Alc 191108 Allan Ryan V2


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Alc 191108 Allan Ryan V2

  1. 1. How to build innovation from the ground up? By Allan Ryan Executive Director, Hargraves Institute
  2. 2. Defining Innovation
  3. 3. A unique community of major enterprises to share knowledge, wisdom and experience in a non-competitive environment for the purpose of growth and development. A platform for people to collaborate, learn and engage with peers who are leaders in their field. Organisations join to develop their people, and be recognised as leaders who grow with current and future employees, suppliers, customers and society. As a member driven services enterprise, Hargraves Institute uses facilitation and collaboration to develop collective wisdom that addresses issues generated by members.
  4. 4. Founding Members Aristocrat Technologies Australian Wool Innovation BlueScope Steel Boeing Australia Caltex Petroleum Australia Cerebos Cochlear George Weston Technologies Jacobs Australia Mars Food Australia New Zealand Roche Products Westpac Banking Corporation
  5. 5. Lawrence Hargrave 1850-1915 1885 1891 1894 1894
  6. 6. Europe
  7. 7. Wright Bros. from 1897 1899 Kite 1903-1905
  8. 8. Current Members AMP Services Limited Lion Nathan Atlassian Macquarie Graduate School of Australian Unity Management Bilfinger Berger Services (Australia) Pty Meat & Livestock Australia Limited Melbourne Business School Brookfield Multiplex Facilities Michael Johnson & Associates Pty Ltd Management Pty Ltd MYOB Cadbury Schweppes Pty Ltd Orica Consumer Products Canon Information Systems Research Pfizer Australia Australia Qantas Airways Ltd Chep Asia-Pacific Resmed Coca-Cola Amatil Sanitarium Health Food Computer Sciences Corporation Australia South East Water Deloitte St John Ambulance SA Inc. Department of Justice, Victoria Sugar Australia Pty Limited Ergon Energy Touchpoint Group Pty Ltd Fonterra Victorian Police Griffith Hack Visy Industries Holdings Pty Ltd
  9. 9. Goals of Innovation BOLDER New Getting BIGGER Getting Markets Current Getting BETTER Getting BROADER Current New Products and Services
  10. 10. EXTERNAL Teams What focus FOCUS External Expertise do you want for your organisation? Focused Activities Specific Projects New Opinions New Getting Getting Top Line Results BIGGER BOLDER Markets Current Getting Getting BETTER BROADER Everyone Current New Skills Transfer Product & Services Ongoing Activities Consensus A Variety of Projects ORGANISATION Bottom Line Results FOCUS
  11. 11. Leading Innovation Innovation Bottom Up Top Down Incremental Disruptive Exploit Explore Hop and Step Jump Are we doing things right? Are we doing the right thing? H1 and H2 H3 Best practice Different practice Core business Future business At the leading edge of change Creating the future Inspire Aspire •BEST PRACTICE •DIFFERENT PRACTICE At the leading edge of change Creating the future Managing & Excellence Leading & Exploration
  12. 12. innovative culture
  13. 13. The Theory… The People… Seeing Thinking Doing
  14. 14. Innovation Process ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  15. 15. The Model … Individual Team Organisation
  16. 16. The Model … Individual Team Organisation ‘Innovation Culture’
  17. 17. How to make innovation happen?
  18. 18. 123 Innovate (C) Insight and Ideas to Action
  19. 19. Innovation Process - 123 insight ideas action see ? ? ? think ? ? ? do ? ? ?
  20. 20. 123 Innovate © insight ideas action Identify Recognise Gather see opportunity issues support Explore Involve Plan think and connect and develop plan plan Select Implement Define do ideal best solution and optimise
  21. 21. 123 Innovate© 1. Seeing Act on opportunities when you see them. Ask is there a better way? Engage stakeholders and seek support 2. Thinking Scan the environment, meet interesting people Collaborate to share, learn and grow. Proper planning delivers better results faster 3. Doing Spend time on what adds value Understand and capture the detail Act to the full extent of your capabilities and authority
  22. 22. 123 Innovate© Is there a better way? The checklist. An idea is good when it solves an issue or adds value. This checklist gives you a quick score, out of 10, that you can use to assess you idea and highlight areas of future investigation. Insight 1. Does you idea align with your goals and strategy? 2. Do you have data, experiences or people that support your idea? 3. Is it easy to explain and understand? Ideas 4. Have you explored all the issues? 5. Can you identify others that will build your idea? 6. Have you done the numbers, costs and value? Action 7. Have you identified who will support your idea and who will be impacted? 8. Do you have a plan? 9. Do you have the capability and resources to bring your idea to life? 10. Does your idea just feel right…what is your gut instinct? If your idea passes, do something about it!
  23. 23. Thank you