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This is Nitrotech Brochure

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Nitrotech Vietnam

  1. 1. OUR VISION TO BECOME SOFTWARE OUTSOURCING SERVICE PROVIDER AT INTERNATIONAL CLASS OUR MISSION TO PROVIDE HIGH QUALITY SOFTWARE OUTSOURCING SERVICES AT EFFECTIVE COST VIA CLOSE COLLABORATIVE MANNERNitrotech Vietnam At GlanceFACTS SHEET HEAD OFFICE A joint stock company A: Gia Lam district, Hanoi City, Vietnam Employees: 25 M: +84.978.827.546 +84.984.968.869 Outsourcing markets: USA, EURO and ASIA H: +84.978.995.065 Agile development process F: +84.4.3992.8891 E: contact@nitrotech.vnSTRATEGY W: 100 developers by 2015
  2. 2. Company Structure B.O.M Production Back Office Marketing Engineering Technology Development Designing Testing & QAHuman Resources Master degree and above: 10% Bachelor degree: 90% Project managers : 02 Team leaders : 03 Graphic designers : 02 Programmers : 15 Testers : 03
  3. 3. Nitrotech Vietnam Core ValuesPEOPLE TECHNOLOGY We only employ professionals with We have development center to employ high enthusiasm, open-minded the latest technology We focus on maximize human resources’ We have parners at specific fields to assist skill in our professional environment us with business requirement transformation Our people can adap to any programming We utilize pre-built and tested languages, management models modules/components We utilize open source framework Our main strength is .NET/PHP/RUBY & JAVAPROCESS Requirements Specification Prototyping Testing & QA Implementation Detail Design Fine-Tuning Release Release Candidate Outsourcing ModelsPROJECT OUTSURCING OFFSHORE DEDICATED CENTER Have expected deliverable outcomes, cost and Operate as extension to client’s team timelines mutually agreed in advance Adhere to client’s business critical objectives and tailor Have qualified engineers work as remotely extended them to a specific business model team of the clients Provide skillful developers fully dedicated to client’s Have professional project team to meet the demand work basing on company culture and HR support of project development
  4. 4. Nitrotech Vietnam Key ServicesFACTS SHEET Custom web design Web programming SEO Web maintenanceSOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Custom software designing & programing ng Embedded softwareOFFSHORE OUTSOURCES DEVELOPMENT MENT Dedicated resources Professional testing services NITROTECH FRAMEWORK NITROTECH CART NITROTECH E-COMMERCE Premade framework in php, Support simple, grouped, bundled, Complete B2B, B2C solution, java and flex virtual, downloadable products modules: Supports agile development of shopping cart, ready for plugin - B2B: Suppliers and agents Speed/SE optimized for small and develop custom E-Commerce - B2C: Online purchasing to large scale application solution. - B2E: Internal command End-User orientation design: management - Attrac and manage customer GDS integrated modules with - Easy store management amadeus, tourico ready - Easy administration MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT MOBILE SOLUTIONS SEO SOLUTIONS Deployment of SharePoint We offers mobile solutions that XHTML, W3C compliant Portal Based Solutions meet all your needs, from making implementation link building Development of SharePoint confidential phone calls to buying Optimizing keywords and page solution packages for goods through a few clicks on rank, cooperating to do the SEM SharePoint template and your phone SharePoint definition Deployment of e-Learning FLEX INTERACTION TOOL solutions based on MS SharePoint Learning Kit Database driven Estore Design tool in Flex Web service slideshow.
  5. 5. Our Partners Our Key Clients Tools & LanguagesMICROSOFT .NET Dev express MS Enterprise libraryPHP Zend framework CakePHP Joomla, Wordpress, DrupalJAVA Hibernate, Struts J2SE, J2EE, J2MEDATABASE Microsoft SQLServer MySQL Oracle
  6. 6. Code Of Corporate EthicsCOMMITMENT We commit to have dedicated resources for each project We commit to deliver complete, high quality, ready solution We commit to get services delivered on date we agree We commit to work on daily report basisLOYALTY We are loyal to you and your solution from beginning to its success. Your solutions’s success is the meter for our success We are loyal quality to provide stable, consistent quality over project and partnershipCONFIDENTIALITY Your trade secret is our trade secret We suggest to have NDA signed before document passingIMPROVEMENT We keep learning and employing the lastest technologies to make your solution up to date We keep studying to get your project done in the most cost-effective way We are there for you whenever you need expansion for your solution. STRATEGY Have 200 m2 new office by the end of 2015 & another 400 m2 by the end of 2020 Scale to 100 developers by 2015 To be one of the top 10 software outsourcing companies in Vietnam by 2020
  7. 7. Head Office: Gia Lam district, Hanoi City, VietnamHotline: +84.978.995.065Phone: +84.4.3992.8891General Contact: contact@nitrotech.vnSales Department: sales@nitrotech.vnBoard Of Director: