proven Expertise In Enterprise Solutions Accelerate Cloud Adoption Continuous Cost Optimization 24x7x365 Support and Business Continuity
  10. 10. Have you ever faced issues in tape backup/recovery process? How Good is your Current Backup Strategy? Can you restore all the lost data from the tape backups in time? Is your current backup process automated? What amount of your backup process needs manual intervention? Do you agree that the data is highly secured both during transit and at rest? Do you have an audit compliant backup plan in place?
  11. 11. Audit Compliance Various Facets of Backup & Recovery Process Device Agnostic Backups (Servers, PCs, Mobiles) Platform Agnostic Backups (Physical m/c, VMs) Availability Demand Recovery User/App error Malware Hardware Failures Disasters TCO Rate of Storage Consumption (Need for adding more capacity) Required Space, Power And Cooling Process
  12. 12. Risk of Human Error Risks in Tape Backups Tape backup is not completely automated. At the end of the day, someone has to switch out the old tape for a new one. If this tape replacement procedure is not performed daily, then the backup will not run the next day. Murphy’s Law states: the day tape replacement duty is neglected will be the day when your network crashes. Risk of Degradation Backup tapes come with a recommendation to replace them every 1-2 years. Tape degrades faster than other medias, especially compared to data stored on a hard drive. Risk of Losing Data Tape backup is not designed to backup your data while the network is in use. If you are attempting to use applications while they are being backed up with tape, then you will experience performance issues and network traffic may slow to a crawl.
  13. 13. What is the Solution? Cloud www.minjar.com
  14. 14. About Amazon Glacier  Extremely low cost storage service  Best suited for data archiving and backup  Data storage costs are as low as 1 cent/GB/month  Pay-as-you-go model (pay only for what you store and retrieve)  Data transferred over SSL and stored using AES 256-bit encryption standard  Durability - 99.999999999%
  15. 15. Parameter Reliability Tape vs Cloud Tape Cloud •Prone to mechanical failures •Mechanical risks minimized with •Susceptible to damage by environment high standard AWS data center and improper handling •99.999999999% durability •Expensive overhead in transporting and maintaining the tapes •High Capex followed by considerable amount of Opex •No overhead costs of managing the stored backups •Pay-as-you-go model Ease-of-use •Labor intensive •Cooling of storage area •Transportation •Manual addition of storage capacity •No admin overhead •Auto-expandable storage Data Security •Risks of theft while transit to off-site storage •Risk of damage both in on-site & offsite •Highly secured AWS data center Cost Replication •Data replication is manual and can add •Data replication is automated at up to the costs tremendously no extra cost
  16. 16. Save up to 71% on your Tape storage costs by opting Cloud. TCO Comparison (excludes backup software costs) Parameter Tape* Amazon Glacier Capacity (in TB) 1 1 Capex $ 1,125 0 Opex/5 years $ 562 $ 630 Warranty 1 year 1 year Unlimited Extended Warranty Charges $ 400 0 Estimated One-time Full Recovery Cost > $ 500 $ 125 TCO for 1 TB Storage & Recovery $ 2,587 $ 755 Includes electricity, transportation, storage, administration Unlimited Extended Warranty Comments * LTO6 (4500 x 5 drives) Includes electricity, transportation, administration
  17. 17. Minjar’s Backup Offerings www.minjar.com
  18. 18. Backups  Synthetic full backups for bare metal images recovery  Inbuilt integrity check, de-duplication & compression saves you additional storage cost  Backup your files, application data, databases, VMs and disk images on to cloud  Supports local and NAS backup  Incremental, multi-tenant and multi-user backups  Centralized management and advanced reporting
  19. 19.  On-demand restoration anywhere Recovery  Now backup and recover data of live applications including,  Exchange Server Database  Exchange Mailbox  Microsoft SQL Server datase  SharePoint Server  Oracle database  MySQL database  Postgre SQL database  Vmware, Hyper-V images
  20. 20. Backup Offerings Minjar Backup Cloud Edition • Cloud Backup as a Service • Customer Self service portal for on-demand backups and recovery • End-to-end support by Minjar Minjar Backup Managed Services Edition • One-time implementation of the backup solution on cloud • Request based support Backup/Recovery processes on • Solution license owned maintained by the customer and
  21. 21. Disaster Recovery of your Choice Now you can choose any of the following DR solution which best fits your business, - Cold DR (Pilot Light DR) - Warm DR (Warm Standby) - Hot DR (Multi-site DR) Minjar’s cloud architects can also help you to identify and deploy the right DR solution.
  22. 22. Thank You, Let’s get in touch. prashant@minjar.com +65-31585186 www.minjar.com