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  1. 1. Zombie Apocalypse
  2. 2. The Cube/Cinema Our first location that we considered defending was The Cube and the cinema. However we quickly ruled it because of it having no strategical importance and the fact that it has only a small amount of supplies . Also we felt it was too far away from the other locations to defend it and another location.
  3. 3. Graffiti Underpass The next location we considered was the graffiti underpass. We felt that there was no reason to defend this location though, and that it would be hard to defend because it has two very large entrances. We all agreed that we wouldn't defend this location and moved on.
  4. 4. Southampton Common Lake A short walk from the graffiti underpass was our next location, the lake. Again we felt that there was no reason to defend this location as there was nothing of value there. The water didn't look drinkable and the lake is pretty isolated from civilisation. However we felt if we did have to defend this area, that to do it we would create a raft and stay in the middle of the lake, as we presumed the zombies couldn't swim. But we chose not to defend the lake and moved on.
  5. 5. Above Bar Street Our next location was Above Bar Street. This road had a lot of food and drink shops which could provide us with decent supplies. However we felt it would be too hard to defend an entire street against them and it wasn't worth the risk.
  6. 6. Marlands Shopping Centre The next road along from Above Bar Street was Marlands . This shopping centre would provide plenty of supplies and good defence against the zombies. We thought about how we could lower the shutters on the centre which would provide a good barrier against the zombies. However we ruled out Marlands because we decided that we wanted to defend West Quay and defending two shopping centres seemed over the top.
  7. 7. West Quay This was the last location on our list and we decided to defend it. We felt that it would be an excellent source of supplies including food and weapons. We also thought that it would be easy to defend because of the fact we could lower the shutters on the centre and keep the zombies outside.
  8. 8. Town Hall While the town hall wasn't on our list of locations, we felt we should defend it because it is a key location. It houses the local government which would be very important to keep intact during the zombie apocalypse. We also felt that because of its proximity to West Quay that we would be able to defend both locations without too much trouble.
  9. 9. Fighting the Zombies To fight and defend against the Thriller zombies we decided that we must wear headphones at all times to block out the noise of the song. We also decided that while we are at risk of being infected from just seeing the zombies, it was more risky to not be able to see where we were going. For weapons we would gather blunt objects like cricket bats and hockey sticks from a sports shop in West Quay. We would use these to hit the zombies around the head, exploiting their weakness. If one of our teammates were to get infected, we agreed we would kill him or isolate him if we knew a cure existed.
  10. 10. Traveling and protection. To travel between West Quay and the town hall, we thought the best idea would be to travel through the sewers. This way we could avoid the large amounts of zombies on the streets. To protect ourselves in our locations, we felt that we should barricade the doors and play none Michael Jackson music over the intercoms. This would allow us to take our headphones off without the risk of hearing Thriller.
  11. 11. Credits Jonathan Jones Antreas Savvidis Nikolas Kourtis Stephan Malinov Georgi Manov